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AnyLogic Training Course - London April 2012


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Details of the forthcoming London training for AnyLogic

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AnyLogic Training Course - London April 2012

  1. 1. AnyLogic Fundamentals 24 -26 April 2012 St Pancras International
  3. 3. AnyLogic Fundamentals 3-day immersionin practical problem solving and modelling
  4. 4. New and Improved Practical Training our redesigned training focuses on practical problem solving rather than simulation theory  new users will benefit from intensive hands-on exercises to shortcut AnyLogic’s learning curve  experienced modellers will learn to fully exploit the sophisticated features of AnyLogic 6
  5. 5. What You Will Learn you will be guided through • structuring a simulation problem • selecting the appropriate modelling paradigm • building models in each paradigm • combining your models into a larger hybrid
  6. 6. What Else You Can Expect throughout the course you’ll benefit from • practical exercises and demonstrations • user-friendly explanations and commentary • tips on solving your modelling challenges • free professional assistance with your own AnyLogic models
  7. 7. What’s New In AnyLogic 6 the latest release of AnyLogic incorporates exciting new features to make modelling easier and even more effective, including  wizards to help new users in particular to quickly define the basics of a model  powerful drag/drop libraries  3D models for powerful visualisation
  8. 8. Meet Your Course Leader DSE Consulting founder, David Buxton, is one the UKs leading practitioners of Agent Based Modelling and Simulation collaborating with business clients, academic institutions and consulting partners across a wide range of industries, David delivers unique insight to underpin robust decision making support
  9. 9. Day by dayCOURSE CONTENT
  10. 10. Day 1: Familiarisation and DE multi-method simulation modelling (class work and demo) getting familiar with AnyLogic model development environment (demo) discrete Event modelling (class work) factory model (DE exercise)
  11. 11. Day 2: Consolidation and AB network-based modelling (theory) retailer model (DE/NB exercise) Java basics for AnyLogic modellers (class work) supply chain model: combining factory & retailer (exercise) agent based modelling (class work) consumer market model (AB exercise)
  12. 12. Day 3: Multi-Paradigm Models inc SD combining supply chain &market models ( AB + DE exercise) system dynamics (class work) adding economy feedback loop to the model* (SD + AB + DE exercise) Q&A and consulting for your model
  13. 13. What you need to know aboutBOOKING & PRACTICALITIES
  14. 14. Fees: Claim Up To 25% DiscountType of Booking Course Fees**Early Bird* Discount for Business £1400Standard Business £1600Early Bird* Discount for Academic Faculty & Students £450Standard Academic Faculty & Students £600* Cut off for early bird discount is 23rd March 2012** Subject to booking fee and VAT at the prevailing rate at the time of bookingAttend this course FREE with your purchase of
  15. 15. How To Claim Free Training Learn to fully exploit AnyLogic’s unique approach to simulation FREE when your training is bundled with your purchase of AnyLogic Professional Alternatively, have your fee refunded when you purchase AnyLogic Professional up to 30 days after attending this course
  16. 16. Book Your Place TodayTo maintain the quality of our training and bespoke assistance, westrictly limit course numbers. Book now to avoid disappointment.Visit Email take advantage of your to purchase AnyLogic 6Early Bird Discount with FREE Training bundlebefore 23rd March 2012
  17. 17. What You Will Need please bring with you  your laptop  if you do not already have AnyLogic on your laptop, we can provide a trial version  we also recommend you bring a mouse although some programming or modelling experience would be helpful, it is not essential
  18. 18. What you need to knowABOUT ANYLOGIC 6
  19. 19. Multi-Paradigm Modelling AnyLogic is the only tool that supports all three main simulation methodologies:  discrete event  system dynamics  agent based modelling the unique flexibility of AnyLogic’s modelling language enables users to capture the complexity and heterogeneity of business, economic and social systems to any desired level of detail
  20. 20. Features and Benefits AnyLogic’s graphical interface, tools, and library objects allow you to quickly model diverse areas for example  manufacturing and logistics  business processes  human resources  consumer or patient behaviour AnyLogic’s object-oriented design enables the modular, hierarchical, and incremental construction of large models
  21. 21. Compatible With Your OS AnyLogic 6 is based on the innovative and flexible Eclipse framework  this means that AnyLogic runs on all popular operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) with the same native look and feel
  22. 22. What you need to knowABOUT DSE CONSULTING
  23. 23. Support for Decision Making DSE provides expert consulting, model development and decision support solutions to business clients, academic institutions and consulting partners Grounded in OR, DSE specialises in simulation AnyLogic’s partner since 2007, DSE provides sales, training and support in the UK
  24. 24. Why DSE Chooses AnyLogic AnyLogic is our favourite tool because it allows us to develop hybrid models using a combination of approaches this flexibility means we can capture a more realistic model of the system that is easier for clients to understand. with Anylogic 6, we can now be even more creative with the scenarios we explore
  25. 25. Need More Information? visit or call 0121 2880503 with your questions  we are genuine simulation enthusiasts and will be happy to talk through any challenge you face, with no obligation
  26. 26. AnyLogic Fundamentals 24 -26 April 2012 St Pancras International