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PR presentation on trying to improve the image of A Raja.

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PR for A Raja

  1. 1. Spectrum Communication Shreya Jain Upasana Dhir Sandeep Gupta Sheeraj Sengupta Group 1
  2. 2. Spectrum Communications at a Glance Established in 1995, Spectrum Comm., is recognized for its unique “agency-client connect” - blend of unparalleled expertise & sheer innovation Secured 2nd place in the Platinum PR Awards 2010 Practice based structure with focus on delivery while providing enhanced value Expert practitioners with knowledge of various domains
  3. 3. Services Offered Crisis Management Celebrity PR Technology PR Lifestyle PR Corporate Communication Political PR
  4. 4. Our Reach HQ – New DelhiChennai Mumbai
  5. 5. Our Clients
  6. 6. Spotlight About our client Identification of problem Environment scan Gap Analysis Why PR – Objectives Communication StrategyImplementing PR Models
  7. 7. SpotlightTGPR ToolsTimelineAnalyzing tools & TGCrisis ManagementTotal Budget AllocationEvaluation Programme
  8. 8. Our Client – Andimuthi Raja Born in May 1963 Tamil Nadu; Dalit family Initially a lawyer Political Party: DMK Telecom Minister(2007)
  9. 9. Identification of the Problem
  10. 10. 2G Scam 2G licenses sold to pvt. players at throwaway prices Loss of Rs. 1.76 lakh cr. to govt. Encompasses corporate lobbying; Radia tape controversy
  11. 11. At Stake Politicians Bureaucrats Corporations Corporate Personalities Media Personnel
  12. 12. How Our Client is Involved Entry fee pegged at 2001 prices Rules & regulations flouted during allotment process No procedure followed Favoritism towards certain corporates
  13. 13. Environment ScanStrengths Weaknesses SWOTThreats Opportunities
  14. 14. Strengths Mobile no. portability Low tariff rates Strong backing from Karunanidhi Strong vote bank from Dalit community
  15. 15. Weaknesses Bad public image Hostile to media Poor crisis management Yet to come out in public
  16. 16. Opportunities Build brand image Exploit the ‘Raja-a-scapegoat’ theory
  17. 17. Threats Hyped controversy Considered as the only culprit in the eyes of the public; others have got away
  18. 18. Current Image Already indicted as a criminal To have caused huge losses to the govt.
  19. 19. Desired Image Innocent follower of rules Made the scapegoat Other big fishes in the market
  20. 20. How to fix A. Raja’s image?
  21. 21. Importance of PR Improve A. Raja’s image Greater efficiency Impact Budget constraints
  22. 22. PR Objective Clear the air over scam Come clean Rebuild image of A. Raja
  23. 23. Communication Strategy Attention Interest A.I.D.A. Desire Action
  24. 24. PR Models PR Delivery Model “Let’s get in front of as many people as possible.” PR Positioning Model “It’s what we say, to whom that’s important.” PR Strategic Model “It’s what we decide to do – or not do – that’s important. Implementation is secondary.”
  25. 25. Target AudiencePublic Media DMK Social • Eliminate Activists• Clean inflated • Garner image; controversy support • Shape +ve image opinion building • Encourage to write +ve
  26. 26. PR Tools Press Conference Social Media Internal PR Press Notes Indpdnc. SpecialC.S.R & Releases Day Event Debates
  27. 27. Timeline
  28. 28. Activity/ April May June July August SeptemberTimePeriodPress ConfSocial MediaInternal PRC.S.R.Debates/TelephonicI’viewsIndepndcDay Event
  29. 29. Press Conferences Chennai• Bring out the facts • Build +ve image Delhi & Mumbai
  30. 30. Press Conference #1.a Press Conference on 11th April ‘11 Venue: India Habitat Centre, N. Delhi Speakers: A.Raja M.K. Kanimozhi(DMK) Objective: Awareness – state the facts, Q n’ A session
  31. 31. Contents of the Press Kit Folder Diary Pen Press Release/Press Notes Fact Sheet Profile of the speakers Pictures of the speakers Brooches Profile of the PR Company
  32. 32. Cost StructureParticulars Details/Qty Price(Rs) Total Exp(Rs.)Venue + India Habitat 640*100 + 85,760/-Lunch Centre 34%taxPress Kit 100 150 15,000/-Decorations ______________ ____________ 15,000/-Miscellaneous ______________ _____________ 19,240/- Rs. 1,35,000
  33. 33. Press Conference #1.b Press Conf on 15th April ‘11 Venue: Gordon House Hotel, Mumbai Speakers: A.Raja M.K. Kanimozhi(DMK) Objective: Awareness – state the facts, Q n’ A session
  34. 34. Cost StructureParticulars Details/Qty Price(Rs) Total Exp(Rs.)Venue + Gordon House 900*100 + 1,20,600/-Lunch Hotel 34%taxPress Kit 100 150 15,000/-Decorations ______________ ____________ 18,000/-Miscellaneous ______________ _____________ 16,400/- Rs. 1,70,000
  35. 35. Press Conference #2 Press Conf. on 26th Sep. ’11 Venue: Hotel Palm Grove, Chennai Speakers: A.Raja M.K. Kanimozhi(DMK) Objective: Improve image; talk about work done, achievements
  36. 36. Cost StructureParticulars Details/Qty Price(Rs) Total Exp(Rs.)Venue + Hotel Palm 700*100 + 93,100/-Lunch Grove 33%taxPress Kit 100 150 15,000/-Decorations ______________ ____________ 20,000/-Miscellaneous ______________ _____________ 16,900/- Rs. 1,45,000
  37. 37. Social Media S.N.S. – Facebook, Twitter Web portals Blogs Groups/Communities
  38. 38. Why Social Media Connect with other people; interact Create content; build communities Share and access information; participate Engage in conversations 41
  39. 39. Details Hire Webchutney Rs 90,000 p.m. Total Exp. = 90000*6 = Rs 5,40,000
  40. 40. Internal PR In-house(DMK) “Confidence Building Meet” on 10th May ‘11 Venue: DMK Head Office, Chennai Glitzy affair with many photographers Press interaction
  41. 41. Why Internal PR Foster love among party workers for A. Raja Showcase the media that party is well behind Raja & all is well Publicity for DMK as well
  42. 42. C.S.R. Activities Dalit upliftment – girl education Improve sanitation facilities Rural development – Nilgiris & adjoining districts Food supplements to be distributed on b’day
  43. 43. Cost Structure Total Outlay(Rs. 10 L) Sanitation & FoodEducation Dev. Supplements Rs. 5L Rs. 3L Rs. 2L
  44. 44. Press Releases/Notes Involvement in 2G scam Contribution to telecom sector C.S.R. Activities Flag-hoisting on 15th Aug ‘11
  45. 45. Via News Channels Exclusive telephonic interviews of A. Raja with political journalists Pitch for special shows inviting political analysts(Mahesh Rangarajan, Cho. Ramaswamy); plant own people in audience News Channels to be used: CNN-IBN, NDTV 24*7, Sun News, Star News
  46. 46. For the General Populace Social Networking Sites – Facebook, Twitter C.S.R. Activities News blogs