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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Quiz / PublicAdmission Events Facts / QA Groups Private Groups News Feeds Events Surveys
  2. 2. School / CollegeStudents Teachers Parents Alumni
  3. 3. My Profile My Tournaments My Projects My Accomplishments My Favorite Books Teaching Maths … Rich Text Images• Students can send their Profile URL when applying for Internships, Scholarships etc.• Let Colleges and Companies discover the Students.
  4. 4. Topic/Question : How to know which method of Integration to use? ………………. ………………. ……………….
  5. 5. Groups which summer camp to send my child to? Which collegeshould I join? Who from my school are in a city I am visiting?
  6. 6. • When to have the event : conduct Surveys• Send out Invites• Know who all are attending• Provide details and updates regarding the Event• For Inter-School events, a site can be easily created• Easily communicate through many Groups
  7. 7. InstituteInstitute Institute Inter College/School EventInstitute Institute Institute
  8. 8. Learning VideoQuiz & Facts