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D schoolpresentationteacher


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Published in: Education
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D schoolpresentationteacher

  1. 1. for Teachers • Connect with other Teachers/Alumni/Students • Create/Lead Groups in your Area of Interest • Recommend Students for their great work. They will cherish it for years to come… • Manage your School Website with Rich Content • Create your Teacher’s Profile • Build Learning Content in your area of Interest • Easily organize School Events and Get-Together ENJOY
  2. 2. Summer Camps are coming up Interesting way to solve a problem Machine Learning… Artificial Intelligence…
  3. 3. Learning Video Quiz & Facts
  4. 4. My Profile My Contact Info My Family My Hobbies My Work My Favorite Books … Rich Text Images
  5. 5. • When to have the event : conduct Surveys • Send our Invites • Know who all are attending • Provide details and updates regarding the Event • Quickly discuss the details with Groups
  6. 6. WEBSITE