October 2009 Trinity Topics


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Trinity Lutheran Church\'s newsletter or October, 2009

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October 2009 Trinity Topics

  1. 1. Trinity Topics October 2009 A Place to Worship. A Place to Belong! Trinity Lutheran Church 600 South Water Street Kent, Ohio 44240 330-673-5445 www.TrinityKent.org 1909 Celebrating 100 Years of Mission to & Ministry at South Water & 2009 West Williams in Kent, Ohio Worship Sunday School Thursdays 7:15 PM Christian Education for all ages Sundays 8:15 AM & 10:45 AM Sundays 9:30 A M – 10:30 A M Rev. Elizabeth M. Hazelton Rev. Douglas E. Fidler
  2. 2. How to Reach Us at Trinity Phone: 330-673-5445 E-Mail: info@trinitykent.org Fax: 330-673-8053 Web Page: www.trinitykent.org Office Hours: M onday - Thursday: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm, Friday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm Committee Chairpersons & Council Representatives Christian Education Chair Debbie Schinker 330-677-8305 dschink@neo.rr.com Council Rep Tom Elmore 330-677-0813 tom_elmore@att.net Finance/S tewardship Chair Pete Dahl 330-678-4592 pdahl@kent.edu Council Rep Tere Hummel 330-678-3874 hummeltl@sbcglobal.net Gifts/Memorials Chair Earl M cFarland 330-678-6952 mcfarlande@akcardio.com Council Rep Earl M cFarland 330-678-6952 mcfarlande@akcardio.com Great Hall Chair Ted Linden 330-686-1495 tlinden@neo.rr.com Council Rep Shelly Parrish 330-618-9995 sp413@aol.com Health Ministries Chair Sue Taylor 330-745-5847 staylor@malone.edu Council Rep Earl M cFarland 330-678-6952 mcfarlande@akcardio.com Outreach/Hospitality Chair Cristy Ludrosky 330-882-4244 cludrosky1@neo.rr.com Council Rep Jen Smith 330-794-5268 jnsmith78@yahoo.com Property Chair Fae Darrow 330-678-9561 faedarrow@aol.com Council Rep Paul Wallace 330-673-1252 pwallace@kent.edu Recreation Chair Dave Lann 330-296-6929 vdclann@yahoo.com Council Rep M ike Thiel 330-655-0144 mthiel@neo.rr.com S ocial Ministry Chair Felicia Scott 330-677-4856 trinityangel312@gmail.com Council Rep None S couting Chair M ichelle Williams 330-678-4867 wwill56967@aol.com Council Rep None S taff Support Chair Earl M cFarland 330-678-6952 mcfarlande@akcardio.com Council Rep Earl M cFarland 330-678-6952 mcfarlande@akcardio.com T-n-T (Twenties and Thirties) Chair Jen Smith 330-794-5268 jnsmith78@yahoo.com Council Rep Jen Smith 330-794-5268 jnsmith78@yahoo.com Trinitarians Chair Hugh Taylor 330-928-7718 None Council Rep Roger M artanovic 330-678-0017 rmartanovic@neo.rr.com WELCA (Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) Chair Jen Smith 330-794-5268 jnsmith78@yahoo.com Council Rep Sue Hardwick Unlisted shardwic@kent.edu Worship & Music Chair Radd Ehrman 330-678-4532 rehrman@kent.edu Council Rep Paul Wallace 330-673-1252 pwallace@kent.edu
  3. 3. Staff Pastor Betti Hazelton 330-468-0412 pastorbetti@trinitykent.org Pastor Doug Fidler 330-923-0562 pastorfidler@trinitykent.org Parish Secretary M arie Bennett 330-673-6327 info@trinitykent.org Parish Treasurer John Thornton 330-677-0792 jthornt5@kent.edu Director of Music Cindy Smith Howard 234-678-7197 cindysmithhoward@gmail.com Cherub Choir Dir M ichelle Williams 330-678-4867 wwill56967@aol.com Trinity Ringers Dir Geoff Koby 330-678-6849 gkoby@kent.edu Nursery Supervisor Caitlin Elmore 330-289-2293 getmypointe08.aol.com Great Hall Mgr Colin Scheule 330-612-6306 cscheule@kent.edu Parish Custodian M ike Uzl 330-677-9611 aprful47@aol.com Newsletter Debbie Schinker 330-677-8305 dschink@neo.rr.com Librarian M aureen Cole 330-325-2154 memmcole@peoplepc.com Equal Exchg Rep M aureen Cole 330-325-2154 memmcole@peoplepc.com (The librarian & Equal Exchange representative positions are volunteer positions.) Church Council President Karen Burkey 330-677-4116 klburkey@sbcglobal.net Vice President Tere Hummel 330-678-3874 hummeltl@sbcglobal.net Secretary Sue Hardwick Unlisted shardwic@kent.edu Member-at-Large Fae Darrow 330-678-9561 faedarrow@aol.com Member-at-Large Tom Elmore 330-677-0813 tom_elmore@att.net Member-at-Large Earl M cFarland 330-678-6952 mcfarlande@akcardio.com Member-at-Large Cristy Ludrosky 330-882-4244 cludrosky1@neo.rr.com Member-at-Large Roger M artanovic 330-678-0017 rmartanovic@neo.rr.com Member-at-Large Shelly Parrish 330-618-9995 sp413@aol.com Member-at-Large Jen Smith 330-794-5268 jnsmith78@yahoo.com Member-at-Large M ike Thiel 330-655-0144 mthiel@neo.rr.com Member-at-Large Paul Wallace 330-673-1252 pwallace@kent.edu Youth Rep Audra Parrish 330-678-1918 sp413@aol.com The Mission of Trinity is to share God’s love and promise of salvation through enriching worship experiences, preaching, teaching, the celebration of the sacraments, music, fellowship and our relationships with others. For all that God has done and promised to be, we strive to be faithful stewards, serve those in need, work for peace and foster ecumenical relationships.
  4. 4. Reflections from Pastor Betti My husband and I went last month on a long weekend to Florida. We went to Tampa to visit his father and step-mother. My father-in-law Paul is celebrating his 90th birthday this year. You’d never know it, to meet him. His hearing is bad, and I worry when I see him walk - but he’s still working three mornings a week as a lighting consultant. Sharp as a tack! Paul was telling us about his grow- ing up years in New Straitsville, Ohio. (It’s near Coshocton, if that helps.) Paul was born (obviously!) in 1919, so most of his stories were of the 20’s and 30’s in small-town America. Kind of a real-life Mayberry. He was quite the prankster as a kid. A prankster, as opposed to a hooligan. Pranksters are what WE are. Hooligans, vandals and delinquents are what THEY are. Maybe that needs a little thought! Anyway, my favorites stories have always been about the “Devil’s Oven,” which is what the media called New Straits- ville’s famous mine fire. Here’s what happened: the town sits over a series of coal veins - and excellent coal, at that. The town history says that New Straitsville coal equaled or sur- passed the best coal in the country. In the 1880’s the owners and miners got into a dispute about production and wages. The miners were considering unionizing. The owners brought in “scabs” when the miners went on strike. Three miners (who remain anonymous to this day) decided to rev up the action, so they snuck off and filled a coal car (one of those things that runs on the rails in the mine) with oil-soaked scrap lumber and shoved it down into one of the mines. It took several days be- fore the fire was discovered, by which time it had really taken hold. Various attempts to put out the fire (including water and dirt) failed and it continued to burn, spreading from vein to vein.
  5. 5. In the late 30’s workers with the WPA went in and tried to block the fire by creating cement “dams” blocking one area from another. Still no success. The latest town history that Paul has is from 1996, at which time the fire was still going. I went on the internet to check, and read that: “The New Straits- ville mine fire has raged ever since 1884. It is estimated that more than two hundred square miles of coal has burned. Dur- ing the late 1800s, nearby residents used water from their wells to brew instant coffee because it was so hot from the fire. In 2003, smoke began to emerge from the soil of the Wayne Na- tional Forest, 119 years after the fire began.” Paul remembers that coffee and tea brewing well. (There was only one.) Paul also remembers - in the middle of winter - taking a blanket and a bag of sandwiches out into the woods with friends and walking till they found a crevasse out of which smoke came. There, where the heat of the underground fire was released to the surface, the grass was green and grow- ing, though snow lay all around. The boys would often camp out in those spots, kept comfortable by the warm earth. Though the fire was called the “Devil’s Oven,” I think that it is a great metaphor for the “raging” love of God. When evil seems to have won - when it appears that the world has gone to hell - the love of God breaks out. Often in unexpected places. Wherever it is found, the bleak, lifeless expanse of tainted and broken human experience gives way to the lushly growing life & future which God desires for us, His beloved children. The efforts of evil to quench that fire of love are doomed to failure. The cross always gives way to the empty tomb. We are called, invited, urged to life within the light and warmth - and safety - of that fire. And to invite those we meet, whether friends or foe, to join us. That’s who we are, dear friends. Children of the light. For once you were in darkness, but now in the Lord you are light. Live as children of light—for the fruit of the light is found in all that is good and right and true. Ephesians 5:8-9 ctáàÉÜ Uxàà|
  6. 6. CALLING ALL CRAFTERS AND ARTISANS! On December 13th, Tabitha Circle will reveal the raffle winner of their handmade quilt. For the 3rd year there will also be table space for crafters to display & sell their work. Last year we had 10 tables with lovely gifts. If you'd like to take advantage of this opportunity or have questions, call Marie Meloy (330-673-7484) or email Julianne Dezort (jmddino18@neo.rr.com) by Nov. 8th. This is open to all Trinity members and their friends. Please tell us if you want 1-2 tables and if you need electricity. We ask that you donate a portion of your profits to church. Start planning & mark your calendars for this special event. ~ Julianne Dezort & Marie Meloy CONGREGATIONAL MEETING Sunday, September 27, 9:30 - 10:30 am We will receive updates and reports from Trinity’s committees and groups. Come learn about all we collectively do at Trinity. You may be surprised! Apology from the Editor There was no September Trinity Topics published. I know many of you notice and missed it! At first I was waiting for some addi- tional information to be submitted, but then I just dropped the ball. Ultimately, there’s no excuse. Please accept my apology for any inconvenience I created. Sincerely, Debbie Schinker MINISTER TO OTHERS…USING YOUR CAR! Did you know that the Social Ministry committee pairs volunteer drivers with people who need transportation to doctors appoint- ments & errands? If you only have a few hours one day a week to drive, we can work around your schedule! It’s fun, easy, and really helps people. Please sign up on the usher’s table if you are able to help with this valuable and deeply appreciated ministry.
  7. 7. To Our High-Tech Members: Does anyone have the technology needed to translate slides into digital pictures? We have boxes of old slides that are probably pretty interesting! If you can help, please call the church office and let us know. Get your tongues and palates ready - spaghetti dinners have started up again! They will held the third Friday of each month ex- cept December from 4:30-7 p.m. For the general public the price is $8 for adults, $4 for children ages 5 thru 12 and free for those under 5 There are many ways to assist in this great money making project. You can offer yourself for physical service. There are many jobs to fill and time slots. A little perk is that your dinner is half price if you help with the din- ner. Homemade pies and cakes are needed. If you can not help in either of these ways, a monetary donation will be ac- cepted graciously to help buy supplies. If you'd like to do- nate food, please ask Ron Paskey what to buy since he has a secret recipe. {It involves Mids spaghetti sauce meat fla- vored and even Duke can't make him tell!} If you get a phone call to assist, please prayerfully consider this oppor- tunity to get to better know other Trinity members and the community. Spread the word. Our dinners are truly a gas- tronomic delight. ~ Julianne Dezort, a spaghetti dinner worker At this time, there are no plans to hold our annual Lutheran World Relief Handicraft fair this fall. If this news breaks your heart and you are interested in coordinating this event, please see Maureen Cole for relevant details and informa- tion. Otherwise, stay tuned next fall for its return!
  8. 8. NOTES from the Organ Bench Cindy Smith Howard, Dir. Music Ministries It’s that time again for choirs to begin and music of all sorts to sound throughout Trinity as we ring and sing and play music of praise and joy together! There are a few special events already planned for the next year and more will be announced later: • September 27th – our youth choirs will present a special service commemorating 100 years of youth at Trinity • November 8th – special music will help commemorate Trinity’s 100th anniversary celebrations • January 9th – our 12th Night Madrigal Feaste dinner – mark your calendars now to reserve the date! We always say it and it’s ALWAYS true – no prior experience is needed and ALL choirs welcome new members at any time. We have a lot of fun as we work together to prepare music for regular or special services or programs – come and give us a try! 2009 - 2010 TRINITY CHOIR SCHEDULE Wednesdays 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. Kinder Choir – meets in the nursery with Mrs. Williams Ages 3 (must be potty-trained) – pre-school Cherub Choir – meets in the music room with Mrs. Howard Kindergarten – 3 rd grade Jubilate Choir – does not meet at this time – we have no interested youth grades 3-6 Children participating in youth choirs also have the opportunity to participate in Kids ’ Club which follows immediately after our re- hearsals at 6:00 p.m. Through all the tumult and the strife, I hear that music ringing, It finds an echo in my soul. How can I keep from singing?
  9. 9. Wednesdays – 6:15 - 7:15 p.m. Trinity Ringers This Bell Choir meets with Cindy Howard in the music room and is open to any age. No prior bell ringing experience is necessary, BUT being able to read music is a prerequisite. This group performs throughout the year. Wednesdays – 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. Chancel Choir – post-high school – adult We’re especially looking for basses!!!! This group meets in the music room with Cindy Howard. They sing at the 10:45 am. service and for special events. All voices are welcome – come and share the fun! Sundays – 7:50 a.m. - 8:10 a.m. Cantate Choir (music room) High School – adult This group sings for the 8:15 a.m. service and special services. We had a great beginning last year and welcome anyone who would like to join us for year #2! Sundays – 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Hosanna Choir (music room) 7th – 12th grade singers This choir works with Mrs. Howard as both a musical group and a Sunday School class for interested participants. This year we will continue our study of the early church in the Book of Acts and explore various denominations of Christianity. TRINITARIANS TRAIN RIDE The Trinitarians will be going on a train ride on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Rail- road to view the fall leaves on Saturday, October 17th. The train leaves at 2:25 pm from the Bridge Street station in Akron, travels to Independence, and returns to Ak- ron at 5:25 pm. Cost is $8 per person. Contact Hugh Taylor for tickets or more information. 330-928-7718
  10. 10. News from Trinity Boy Scout Troop 251 We would like to thank Mitch Darmon for his service to the troop as Scoutmaster. He is retiring as a Scoutmaster, but will con- tinue with the troop as an Assistant Scout- master. Mitch and his wife Tina (one of our troop committee members) have been very active in the troop for several years. They have 4 sons and as of Sept 13th, their sons are all Eagle Scouts. Steve and Tom achieved that rank in 2004 and continued to be active in the troop, while earning Eagle Palms until they went to college. Jon became an Eagle Scout last spring and Bill is the latest Eagle in the fam- ily. We would like to offer our thanks and gratitude to this family for all that they have given to scouting and their dedica- tion to providing a quality program for Trinity. A Note from the New Scoutmaster My name is Mike Whitacre. I am 47 yrs old and live in Kent. I am happily married to my high school girlfriend Mi- chelle. We have been together for 18 years, married for 15 years. We have one son-Dylan Lucas Montgomery. He is 13 years old and a Life Scout. I also have 2 other children from a previous marriage. They are Michael Paul Whitacre - age 26, and Stephanie Marie Whitacre - age 24. They both live in California. I am a professional truck driver for a private company that is family owned. I am the only truck driver in the corporation. I have been with them for 3 years and really enjoy my work driving a big rig. I also have experience as a heavy equipment operator. (I really loved to operate the big machines) I also have experience as a carpenter and have helped to build a lot of homes in Ravenna. I grew up in Kent but moved to Ravenna when I was in the 7th grade. I graduated from Ravenna High School and Ma- plewood Career Center in 1980. After graduation I joined the Marine Corps where I served my country for almost 10 years, I
  11. 11. held the rank of Sergeant and was a section leader in charge of 13 young Marines. My job was in Air Defense but I went to many schools for various jobs. While in the Marines I had the opportu- nity to travel and experience the country of Japan (I was stationed in Okinawa). I also traveled to Norway (twice) which has very friendly people and a beautiful country. I enjoyed growing up in Kent where I lived by train tracks. I loved to listen to the trains. (Still do) One of my hobbies is going to train shows and collecting model trains (HO series). I also enjoy the sport of bowling. I have been bowling on a league for about 14 years and enjoy the competition and the friendships it brings. Since my son has been in scouts it has given me the opportunity to experience and enjoy this great organization! I only hope that I can help many young boys experience the joys of Scouting! KENT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL The Kent Environmental Council and the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Kent are co-sponsoring a fundraiser for the Portage Park District. “A Celebration of Wilderness,” a multi- media show with folksinger & trav- eler Walkin' Jim Stotlz, will be held Oct. 2 at 7:30 pm at Kent UUC, 228 Gougler Ave. Con- tact Renee Ruchotzke at zimlar@yahoo.com for details. On Mon., Oct. 5, the KEC hosts its Fall Forum at the Kent UCC at Horning Road and E. Main. "Talking Trash: New Options" will feature Portage County Com- missioner Chuck Keiper & Director of Portage County Recycling Center Bill Steiner discussing what’s new at the center and new technologies & markets for recycled resources. Heather White, head of environment & opera- tions at KSU, and Candy Pollard, director of the County Clothing Center, will describe their reuse & recycling activities. A short business meeting begins at 7 pm. The program begins at 7:30 pm.
  12. 12. OCTOBER WOR- October 4th - 18th Sunday of Pentecost 8:15 am Service of the Word & Prayer 10:45 am Holy Communion Theme: Today's gospel combines a saying that makes many of us uncomfortable with a story we find comforting. Jesus' saying on divorce is another of his rejections of human legislation in fa- vor of the original intent of God's law. Jesus' rebuke of the disci- ples who are fending off the children should challenge us as well. What does it mean to receive the kingdom of God as a child does? October 11th - 19th Sunday of Pentecost 8:15 am Holy Communion 10:45 am Service of the Word & Prayer Theme: The rich man who comes to ask Jesus what he should do to inherit eternal life is a good man, sincere in his asking. Out of love, not as judgment, Jesus offers him an open door to life: sell all you own and give it to the poor. Our culture bom- bards us with the message that we will find life by consuming. Our assemblies counter this message with the invitation to find life by divesting for the sake of others. October 18th - 20th Sunday of Pentecost 8:15 am Service of the Word & Prayer 10:45 am Holy Communion Theme: Today's gospel starts with disciples obsessing over who's number one, which leads Jesus to say something about God's take on importance and power. Here Jesus makes it explicit that the reversal of values in God's community is a direct chal- lenge to the values of the dominant culture, where wielding power over others is what makes you great. When we pray "your king- dom come" we are praying for an end to tyranny and oppression. We pray this gathered around the cross, a sign of great shame transformed to be the sign of great honor and service.
  13. 13. SHIP SC HEDULE October 25th - Reformation Sunday 8:15 am Holy Communion 10:45 am Service of the Word & Prayer Theme: On this day we celebrate the heart of our faith: the gospel of Christ—the good news— that makes us free! We pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to unite the church today in its proclamation and witness to the world. In the waters of baptism we are made one body; we pray for the day that all Christians will also be MISC OCTOBER WORSHIP DETAILS Flowe rs Eternal Light October 4 Bennett Baughman October 11 Briggs Flower October 18 Dunivan Wolf/Flower October 25 Schinker/Schaffer Open Coffee hour on Oct. 11th is sponsored by the Mary/Martha circle. Oct. altar care is pro- vided by Kim Lemmon, Shawn Anderson, Helen Glenn & Pat Dunivan. Thanks for your help! The coffee hour sponsor schedule through 2009 is: October 11 Martha/Mary Circle November 8 Rebecca Circle December 13 Finance Committee A follow-up letter to group leaders will be sent two weeks in advance of each date. Entertainment books for 2010 are now available for $30 in the church office or from Jen & Matt Smith. Proceeds benefit the T-n-T (Twenties and Thirties) group.
  14. 14. O C T O B E R W O R S H I P LE AD E R S Pentecost 18 Ushers/Greeters Dave Hall, Fae Darrow Sunday, 10/4 Acolyte Joeye Fidler 8:15 am Lay Reader Audra Parrish Assisting Minister Karen Burkey Pentecost 18 Ushers/Greeters Dave & Jackie Lann Sunday, 10/4 Acolytes Spencer Neubert, Nico le Smith 10:45 am Lay Reader Julianne Dezort Assisting Minister Harry Bo wman Co mmunion Assistants Liz Bennett, Mike Thiel Pentecost 19 Ushers/Greeters Kim Lemmon Sunday, 10/11 Acolyte Michael Burkey, Josh Porto 8:15 am Lay Reader Shelley Parrish Assisting Minister Margaret Meagher Co mmunion Assistants Jeff & Dawn Blake Pentecost 19 Ushers/Greeters Pete Dahl, Ted Linden Sunday, 10/11 Acolyte Madi Baer 10:45 am Lay Reader Trish Saylor Assisting Minister Sarah Royka Pentecost 20 Ushers/Greeters Steve Shanafelt, Kathy Fieger Sunday, 10/ 18 Acolyte Jacob Neubert 8:15 am Lay Reader Sue Briggs Assisting Minister Jim Wolski Pentecost 20 Ushers/Greeters Schinker Family Sunday, 10/18 Acolytes Jacob Lann, Nathaniel Elmore 10:45 am Lay Reader Justin Houk Assisting Minister Aaron Burkey Co mmunion Assistants Sue Taylor, Tim Jordan Reformation Ushers/Greeters Jim Wolski, Karen Burkey Sunday, 10/25 Acolyte Joey Fidler, Josh Porto 8:15 am Lay Reader Deb Scharlotte Assisting Minister Sharon Emling Co mmunion Assistants Kay Downey, To m Dezo rt Reformation Ushers/Greeters Dawn Begin, Gail Neubert Sunday, 10/25 Acolyte Hannah Elmore 10:45 am Lay Reader Margaret Meagher Assisting Minister Ann Hildebrand
  15. 15. All women of the church are a part of WELCA - Women of the ELCA - and are invited to attend any and all WELCA events. OCTOBER ACTIVITES October 8 1:00 pm Rebecca Circle (SR) October 11 Coffee Hr Sponsored by Mary Martha October 12 7:00 pm Sarah Circle (LB) October 22 6:30 pm Tabitha Circle (LL) October 23-24 Biennial NEOSWO @ Divinity in Parma October 25 Blanket Sunday October 26 7:00 pm Mary Martha October 27 6:00 pm Esther Circle Thank you to everyone who participated in the Mary Mar- tha circle soap collection for the 100th Anniversary cele- bration. With your help we exceeded our goal and col- lected 148 bars of soap. The soap will be sent to Lutheran World Relief in October with the Tabitha Circle quilts, school kits, and sewing kits. Thank you. Habitat for Humanity Welcome Home Gala Fundraiser Please join Habitat for Humanity of Portage County at a Welcome Home gala fund- raiser. The event begins at 7:00 pm on Oc- tober 17, 2009 at The Bertram Inn in Aurora. We are pleased to welcome Clive Rainey, the first volunteer for Habitat for Humanity International, as our key- note speaker. Tickets are $125 each, which includes an elegant evening of entertainment, hors d'œuvres, dinner, dessert, & two cocktails. For more info, contact Habitat at 330-296-2880 or publicrelations@habitatofportage.org.
  16. 16. Health Ministries: COCHLEAR IMPLANTS A cochlear implant (CI) is a surgically implanted device which can help severely hearing- impaired people to hear. It is not a hearing aid. This device is not a cure, but it can provide the user with sound & better awareness of the listening environment. On the outside of the ear, with a device which looks much like a standard behind-the-ear hearing aid, there is a microphone. Just as in the typical hearing aid, the microphone detects sounds. These sounds are sent to a speech processor, usually within the same device. This speech processor, just like it says, processes these sounds & changes them into digital signals which are sent to transmitter placed on the head just behind the ear. From here, the sounds are transmitted to a receiver implanted under the skin. Within the cochlea (inner ear) are implanted electrodes which take information from the receiver & stimulate the hearing nerve. These signals travel to the brain and are perceived as sound. Testing to determine if a patient can have a CI is extensive, involving not only “hearing tests” but also x-rays, MRI’s, and physical examination. Patients are counseled to make sure that they will be physically and emotionally able to have the surgery and then to follow-up with the maintenance, programming, ther- apy, and counseling required afterwards. Many professionals work with CI patients. Otologists are the surgeons who implant the devices. Audiologists perform the ex- tensive pre- and post-operative hearing and communication ex- aminations. They also map (program) and maintain the devices. Audiologists and/or speech- language pathologists provide aural rehabilitation after the devices are activated. Since the sound sen- sations provided by implants can be different from typical hear- ing, this therapy (short or long term) is required to learn how to listen to and use these sounds. Psychologists and counselors offer emotional help before during, and after the procedures. Who is a candidate for CI? Although conditions may vary some, the typical patient has: severe to profound hearing loss in
  17. 17. both ears, little or no benefit from hearing aids, realistic expecta- tions of benefit, and strong motivation to communicate in a “hearing world.” When children are implanted, their parents must be active participants in the process from the beginning and throughout the intensive rehabilitation therapies. Children as young as fourteen months have received and used CI’s success- fully. With increasing knowledge and improving testing tech- nologies, even younger children could be candidates in the future. For more information, check out these websites: http://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/hearing/coch.asp http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/cochear/index.html http://www.cochlearamericas.com/products/10.asp ~ Karen Burkey, Health Ministries Committee Member LESSONS AND IMPRESSIONS FROM THE 2009 NATIONAL YOUTH GATHERING IN NEW ORLEANS Ryan Parrish In New Orleans, I learned how many people are will- ing to live and learn in the name of Christ. I also learned how to more easily profess my faith. Troy Loomis I liked painting in the cultural arts centre, that was pretty cool. The jugglers in the super dome they were pretty good. Rachel Lann I really appreciated the speakers. I really enjoyed hear- ing their stories and it meant so much more coming straight out of them.. I am now sharing their stories with almost everyone I know. Sam Haworth What I learned in that New Orleans is that good streets can land into bad streets. NOLA still needs help and has all of its culture still.
  18. 18. Aaron Burkey The New Orleans gathering was not only a great time, but an opportunity to really think about my faith. The Superdome speakers all had great things to say and the city was fantastic. Sarah Briggs It’s very hard to describe in words the Youth Gather- ing. 37,000 all in 1 place to help. I feel like I barely did anything to help, but they were thankful for the little I did. What did I take from New Orleans? Every story I heard. It was undescribable. Jackie Lann I got so much out of the New Orleans gathering. I ac- tually got to see that some people are more unfortunate than I am. I heard stories about people that had struggle in their lives and used it to find God. I liked the Bible studies at night, where we talked about our highs and lows of the day. Whitney Anderson Well as I was listening to that guy at Ashe, I started thinking for a possible purpose as to why God might have chosen to practically destroy New Orleans. Even though I will never fully un- derstand his plan I believe his reason was to bring more people together. By which he obviously succeeded because the guy from Ashe told me how instead of just poorer people waiting in line for food, everyone was and how many people came from all parts of the country just to help them rebuild their city. Owen Baggett In New Orleans I learned how much we as young peo- ple can affect a community when we worked together. Also, I learned how much the community of New Orleans really cared about what we did. At first I didn’t know whether they would really appreciate what we did. I think we definitely showed God’s will in a good way. Dennis Haworth My favorite part about NOLA...The Thanks... The appreciation. Me and Kait were walking across the street “raising the roof,” laughing, having a good time. Then an older lady driving by stopped, rolled down her window, and said, “Thank you so much for coming.” It’s a good feeling to know you’re wanted, or appreciated. It also feels good to know, in your own mind, that you’re doing something
  19. 19. good for someone else. Those are the feelings I think we all need to strive for. That’s what I got from NOLA. Elizabeth Koby I really enjoyed the Flying Karamazov Brothers. They were probably the best part of any of the ELCA organize events. (I enjoyed the things we did as a group) I was also impressed by some of the speakers in the way they overcame problems either of their own or others. The thing that keeps nagging at me, though, is the mixed message be- tween what thy said people as Christians should do, versus what people should do to be safe. For example, the speakers would say “go talk to people, meet them, get their stories”, while everyone else said “don’t make eye contact, don’t engage people”. There would seem to be some difficulty in doing both. Zac Elmore I learned to always trust in God, no matter how bad the situation seems. I learned that everyone needs help, and can be helped. I learned that chugging a bottle of Tabasco sauce probably isn't the best idea. Audra Parrish I learned that even one person can make a difference in someone else’s life, and 38,000 can help an entire city. Spreading our faith and willingness to work DID help New Orleans. I saw the out- comes of what we accomplished on a huge and small scale. By going to NOLA, we all showed that people still care about what happens there. We haven’t given up on the people and the rest of the world shouldn’t either. Kait Briggs I would like to first thank you for the amazing opportu- nity of going on the Gathering twice. New Orleans was a trip that will be rememberd for a life time for many reasons. 38,000 youth is an awe- some number one thing that made my trip special was being able to look around the superdome and seeing all of us come to gether under God. Be- ing able to see James was an amazing thing the friendship between us is so special and I want to thank you for helping me meet him and see him again. Food, music, people & sights of New Orleans are what made this trip fun. There is no where like it and I’m glad I got to experience it.
  20. 20. Cade Salamon The Lutheran SR. UTH: gathering in New Orleans will HANG WITH US stick in my thoughts for the rest (For Youth Grades 8-12) of my life. I gained faith not only in God, but in people as well. Teen Bible Study will be held on Sunday October 4th & 18th at 12:30 Thousands upon thousands of pm. Lunch is pro vided. kind-hearted people with Jesus in their hearts really turned the city Sunday, October 18th from 5-8 pm around. we’ll gather for a planning session with games, music, fun, food & whatever else pops up. It’s Uth Nite JR. UTH: at Trinity! COME GET CORNY Sunday, October 25th - 6:00 pm in (For Youth Grades 5-7) the Trinity Theater (a.k.a. the nar- We’ll be traveling to May’s Farm in thex) we’ll have a movie night. The Rootsto wn for a night time Corn Hollywood flick has yet to be deter- Maze on Friday, October 2. This is mined but Pfid is open to sugges- a non-haunted maze that is lots o f tions, donations, bribes - well, at fun. Bring a flashlight. We’ll begin least suggestions - for movie ideas. at church at 6 pm with hot dogs and cider. The evening at the Maze also SUNDAY SCHOOL includes an area where we can view and feed the animals, a hayride into HAS RESUMED pumpkin town, and a small pump- We “rang in” the new year of Sun- kin for you to bring home. Cost is day School with a bell-themed Rally $5. Sign up at the Youth Bulletin Day on September 13th . There are Board. Adult chaperones and drivers classes for every age! We’re con- are needed. tinuing the “Sundays and Seasons” curriculum which ties in with the weekly lessons, psalm, and gospel. GET THE SCOOP If you are a high school student in- Don't forget to check the weekly terested in a class, please contact Pas- Trinity Lutheran Youth email. If tor Fidler. We also encourage high you’re not on the list send a request schoolers NOT interested in attend- to Pastor Fidler at prfid@sbcglobal. ing to consider helping out with a net or catch him on Facebook. younger class as a teach er or aide.
  21. 21. To all members of Trinity: We appreciate all your kindness and concern about our dad, Norman Collins. Thank you. - The Collins Family • All our VBS staff! • Pr. Dixon Slingerland for filling in for Pastor Betti and Pastor Fidler while they were away on August 16th • Sue Briggs, Kelly Linden, Jen Smith, and Pastor Fidler for chaperoning our youth in New Orleans • Tom Elmore, Goeff Koby, Betsy Novotny, Shelly Parrish, Salamon's, and Ted Linden for trans- I would like to thank everyone who sent cards, called, and prayed for me while I was in the hospital and home. It mad me feel much better. ~Alverna Taylor I would like to thank the people who helped with the bereavement luncheon for Norman Collins’ family and friends. Those helping were: Marie Bennett, Eileen Bra- hce, Helen Glenn, Madison, Marie Meloy, Emma Ran- dall, Mary Lou Rotnem, Jimmy and Sanddy Wittenauer, Evelyn Trimble, & Mike Uzl. In the past, we have provided the complete meal. Now we will only provide desserts and beverages, set-up, serve, and clean-up. Your help was greatly appreciated. God bless you. - Marilyn Zeman I wish to thank everyone for all the beautiful get well cards that I got and for keeping me in your prayers. Thank you so much! Emma Setlock
  22. 22. Dear Trinity Family: We appreciated receiving a share of the donated funds from this year’s Easter Egg collection. The money offset some of the regis- tration fee for Camp Mowana, the Lutheran Outdoor Ministry camp both Emily and Megan attended this summer. John’s trip to Africa with Teachers Without Borders ended up costing more than we had budgeted, so the Easter Egg funds were a welcomed blessing. Below are notes the girls wrote about their experiences at camp this year. Thanks again for your generosity! ~ John and Debbie Schinker Thank you for providing money so I could go to Camp Mowana. I liked seeing old friends and making new friends. I liked it when all of the counselors dressed up in funny costumes and we had to solve the mystery of who stole the golden dustpan. ~ Megan Schinker, Age 8 Thank you for donating money so that we could go to Camp Mowana. I really liked chapel, swimming, morning watch (where we think about hard questions about God), and cabin action (where we did an activity together as a cabin). This summer's theme was serving. We learned about how God calls us to serve him and sends us out to serve others. ~ Emily Schinker, Age 10 July 31, 2009 Dear Pastors and Congregation of Trinity, Thank you so very much for your prayers and best wishes during my surgery and recovery. The Lord has blessed me with speedy healing and, with your continued prayers, I look forward to a complete recuperations. God bless you all, Cindy Ehrman
  23. 23. September Birthdays 1 - Matt Chestnutwood Cheryl Seymour Gary Paskey 14 - Bob Crocker 2 - Ryan White Katie McConnaughey Daniel Wolf Eleanor Schindler 3 - Nadia Black 15 - Bill Hildebrand 4 - David Bashore 16 - Jennifer Wolf Mike Bowen Debbie Schinker Sean Kaine 17 - Maureen Cole 5 - Jacob Bennett Ryan Feran Rachel Lann Brandon Westover Caroline Linden 18 - Daniel Blankenship Francis Meloy Lindsay Crocker Blake Montgomery 19 - Ann Hildebrand Denny Reiser James Schaffer Victoria Slingerland Wade Williams Dylan Woolf 20 - Jason Hummel 6 - Troy Loomis, Jr. Katie Lange Beth Renicker Wes Wolf 7 - Todd Barchalk 21 - Elizabeth Fetters Dennis Haworth Jr. Zane Lutz Marv Powell 22 - Frank Bowen 8 - Beth (Cross) Tucker Kim Lemmon John Knapp Taylor Herring Susan Shively Teressa Westover 9 - Geoff Howard Sara Woodall Beatty Hannah Koby 23 - Andrew Linden Beth Richenbacher Lutz 24 - Robert Cohn Alexandra Stewart John Schinker Courtney Williams 26 - Thomas Morris IV 10 - Ed Atkinson Samuel Smith Derek Johnson Brandon Wissmar Cynthia Kocian 27 - Phillip Emling Bob Patetta Garrett Emling 11 - Norma Stefanik 28 - Sandra Cooper 12 - Timothy Linden 29 - Ella Houk Grace Gombeda Nicole Langenfeld 13 - Glenn Foldessy 30 - Tom Decker C. J. Salamon Joe Parrish
  24. 24. October Birthdays 1 - Sarah Briggs Cami Johnson Julianne Dezort Cade Salamon 2 - Barb Davis 18 - Madison Baer Samuel Curfman Riley Barwidi Kathy Haren Jesse Elmore Jennifer Morris Lori Foldessy Mallorie Anderson George Gaiser 3 - Margie Myers Tyler Gilliland 4 - Travis Drum Mwauka Kazadi-Abe Tyler Drum 19 - Alexander Kalbaugh Sarah Koby Jaycee Schroeder 5 - Kay Burgess Nathaniel Wyse Radd Ehrman 20 - Karl Siedschlag Colin Scheule 21 - Cooper Casto 6 - Gretchen Brobeck Susan Dahl Zach Elmore Fae Darrow Daniel Makosky Gabriel Overton Charles Reisinger Terry Regenos 7 - Ellen Baggett Ashley Zeman Sharon Lann 22 - Rowyn Terihay 8 - Owen Baggett 24 - Oliva Rae Johnson Roddy Southwick Mary Kay Schaffer 9 - Carolyn Lagenfeld Evan Thiel Steve Webster Luke Thiel 10 - Bridget Hair 26 - Brian Harder Jim Hardwick Brigitte Bashore Trevor Westover 27 - Keith Gopp 11 - Kaitlyn Briggs 28 - Michele Faulstick Kelly Knapp Paul Salzgeber 12 - Karen Purcell Karl Siedschlag 13 - Lloyd Perrin Jack Zeman Gabrielle Raymont-Scott 29 - Hannah Elmore 16 - Mike Briggs Emily Tietze Melissa Brobeck 30 - Jessie Scott. Jr. Odele Frankhouser 31 - Hannah Baggett 17 - Dee Bowen Kyle Meranto Richard Mest
  25. 25. versaries of my body. In The Lord’s July, I celebrated the anni- versary of my 13th body! Laughter ~ Pastor Paul Hasel (Age 91) The One whose throne Ventura, IA is in heaven sits laughing. My 5 year old daughter Amelia and I were waiting for the school bus. She told Sign seen on a pastor’s desk: me she was going to show I started out with nothing, but her stuffed flamingo to her I still have most of it left! ~ Via Pastor Don Hoffman “new bestest friend, Mea- St. John’s Lutheran, Lena, IL gan.” I asked her what hap- pened to her ’old bestest I’ve discovered humor is an friend’ and she replied, anti-aging medicine. I used to “Tina was mean to me. joke about my birthday by Tina and John are my mean- celebrating annually the anni- est, bestest friends.” What a versaries of my 39th birthday. concept, to have a mean best Then I discovered a scientific friend. If that isn’t loving way. I read that every 7 your enemies, I don’t know years, you have all new cells what is! in your body, except your ~ Via Mark E. Honstein, Chaplain brain cells. So now I stay Lutheran Good Samaritan Society Loveland, CO young by celebrating the anni-
  26. 26. Trinity Lutheran Church October 2009 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sept 27 Sept 28 Sept 29 Sept 30 1 2 3 7:50 am Cantate Choir 7:30 am Mobile Meals 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Men’s Bible 8:15 am Worship KI 8:00 pm Tango GH 9:30 am Exercise GH 11:00 am Bible Study LB 6:00 pm Jr. Uth Maze Study LB 9:30 am Sunday School 9:30 am Exercise GH 5:00 pm Confirmation 7:15 pm Worship 8:00 am – 4:00 pm 9:30 am Congregational Mtg 7:00 pm Mary/Martha 5:30 pm Kids’ Choirs 7:30 pm Council Mtg SR Via de Cristo in 10:45 am Worship 6:00 pm Kids’ Club Sanctuary & SR 5:30 pm AA SR 6:30 pm Bible Study 6:15 pm Trinity Ringers CONG MEETING 7:30 pm Chancel Choir UTH CHOIR SERVICE 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7:50 am Cantate Choir 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Men’s Bible 8:15 am Worship 9:30 am Exercise GH 10:00 am - 2:00 pm 11:00 am Bible Study LB 6:00 pm Scrapbooking Study LB 9:30 am Sunday School Portage County 1:00 pm Rebecca Cir SR 10:45 am Worship Clothing Center 7:15 pm Worship 12:15 pm Uth Bible Study LB 6:00 pm Haven of Rest 5:30 pm AA SR 8:00 pm Tango GH 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 7:50 am Cantate Choir 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Men’s Bible 8:15 am Worship/Coffee Hr Coffee 9:30 am Exercise GH 8:00 pm Tango GH 11:00 am Bible Study LB Study LB 9:30 am Sunday School 7:00 pm Sarah Circle LB 7:15 pm Worship 2:25 pm Trinitarians 10:45 am Worship/Coffee Hr Coffee Train Ride 5:30 pm AA SR 6:00 pm Kent SPAGHETTI DINNER Community 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm Dinner 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 7:50 am Cantate Choir 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Men’s Bible 8:15 am Worship 9:30 am Exercise GH 8:00 pm Tango GH 11:00 am Bible Study LB Study LB 9:30 am Sunday School 7:00 pm Finance Mgt LB 6:30 pm Tabitha Cir LL 2:00 pm Wedding 10:45 am Worship 7:15 pm Worship 12:00 pm Blood Press √ LB Study 12:15 pm Uth Bible Study LB 5:00 pm Sr. Uth Plan’g Mtg DEADLINE FOR NOV WELCA BIENNIAL 5:30 pm AA SR TRINITY TOPICS MEETING 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 7:50 am Cantate Choir 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI LOCATION KEY 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Mobile Meals KI 7:30 am Men’s Bible 8:15 am Worship 9:30 am Exercise GH 8:00 pm Tango GH CR = Choir Room 11:00 am Bible Study LB Study LB 9:30 am Sunday School 7:00 pm Mary/Martha 6:00 pm Esther GH = Great Hall 7:15 pm Worship 10:45 am Worship KI = Kitchen 5:30 pm AA SR LB = Library 6:00 pm Sr. Uth Movie Night LL = Lower Level SR = Social Room REFORMATION REFORMATION TC = Trinity Center BLANKET SUNDAY