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Google AdWords for Dummies - Webinar


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Featuring Howie Jacobson, Author AdWords for Dummies. Google AdWords lets every business from small online stores to Fortune 500 companies create targeted, cost-efficient advertising campaigns on search engines. This webinar will help you turn clicks into cash by attracting the right visitors to your website. You’ll learn how to navigate through Google AdWords complexities and nuances, adopt AdWords best practices, and turn clicks into ka-ching!

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Google AdWords for Dummies - Webinar

  1. 1. Darryl Praill Howie JacobsonDarryl Praill Host OnPath Business Solutions Howie Jacobson Author AdWords For Dummies Twitter @ohpinion8ted Twitter @askhowie
  2. 2. Introductions and LogisticsIntroductions and Logistics Twitter Comments: #adwordswebinar
  3. 3. Today’s AgendaToday s Agenda Introductions ● How to conduct quick and free research H f h h h h l● How to craft a message that cuts through the clutter ● How to bid on keywords without breaking the bank ● How to improve your landing page to maximize conversionsHow to improve your landing page to maximize conversions ● How to track results and get a higher ROI Q&A Twitter Comments: #adwordswebinar Q&A
  4. 4. Darryl Praill, OnPath Business SolutionsDarryl Praill, OnPath Business Solutions Darryl Praill Host, OnPath Business Solutions Twitter @ohpinion8ted OnPath
  5. 5. Howie Jacobson, AdWords for DummiesHowie Jacobson, AdWords for Dummies Howie Jacobson Author, AdWords for Dummies Twitter @askhowie AskHowie
  6. 6. Poll QuestionPoll Question Bi t AdW d Ch ll ?Biggest AdWord Challenge? Twitter Comments: #adwordswebinar
  7. 7. Google AdWords For DummiesGoogle AdWords For Dummies #1 F R h#1. Free Research Twitter Comments: #adwordswebinar
  8. 8. 3 Phases of Marketing3 Phases of Marketing Market Expansion Market Validation Expansion Market Discovery
  9. 9. Google = $50k of Market ResearchGoogle $50k of Market Research
  10. 10. The Rabbit HoleThe Rabbit Hole
  11. 11. Market Volume and ValueMarket Volume and Value
  12. 12. Google AdWords For DummiesGoogle AdWords For Dummies #2 M#2. Message Twitter Comments: #adwordswebinar
  13. 13. What does this market want?What does this market want? ●Keywords are unscratched itches ●Keywords are unanswered questions
  14. 14. Define Your BullseyeDefine Your Bullseye
  15. 15. Google AdWords For DummiesGoogle AdWords For Dummies #3 Biddi St t i#3. Bidding Strategies Twitter Comments: #adwordswebinar
  16. 16. Ways to improve your bid resultsWays to improve your bid results ●“Tuition”● Tuition ● Time vs. money Slower less popular keyword● Slower, less popular keyword ● Local campaigns L i i● Lower position
  17. 17. Google AdWords For DummiesGoogle AdWords For Dummies #4 I L di P#4. Improve Landing Pages Twitter Comments: #adwordswebinar
  18. 18. AIDAAIDA
  19. 19. Google AdWords For DummiesGoogle AdWords For Dummies #5 T k R lt#5. Track Results Twitter Comments: #adwordswebinar
  20. 20. Track Results for Higher ROITrack Results for Higher ROI Split Testing Ads●Split Testing Ads ●Split Testing Landing Pages A d Biddi R l●Automated Bidding Rules ●(Advanced) Dimensions Tab
  21. 21. Google AdWords For DummiesGoogle AdWords For Dummies FREE BOOKFREE BOOK And the winner is….. Twitter Comments: #adwordswebinar
  22. 22. Recorded VersionRecorded Version Get the recorded version next week: y Next EventNext Event October 16, 2013
  23. 23. Questions / Comments?Questions / Comments? Control Panel Twitter Comments: #adwordswebinar
  24. 24. Contact Information www onpath comContact Information Darryl Praill OnPath Business Solutions Twitter: @ohpinion8ted Email: Howie Jacobson AdWords for DummiesAdWords for Dummies Twitter: @askhowie Email: Twitter Comments: #adwordswebinar s o e co