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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Central Intelligence Agency
  2. 2. Brief Background• OSS• old friends?• 1947 National Security Act• Who controls the CIA?• Presidential Daily Brief (PDB)• “plausible deniability”
  3. 3. Media Control• owned and subsidized more than 50 newspapers, services and radio stations• can cause “blow back”• violation of our ideals or good strategy?
  4. 4. Domestic Espionage• Operation CHAOS• Operation MK-ULTRA• Operation BLUEBIRD
  5. 5. Famous Targets
  6. 6. -c ?tt Juno ]-g5, lfficc"cc lll rourrrt - I tLACrt ac(J(,:.rfD I - r (ilerdq eltlzr Castrt Be fsl trf. NAVY. ICS, OSD. STA:T. NS,1 r USii Cnf, 0C8, GPnr CI[E, O012 (al. 1959:CIA report Che Guevara, on "Cuban RebelLeader," almostentirely deleted.Confirms Che as commander La Cabaftaand that he "followsthe Communist of lineconsistently." the wide dissemination this document Note of indicated initials U.S. by ofagencies the bottom the two pages. at of 12(b). rs
  7. 7. Not So Famous Targets
  8. 8. Infamous Int’l Examples• Operation AJAX• Operation SUCCESS• Bay of Pigs• Operation MONGOOSE• Operation PHOENIX• Operation CONDOR
  9. 9. Assassinations• Fidel Castro--at least 8 times! (Cuba)• Che Guevara (Cuba/Bolivia)• Patrice Lumumba (Congo)• Rafael Trujillo (D.R.)• President Carter’s Executive Order #12333
  10. 10. Famous Int’l Example...that we know of • Cuban Missile Crisis • U-2 spy plane photographs
  11. 11. Argo• Iranian Hostage Crisis 1979• fake production company• Example of “blow back” from Op AJAX
  12. 12. Random Weird Stuff• Mind control...of dogs• Who me?
  13. 13. l. t 2. 3. i. 5. 6, ^t, It . .l *tg lr.altl,nal re?o*, alrd th. r*ulti of out *:* .*, : . _i.. ru!q1:eil. - he apetlf:,er{r e3 the research- pro8 ryFJ to erarine - . .l tbd fcaslb:lli7 of coairolJln6 the tehawlor of-a tog, la ae opcn n , . fte1d, by aeaas of ieotclT t:tgge:cilelcc?r{ccl stkulattoa of tbe . b:ir1n. $e repo:l discrlber suelr a systet LUf,cl depcn(,s for {tg l - . , eiiectivenest on tio,p:op*t1cr of el,ec+.:fca! s:lsrletioa dellvcrcil f tc c!--aie dee? l;1ng stflettrrcs of tbe Cog brala: 15g ssll-:sroua. rt:,.rl:d eifec?, a-ed a te:Cceey for auch s?l=ulation to lni:.late sr.dl 4, p,el::Cn I . loce,gllc: ln adl,rectlca viilch ls rccce;r:leil by . 1. @3-1nued deltveT of stlrarlatloo. lr?crlgents on the parar:e:eir bf s:i:.da?i,c3 a " t are dcscrlbed, ln addldlon to an er-oe:j.sent on the- ,: .., to rbi)1-7 oi e conventional, relnforger, fooil , {isnrpt ocgoir:5, iree : . ..1 ileia beharlo: the coatrol oi rarar.dlr:g:f,aln rtterilatlon i Err.lrtized 7Ll.a7li1 , sl4pf-Lnq reaeaicb e,V):o,ltng, alblno iatc 1r ^n011^/)
  14. 14. What does it all mean?• What sacrifices will we make to achieve our goals?• Are we proactive or reactive?• What is America?