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Early turning points of WW II


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Brief overview of the early turning points: appeasement through Operation Barbarossa

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Early turning points of WW II

  1. 1. Early Turning Points of World War II LTs: Significance and Cause & Effect
  2. 2. Recap of the Path to War militarization Anschluss Sudetenland Munich Conference Invasion of Poland
  3. 3. Appeasement The Munich Agreement• rationale • Hitler’s response • coups d’état? • short vs long-term perspectives
  4. 4. German-Soviet Non-aggression Pact • surprising partnership • secret part of the pact • lessons learned?
  5. 5. The Fall of France • the French learned the wrong lesson from WW I • construction of the Maginot Line • “phony war” • blitzkrieg warfare • fall of Denmark and Norway • less than one month.... • train car June 1940
  6. 6. Battle of Britain aka “The Blitz” (July-Oct 1940) • Background • GR plans • Initial success • Nazis change tactics • First major turning point: Germany is not invincible! Luftwaffe
  7. 7. The U.S. at the Start of WW II • end of WW I: the U.S. demilitarizes! • policy of isolation • impact of the Battle of Britain • lend lease program • “I’ll never believe an American soldier can fight like a hero.”
  8. 8. Operation Barbarossa June 1941 • Nazis invade the USSR! (lebensraum) • what about the relationship? • second major turning point: two front war • a new alliance and propaganda--”Uncle Joe” • lend lease is extended to the USSR
  9. 9. Significance of Operation Barbarossa Ultimately, Hitler failed to learn from WW I