C V Review 3 Branches


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C V Review 3 Branches

  1. 1. Let’s Review the 3 Branches of the U.S. Government
  2. 2. Legislative Branch bicameral (Senate = 100, House = 435) propose laws (legislation) and amendments declare war spend money/create taxes override a veto approve pres. nominations impeach the president impeach justices
  3. 3. Executive Branch set the agenda (foreign & domestic policies) Commander in Chief who can send troops overseas nominates cabinet members (DoD, DOS, EPA...) sign or veto proposed laws nominates Supreme Court justices VP = President of the Senate
  4. 4. Judicial Branch www.supremecourtus.gov interpret the Constitution judge laws Supreme Court = highest court of appeals regulates state vs state suits establishes legal precedents declare actions of the president unconstitutional
  5. 5. Got it? or
  6. 6. Has the power to declare war? legislative! Quiz, ya! Has the power to tax? legislative Decides foreign policy goals? executive Interprets the Constitution? judicial