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Checking the health of your website

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Checking the health of your website

  1. 1. Turn Digi Checking the Health of Your Website David Sayce October 23, 2020
  2. 2. David Sayce ➔ Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant base in London ➔ Digital since pre-Google Days! (We Used WebCrawler, DogPile, Yahoo, Lycos, or AltaVista for Search) ➔ First e-commerce website in 1998 ➔ Feeling old.... @TurnDigi
  3. 3. Look - eyes & brain! • Brand & Trust • Onsite & offsite • The MOM test • More tools to use @TurnDigi
  4. 4. @TurnDigi Many businesses are not aware of their websites health. A healthy website can improve visibility, mitigate risk, reduce PPC costs. And ultimately deliver revenue! Why a healthy website?
  5. 5. @TurnDigi A website audit is one of the very first steps before any new project and one that can see the greatest return on investment. You should remember the best audit is not just technical understand, it needs to encompass marketing, communications, empathy and emotion.
  6. 6. What does Google show? (you might want to sit down for this!)
  7. 7. @TurnDigi How does your Brand appear? What happens when you search for your business or brand name? Do you own the results page? What autosuggest options appear as you type? Reviews, comments, all good? ‘Google’ yourself
  8. 8. @TurnDigi Quite often this can be the first impression of your business. The sales journey is often 80% done before they get in touch directly Don’t forget the other search engines, B2B users are often searching on Bing Is this what you want a customer or client to see?
  9. 9. What does Google see? The magic of the site command
  10. 10. A guide to how many pages Google has indexed
  11. 11. @TurnDigi
  12. 12. Are non https pages being indexed?
  13. 13. Mixed use of www & non-www
  14. 14. What file types are found on your server? Should they be there??
  15. 15. @TurnDigi While not a definitive guide these checks can quickly bring to light issues. Especially as you review against Google Search Console Are these numbers what you expected?
  16. 16. Google Search Console Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results. Search Console helps you understand and improve how Google sees your site
  17. 17. @TurnDigi
  18. 18. @TurnDigi
  19. 19. @TurnDigi
  20. 20. @TurnDigi GSC - Probably the most valuable tool and easily accessible to everyone The request index tool is currently suspended for the “next few weeks” Make sure your sitemap is upto date and there is good internal linking Google Search Console
  21. 21. Checking your speed
  22. 22. @TurnDigi
  23. 23. @TurnDigi Keep an eye on these as they can change, between check and over time. A few slow pages can impact the whole website Speed Tests
  24. 24. The MOM test
  25. 25. @TurnDigi Dont assume a visitor to you website will have the same knowledge as you. Give someone who is less familiar with the website a task to complete on the website and let them talk through their process with you. A new set of eyes Manual Ocular Maintenance (MOM) Test
  26. 26. Using (free / paid) Tools Screaming Frog, Sitebulb, SEMrush & More...
  27. 27. @TurnDigi
  28. 28. @TurnDigi If you are then looking to dive in deeper there are many tools to choose from Take the time to try the free use trials and find works best for you Audit tools
  29. 29. @dsayce @paper_gecko Also available on LinkedIn Thank you