Fastest path to mortgage purchase business


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Dave Savage's newest presentations on how top loan officers are winning more purchase business and getting more referrals from current Realtors with record breaking speed

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Fastest path to mortgage purchase business

  1. 1. o It’s time for a personalbesto Another record breakingyear
  2. 2.| dtsavage| dtsavage| mortgagecoach
  3. 3. What are the two toppriorities of most CEO”stoday?
  4. 4. #1Today is all about beingprepared to lose 75% ofyour REFI business by Q3
  5. 5. #2To create a Culture of NMLSCompliance as soon aspossible while ensuring thatwe become more purchasebusiness centric
  6. 6. HOW?
  7. 7. The best time to generate referrals
  8. 8. 100%
  9. 9. 20%
  10. 10. 30%
  11. 11. Hey you can get you3.5% at 1 point or3.25 at zeropoint…What do youwant ?45%
  12. 12. Advicemust bemore clearandobvious!
  13. 13. 1%-5%
  15. 15. Quality Service that Exceeds Expectations
  16. 16. What % of your team do you want to beamong the top 1%-5%?
  17. 17. And of course Compliance....
  18. 18. We help you execute a “Culture ofCompliance”
  19. 19. It’s a critical time topivot your businessto be purchasefocused
  20. 20. MCExperienceMOBILEAPPPURCHASESUCCESS1. Buyer Total Cost Analysis2. Rent vs. Own Analysis3. Home Buyer Option Analysis4. Move up Buyer Analysis5. Why Buy Now Analysis6. Home Seller Options AnalysisMC Purchase Formula
  21. 21. Mortgage Coach Home Buyer StrategiesBuyer Total Cost AnalysisRent vs. Own AnalysisHome Buyer Option AnalysisMove up Buyer AnalysisWhy Buy Now AnalysisHome Seller Options Analysis
  23. 23. during the borrower conversation. "be sure to download myapp in the Apple store so you can view your mortgage optionsanytime and anywhere - Just go to the apple store and search"mortgage coach" and then click on the link in the email thatincludes your mortgage options. I can also walk you throughthe options remotely if your using your iPad or iPhone. - Idalso love to hear what you think of this new way to make yourmortgage decision"
  24. 24. how to use to lock a rate or discuss options while your in acoffee shop (now when your at a coffee shop you can pull a TCAon your iPhone & iPad and walk a client through a TCA -- nowanytime and everywhere you are ready to show and tell successstories and walk clients through the options so they can lock in arate or make a mortgage decision)
  25. 25. 4 Wow features thatwill help you break apurchase businessrecord fast
  26. 26. control your clientsdesktop & mobile
  27. 27. Loan Officer Borrower Experience
  28. 28. Add LIVE SHARE to all your quoteswinning more loans with more Wow
  29. 29. Crush your competition with theULTIMATE MORTGAGE EXPERIENCE
  30. 30. during Realtor meetings "Id love to share a few stories of how Ive helpedhome buyers make better decisions and become better referralsources. (open your iPhone or iPad and while them through a client storywhile highlighting key points in the app) another way you can use this app isthat Ill cc or bcc you every time I send a viewing link to one of your clients --now you can review it anytime, anywhere -- so you dont need to wait untilnext time your at your desktop - Id love to know what you think the first timeyou use it. Now lets download it right now on both your iPhone and iPad"
  31. 31. during conversations with friend, family members and pastclients "Hey (first name) would you like to see my new iPhone &iPad app that helps me deliver better advice to my clients who orrefinancing or buying a new home ? (then walk them through asuccess story walking them through your app) What do you think?Is this a better experience than last time you did a home loan? (ifthey love it) help them install it on their iPhone an iPad so theyreready for your future advice and help.
  32. 32. know when your clientsare paying attention
  33. 33. Get a real-time alerts
  34. 34. every rate quote couldhave 4x impact
  35. 35. vs.1 client touch-point
  36. 36. vs.1 client touch-point4 clientstouch- points
  37. 37. Mortgage Coach will helpyou be prepared to lose75% of your REFI businesswithin weeks
  38. 38. Mortgage Coach will helphelp you build a Culture ofNMLS Compliance
  39. 39. Mortgage Coach delivers gamechanging technology andpersonal training to create newhabits
  40. 40. Our Success Coach’sWe help you turn your goodintentions into daily habitsChanna Anthony Tenise Lori
  41. 41. Have an epiphanyAccountabilityTake baby stepsCelebrateA formula for a new habitEpiphany Accountability Baby Steps Celebrate New Habit
  42. 42. Your CoachYour Branch MangerYou accountability partnerOutlook remindersAccountability
  43. 43. 1stTCA5TCA’s20TCA’s100+TCA’sThehardestoneHave skillHave skill+ beliefsHave skill+ beliefs atexpertlevelsTraineeTraineeMortgage CoachMortgage CoachMaster“Baby Steps” to excellence
  44. 44. 1stTCA5TCA’s20TCA’s100+TCA’sThehardestoneHave skillHave skill+ beliefsHave skill+ beliefs atexpertlevelsTraineeTraineeMortgage CoachMortgage CoachMaster“Baby Steps” to excellenceTODAY
  45. 45. o Record breakingpurchase businesso Record breaking speedto create a Culture ofNMLS Compliance
  46. 46.