Empathize and Define


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Study about the tree students of Design, trying to redesign the school-to-work transition.

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Empathize and Define

  1. 1. Interview Empathize and Define
  2. 2. 1. Why did you choose study design? 2. Do you think that a Degree is important to have a nice career position? 3. About your classmates, have you noticed if they are more determined to get a job or work in your own business? 4. What do you think is more difficulty during your College period, I mean to have experience in the market? 5. How would be a good transition to the market? Questions to Design Students
  3. 3. Raphael Age 20 Occupation Student / Designer Location From Brazil, Lives Alone in the same city from your parents Studies at night and work during the day. Started a Design College but stopped during the course, after that he decided to start an Advertising College and now is in the second Year.
  4. 4. Leo Age 21 Occupation Student / Designer Home From Brazil, Lives with the parents He studies in the morning and work in the afternoon period. During the night makes the school work and studies.
  5. 5. Diego Age 26 Occupation Designer Location From Brazil, Lives Alone and work in a different city from your parents He didn't finish a Design College, stopped at last Semester. Him already work in the area but want to go back to College and get your degree soon.
  6. 6. Empathy Map SAY THINK The idea of a degree to me still is a difference to my professional career. LEO In my college class there is no much concern to start a business, at least not now. LEO I believe that the best way to transition between college and a professional career is from the period of trainee. LEO I think most guys are looking to invest in their own ideas. Everyone works today, but people I've talked has a different view and want start a business. RAPHAEL To me the best transition is go out of college already with my own business, but it's too hard. RAPHAEL [About Degree] Unless that the college is a really different and have a famous name, I guess that is not so important. DIEGO Get a job, sure. Few people look for start your own ideas/business. DIEGO Work with the academic portfolio to start a professional career DIEGO In my opinion is a consensus that a degree is an important base, but is not only that, also have an artistic skills/feelings that will direct a professional career I still have my doubts about the professional transition between college and work. On design environment the student has too much ways to proceed into a professional career To me looks like they want to have your own business but there is an afraid to risk. Get a job is more comfortable
  7. 7. Analysis Empathize and Define
  8. 8. Problem Statement RAPHAEL NEEDS a way to start your own Business BECAUSE Him needs more freedom to work in your own ideas, and get more interesting and creative project. INSIGHT: Try to found a different way to start a business, without all the things that leave him afraid to start. Make his art a difference.