Trends in Green Home Construction


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What's new in green housing, and what is the Ontario government planning to require in the future? Times are changing, and so are the rules. This presentation offers a quick summary of the latest trends

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Trends in Green Home Construction

  1. 1. © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.Derek Satnik, P.Eng., LEED® APMindscape Innovations Groupwww.mi-group.caUpcoming Trends inGreening BuildingsCentury21, Cambridge, 2013-02-21
  2. 2. © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.Latest Updates on…•Mandatory Energy Labelling•Government Backed GreenLoans•Key Points for Realtors•Mindscape‟s RelatedServices•Q&APresentation Agenda“The earth is not inherited from ourfathers, but borrowed from ourchildren…” (First Nations proverb)
  3. 3. © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.Mandatory Energy Labelling• The idea: visibility is half the battle (labelling makesenergy visible)• The easiest way to reduce peak load on broad scale• Rooted in the Green Energy Act• Infrastructure is already in place (EnerGuide)• Creates jobs everywhere• Will be like home inspections when they were newBrampton suburb Toronto downtown
  4. 4. © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.(from the Green Energy Act…)3.(1) A person making an offer to purchase an interest inreal property has the right to receive from the personoffering to sell the property such information, reports orratings as are prescribed,(a) relating to energy consumption and efficiency withrespect to a prescribed residence on the property or aclass of prescribed residences on the property; and(b) in such circumstances and at such times as areprescribed and in such manner as is prescribed. 2009,c. 12, Sched. A, s. 3 (1).“Prescribed” implies a coming regulation yet to bereleased, likely to rely heavily on EnerGuide.
  5. 5. © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.Government Backed Green Loans• >80% of survey respondents say they support energyefficiency and green energy, but few take action.Chief barrier? Capital cost• Cities have great credit and can get cheap loans• Cities can loan money to qualified home owners andsmall businesses to fund energy projects• Cities can collect repayment through property taxes(ie: reduce your energy bills, increase tax temporarilyuntil paid up)• Projects happen at no cost to the property owner,saves energy, creates jobs, saves environment, +++• More info @
  6. 6. © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.Key Points for Realtors• Mandatory labelling is coming:• Will make newer energy efficient homes moreattractive than resale• Will spur renovation market, especially at time ofsale• Gov backed green loans are coming• Leverage these to upgrade resale homes pre-sale• Expect more energy investors (fix & flip)• Change the discussion• “How do I buy a good solar-ready house?”• Mindscape can help you
  7. 7. © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.Mindscape Innovations Group• In this new library of ideas, we‟re the librarians.• Turn-key full lifecycle solutions forenvironmentally and technologically enhancedhomes, businesses, and communities.• 15 awards since „07, municipal through international• Core enabling services to both the green buildingsector and the renewable energy sector:– Energy audits, feasibility studies, project management– ENERGY STAR, LEED, BUILT GREEN, etc– grants and incentives, permits and approvals…and much more...
  8. 8. © Mindscape Innovations Group