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Brand In The Hand


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A new way to consume media

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Brand In The Hand

  1. 1. A Powerful New Way To Consume Media
  2. 2. Hand-Delivered Impressions at 35,000 feet Today’s media landscape is more fragmented than ever. But Brand in the Hand offers the unique media opportunity to reach EVERY passenger on a flight. When you print your ad on a Brand in the Hand peanut or snack bag, flight attendants hand that bag to EVERY passenger on the flight, so your message CAN’T be ignored. Brand in the Hand can even place trackable codes on each and every bag, making it ideal for promotions and sweepstakes. You can have the impact and uniqueness of Brand in the Hand for just pennies per impression.
  3. 3. The Right Way To Reach The Right Target Airline travelers are a highly educated, affluent target. And there are a lot of them, with roughly 600 million passenger embarkations in the U.S. annually. Airline passengers: Have Median HH Income - $100,000+ 65%+ are College Educated 70%+ are Homeowners 50%+ are Professionals/Managers Median age: 44 Source: MRI Spring 2008
  4. 4. AIRLINE PARTNERS We put distribution with national carriers right in the palm of your hand. Brand in the Hand can distribute peanut and snack bags, snack boxes and other promotional items with these national carriers: Air Tran Alaska American Continental Delta Southwest United
  5. 5. 30 years experience Brand in the Hand is a division of Harvey Alpert & Co., the leading provider of branded snack foods and beverages to the airline industry. Since 1977, Harvey Alpert & Co. have been the exclusive in-flight representative of such national brands as: Nabisco Kraft Kellogg’s Minute Maid Pepperidge Farm Campbell’s Soup Co. Lender’s Bagels
  6. 6. Turn Key Operation Brand in the Hand provides a complete, one-stop, turn-key operation. Brand in the Hand will handle all the logistics of getting your message in the hands of millions of airline passengers per year, including: Printing Distribution Auditing Billing
  7. 7. Get Creative Brand in the Hand is an incredible creative platform for agency creative teams. No agency? No problem. Brand in the Hand will do the creative for you.
  8. 8. Timeline Step 1 Select airline(s) you wish to advertise on. Step 2 Allow 10 business days for concept development and presentation to advertiser Step 3 Creative concepts are presented to the airline for approval. Step 4 Allow 10 business days for airline to approve of advertiser and creative content. Step 5 10 business days after concept approval, Brand in the Hand presents camera-ready art to airline for approval. Ship. Step 6 Allow 60 days to print bags, produce product, fill distribution pipe-line, etc. Total 90 days.
  9. 9. Contact Darrin Sarto 310.80 2.4 2 74 Brand in the Hand 4223 Glencoe Ave Suite A-127 Marina del Rey, CA 90292