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Readiness of students to use mobile technologies for learning at Eurasian National University


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Published in: Education
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Readiness of students to use mobile technologies for learning at Eurasian National University

  2. 2. EURASIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY IN ASTANA 12 faculties 900 teachers 11.000 students
  3. 3. STUDENT SURVEYPaper-based questionnaires10 questions (Russian)Anonymous respondentsSeptember, 2011Purpose: Students’ readiness tointroduce of mobile learning at ENU
  4. 4. PARTICIPANTS100 students (63 female, 63%) 7 faculties
  5. 5. (Q1) What type of mobile devices do you use daily? 120 Mobile phone 100 100 Laptop 80 MP3 player 59 60 Digital camera% 40 PDA 25 20 20 Tablet PC 3 2 2 0 E-reader MOBILE DEVICES OF STUDENTS
  6. 6. The survey results show that main mobile device is a mobile phone
  7. 7. (Q2) When you use your mobile phone frequently? TIME OF USING A MOBILE PHONE
  8. 8. Most of students usemobile phonesat any free time
  9. 9. (Q3) Where you use your mobile phone frequently? PLACES OF USING A MOBILE PHONE
  10. 10. Studentsoften usemobile phonesat home
  11. 11. (Q4) Which application do you use on your mobile phone? MOBILE PHONE APPLICATIONS
  12. 12. Many students use mobile instant messengers, social networks apps, and video conferencing.
  13. 13. (Q5) What type of wireless connection do you use on your mobile phone? TYPES OF MOBILE WIRELESS CONNECTIONS
  14. 14. Most of students use Bluetooth and WI-FI
  15. 15. (Q6) What type of file do you transfer from your mobile phone to other one or to PC? 6 TYPES OF FILES APPROPRIATE FOR SHARING OF LEARNING CONTENT
  16. 16. Most of students transfer audio and video a third transfer text and an application
  17. 17. (Q7) Define a problem of using your mobile phone? MAIN PROBLEMS IN USING A MOBILE PHONE
  18. 18. A third indicate a short battery life and slow Internet connection. Most of students have not any problems.
  19. 19. (Q8) How many SMS messages do you send daily? QUANTITY OF STUDENTS’ TEXT MESSAGES PER DAY
  20. 20. Six in ten students send from 1 to 10 text messages daily and a quarter send not more 10 messages.
  21. 21. (Q9) Have you ever heard about “Mobile Learning” ?AWARENESS OF STUDENTS ABOUT MOBILELEARNING
  22. 22. (Q10) Do you want to receive learning content on your mobile devices? RATIO OF STUDENTS TO RECEIVE MOBILE LEARNING CONTENT
  23. 23. CONCLUSION• Mobile phone has sufficient technical capacity for using in the classroom.• In most cases, students have a positive attitude to receive mobile learning content.• Data indicated that students ready to implement mobile learning at Eurasian National University.
  24. 24. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Daniyar Sapargaliyev