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You tube

  1. 1. Background• Founded in 2005, making it 7 years old in 2012.• Over 800m visitors to the site each month.• The first video ever uploaded was Me At the Zoo!• Highest viewed video ever is ‘Baby’ - Justin Bieber (over 2 billion views!)• We have developed an innovative community-based model to notify us of potential violations of our Community Guidelines.• You have to be 13 to have a YouTube account.• YouTube is the largest online video sharing platform in the world• Over 72 hours of content are uploaded onto YouTube every MINUTE.• 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside of the U.S.• More than half the videos on YouTube have been rated or commented on.
  2. 2. Instructional Social Motivational Uses PoliticalEntertainment
  3. 3. So why are we here? YouTube is a fantastic place to share, engage and learn. Manypeople now spend a lot of their time online with blogs, videos, searching, games andsocial networking. Your online experience should be positive and there are somevaluable lessons which you can learn along the way.1. My password is secure and I never share it2. I close suspicious pop-ups3. I read relevant terms before signing up to new sites/services online4. I block my social networking profiles to people I know5. When engaging in forums, I do not give out my full name6. I avoid downloading games or other items from unfamiliar sites7. I dont easily give up personal information online such as phone number, address8. If sharing videos/photos, I check privacy settings9. I would talk to my parents/teacher/trusted adult if I had a negative experience online10. I would report a user that was bullying me or another person online11. I would never use a webcam with people I dont know very well12. I dont forward embarrassing messages/videos of people that are sent to me by othersActivity - For each question you answer yes to give yourself a point. Please be honest.When you are finished your teacher will walk you through what the results mean.
  4. 4. Safety Mode• Filters your search results and removes anything with inappropriate content that does not violate the community agreement but may have an age restriction or rating.• Safety mode is browser specific so you will have to enable it in each browser you use.
  5. 5. YouTubes Community Guidelines• Must be 13 years old to have a channel• Keep it clean. YouTube is not a place for sexually explicit content.• Dont post shocking, dangerous or violent content.• Dont engage in bullying or threatening behaviour on YouTube.• Dont post hateful comments or videos.• Dont be a spammer!• Do respect other peoples opinions Passport Writing Assignment:• If you repeatedly violate the If you were in charge of writing YouTube’s Guidelines, your account may be Community Guidelines, what would you suspended. include?
  6. 6. Flagging Videos• Flags indicate videos that may violate the community agreements – they are reviewed by REAL people 24/7• Some videos that are flagged are NOT in violation of the community agreement but may have an age restriction put on them, this often occurs when the video contains information which may have educational, artistic or scientific value.
  7. 7. Clearing up Some Policy Myths• Myth #1: YouTube pre-screens the videos that you upload• Myth #2: If I repeatedly flag a video, it will come down.• Myth #3: If I flag a video, the uploader will know who I am.• Myth #4: If I inaccurately report content that I genuinely believe violates YouTube’s policies, my account will be terminated• Myth #5: If someone puts an embarrassing or otherwise sensitive video of me on YouTube, it will remain on the site forever.• Myth #6: We [YouTube’s Policy Team] are robots
  8. 8. The Safety & Abuse Tool• User has a YouTube channel and they use this channel to leave multiple comments across YouTube that harass or bully another person.• User sets up a channel and chooses a name, image and channel description that are all racist• User makes inappropriate comments about minors or uploads/favourites a number of videos that feature minors• User channel is impersonating another channel e.g. similar name, profile information, background image and videos.
  9. 9. What is Privacy?• How can your privacy be invaded on YouTube?• How would you feel if someone posted personal information or a video about you online?• What can be done to protect online privacy?• How is ‘online’ privacy different to offline privacy?