Stonehaven Energy Resources


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Commissioning & Start-up Specialists

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Stonehaven Energy Resources

  1. 1. stonehaven E N E R G Y R E S O U R C E SC O M M I S S I O N I N G & S TA R T - U P S E R V I C E S People. Practices. Performance.
  2. 2. overviewo Who is stonehaven ENERGY RESOURCESo Global Start-up Planningo System Scoping / Punchlistingo Pre-commissioning Activities Identification, Planning and Executiono Construction / Turnover / Completion Management Teams Interfacingo Commissioning Activities Identification, Planning and Executiono Work Tracking and Communications Protocolo People & Equipment Serviceso Projects
  3. 3. who is stonehaven ENERGY RESOURCES?Stonehaven Energy Resources is a cross-disciplined projectresources company focusing mainly on commissioning and start-uprelated activities. Their success is driven by taking accountability forclient projects, utilizing experienced people and providing leadershipand direction.Stonehaven’s owners have extensive hands on, multi year / diverseproject experience covering the key areas of operations, rotating andstatic equipment, electrical & instrumentation and automation.While the owners have been working together in various capacities asfar back as 1996, the group came together as individual consultants toexecute Suncor’s Firebag Stage 3 project.While continuing to deliver results on Suncor’s Firebag Stage 4project, the owners realized that their combined experience anddiverse talents should be the foundation for a company providingproject resources and solution to clients.
  4. 4. EH&SStonehaven Energy Resources are proud of the fact thatwhile their owners have been working on various projects since2009 in leadership positions within the C&SU field, they havehelped the various teams achieve a Recordable FrequencyRate of 0.2666, which is considered outstanding in industry.This is based on approximately 1.5 million man-hours, with only2 recordable injuries and included no major incidents over thistime.
  5. 5. global start-up planningo Executive Summary Execution Plan – Written plan of what will be doneo Start-up Strategy – Condensed Power Point Executive Summaryo Site Integrated Process Flow Sheets – Visual flow plan of the Start-up philosophyo Scheduling – Assigning durations to the work identified above bases on 12 or 24 hour day
  6. 6. system scoping / punchlistingo Develop and Apply Scoping Philosophy for Electrical, Process, Utilitieso Identification of system boundaries for turnover by area following scoping philosophy.o Develop Turnover Priorities by Area, by Systemo Construction walk-downs by scoped system and development of deficiency punchlist.
  7. 7. pre-commissioning activities identification planning executiono Develop procedures detailing the work to be done and how it will be safely executed.o Direct and execute all system pre-com set-up, execution and equipment reinstatement.o Procure and manage specialized vendors to execute specific complex tasks if required. Develop scope of work packageso Develop electrical loop checks and procedures.o Develop and execute mechanical / rotating equipment pre-construction preservation and startup plano Develop motor rotation checks and initial motor run inso Provide live trending alignment on rotating equipmento Develop instrumentation loop checks procedures and checksheets, device commissioning, transmitters functions, valve stroking.o Develop automation loop check procedures and checksheets for SIFT, SAT, and commissioningo Develop first fill information for Supply Chain Managemento Factory Acceptance Testing of vendor equipmento Module yard inspections
  8. 8. construction / turnover / completion MANAGEMENT TEAMS INTERFACINGo Act as operations representative to ensure a quality built product is turned over.o Align and keep teams focused on Area / System priorities and provide direction when required.o Provide solutions to issues as they arise to keep construction / turnover on track.o Work with contractor to utilize construction window to execute pre-com activities prior to installation of heat trace and insulation for time and cost savings.o Take ownership of systems (TCCC Transfer of Care, Custody & Control) from construction on the owners behalf for commissioning & start-up activitieso Participate in the multi discipline walkdown as owner’s rep or as support to operations.o Coordinate activities around tie point connections to existing running facilities.
  9. 9. commissioning activities IDENTIFICATION PLANNING EXECUTIONo Determine type of commissioning activities required by systemo Develop operations procedures detailing the work to be done and howo Develop mechanical/maintenance procedures for equipment commissioning and or repairo Lock out & Tag Out (Loto)o Permittingo Risk Reviewso Hazopso Model Reviewso Field Level Risk Assessments (FLRAs)o Direct and execute all system commissioning set-up and execution
  10. 10. work tracking & communication protocolo Weekly report (snapshot) of progress for all discipline areas including 7 day look ahead and risks to the project sent to key stakeholders and senior managemento Weekly priorities sent out to the team and stakeholders to align all parties of the teams Key Activities, PSSR Priorities, Loop & Function Check Priorities and any risks or opportunities identified that may compromise or help the team succeed in these activities.o Daily meetings with leads from all disciplines to review daily C&SU action log, provide daily updates, give priorities and solve issues.o Clean Pipe Program progress tracking by systemo Area Integrated Process Flow Sheets – Visual plan of what will be done by Area with steps marked off as they are completedo Tracking of Mechanical Complete & TCCC’d systems.o Tracking of Punchlist clean up progression by system post walkdown, pre TCCC and Post TCCC to ensure contractor is completing their work.o Site notification, 24 hours minimum of C&SU activities in the field that may affect other stakeholder activities.o Auditing of Documentation
  11. 11. people & equipment serviceso Commissioning coordinators / techso Rotating equipment coordinators / techso Piping coordinators / techso Electrical & Instrumentation coordinators / techso Automation coordinators / techso Management Team or Support Teamo Sub-contractor procurement and managemento Equipment rental/procurement & managemento Client specialty requirements I.e. Engineering support, PSSR set-up coordinators, Turnover / Punchlist tracking & auditing coordinators, Permit Office set-up coordinators, HSE Coordinatorso Post start-up operations and maintenance support
  12. 12. projectso Shell Albian Sands Muskeg River Mineo Syncrude Upgrader Expansion # 1o Petro-Canada Edmonton Refinery Conversiono Shell Albian Sands Jackpine Mine & MRM Expansiono Shell Scotford Upgrader Expansiono Suncor Firebag Stage’s 1/2/3/4 SAGD, & Sulfur Recovery Unit – Currently working ono Athabasca Oil & Dover MacKay West SAGD – Currently working on
  13. 13. stonehaven E N E R G Y R E S O U R C E SKey Contacts / General InquiriesDarren Sangster – Operations902 802-2178Wes Meger - Automation / Instrumentation780 715-5862Chris Murphy - Operations780 881-5990Bob Parsons - Rotating Equipment709 235-0635Keith Brown - Operations780 862-4998Chad Richard – Static Equipment780 293-2662Cory Mellor – Electrical / Instrumentation403 660-6177