Cyc staff directory (updated july 2012)


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Cyc staff directory (updated july 2012)

  1. 1. CYC Staff Directory As of July 2012
  2. 2. Gina Roberts – Room 121Gina joined the staff in August of 2011. She has an Associate Degree inEarly Childhood Education and has enjoyed working in the field for thepast 17 years.In her free time she also enjoys salsa dancing and going to karaoke withfriends.
  3. 3. Crystal Roberts – Room 121Crystal joined the center in March of 2012. She has been working with childrensince the age of ten. Recently she spent four years operating a childcare facilityfrom her home. She has also been volunteering in her church daycare for the pastten years.Crystal lives in Cumberland with her husband Tyrone and their four childrenDesimber, Tyrenea, Tyrone, and Tyrese. In her free time she enjoysreading, crocheting, and watching movies with her family.One of her long time goals is to open a youth ministry with her husband for underprivileged children.
  4. 4. Carlana Johnson – Room 121Carlana joined the CYC in the Toddler room in February 2012. She cameto CYC with over 20 years experience with children. She has worked forthe childcare facilities at Eli Lilly, Bright Horizons, Day Nursery andKinderCare.In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her two sons, listeningto music, singing in her church choir and watching movies.One of Carlanas goals is to go back to school and complete an AssociateDegree in Early Childhood Education
  5. 5. Vikki Tucher – Room 126Vikki received her degree from IUPUI in Elementary Education in 1995 andcompleted her Masters degree in Elementary Education with a focus in EarlyChildhood. She began working for the Center for Young Children in 2000 andprior to joining the CYC staff was a Kindergarten teacher at another school forfour years.Vikkis hobbies include reading, listening to audio books, gardening and crossstitching. She has been married since 1998 and has two step daughters.
  6. 6. Shaila Melanta – Room 126Shaila received her B.S. in Chemistry and Zoology from Bombay University in 1984.She has earned her B.G.S. degree from Indiana University with focuses in Biology andEarly Childhood Education. She also received her Human Resource Management fromPurdue in 2009. She joined CYC in 2006 and before coming to CYC she taught as anassistant teacher for Washington Township Elementary school for four years. Prior tothat she was a professional volunteer for two years in Carmel Clay schools.Shaila grew up in Bombay and moved to the United States in 1999. She is the motherof two wonderful children and her hobbies include drawing, painting, cooking andgardening.
  7. 7. Laura Prange – Room 131Laura Prange started working at the center in October of 2010. She hastaken Early Childhood Education classes at Ivy Tech. She has been themanager and lead teacher in a licensed in home center since 2001. Sheenjoys watching children grow and develop. She has a dog named Sadieand enjoys playing the piano.
  8. 8. Emily Mayer – Room 131Emily Mayer started working at the center in November of 2010. She iscurrently finishing up her degree in Psychology. She worked at a daycarecenter in Lafayette before coming here to Indianapolis and starting at JCPenny Portrait Studios taking pictures of families and young children. Sheloves being with the children and helping them grow. She just recentlygot married and enjoys photography.
  9. 9. Elaine Garard-McCracken – Room 133Elaine joined the Center for Young Children in 1987 after receiving her AA in Early ChildhoodDevelopment. She continued her education and received her BS in Kindergarten/PrimaryEducation with a nursery school endorsement. She is a long standing member of theNational Association for the Education of Young Children. Elaine worked with preschoolersuntil moving into the new building when she changed to the younger Weeschoolers.Elaine has seven grandchildren with whom she shares silly times. Her husband, Phil, isretired and keeps busy with many projects around the house that Elaine helps to plan. Hergardens keep her busy during the warm weather. She views her flowers like her children.They need care and nuturing as they will bloom in their own time.
  10. 10. Lori Baumgarten – Room 134Lori joined CYC in 2010. She currently lives in Historic Irvington with her sons Emmettand Duncan. She has been working with infants and preschoolers for over 14 years.Some of her many hobbies include bellydancing, sewing, embroidery, cooking, baking, drawing, painting and jewelry making.Lori is a breast cancer survivor and spends time helping the newly diagnosed as wellas being an advocate for the cause. She enjoys various kinds of music and attendingconcerts. She enjoys spending time outdoors and especially enjoys days that remindher of an Edward Hopper or Maxfield Parish painting.Lori is a parent who prides herself on trying to raise her sons well, so she works hardto give the parents peace of mind when they entrust their children with her.
  11. 11. Annette Nowlin – Room 134Annette joined the CYC staff in 2011. She resides on the northwest sideof Indianapolis with her two children Aysia and Aleia, and their dogPuddles. She began working with children about 1 years ago in thekindergarten room of Fort Harrison and has been enjoying working withthem ever since.She enjoys traveling, reading, shopping, listening to music and collectingteddy bear figurines. Her goal is to find that perfect balance betweenwork and family so she could spend more time with her children. Whenshe has time in her busy schedule she truly enjoys a good inspirationalbook and a glass of sweet tea.
  12. 12. Samantha Gillespie – Room 134Sam has been working in child care since her senior year of high school in2007. She is a senior now at IUPUI and is studying psychology. After shegraduates in December 2012, she plans on staying in school for nursing.In her (very little) spare time, she enjoysreading, baking, bicycling, spending time with family and friends, andplaying with her two cats, Tigger and George.For the last 2 ½ years she has most enjoyed watching the children of theCYC develop, grow, and learn while seeing the theories she has learned inschool applied in a practical setting.
  13. 13. Sabrina Haughn – Room 136Sabrina has been with the center since October of 2010. As the aunt to 11 niecesand nephews, and the daughter of a teacher, Sabrina has many years of experienceworking with young children in both a social and educational setting. She has workedfor Wee Wonders Childcare (a home-based center) and has completed several classesin Elementary Education at IU Bloomington. She most recently comes to CYC fromthe banking industry and is fulfilling her passion for inspiring young minds as avolunteer with Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis. She enjoys collecting children’sbooks, movies and popcorn, attempting new recipes and spending time with friendsand family.
  14. 14. Michelle Hotseller – Room 136Michelle joined the center in 2011. She currently lives on the Eastside ofIndianapolis with her cat, Stinky. Before joining CYC she worked at Kindercare forsix years.In her free time she likes to collect dolphins, read and watch NASCAR. She alsoenjoys camping, hiking, and dinner with friends.One of Michelles goals is to finish her Bachelor degree in Early ChildhoodEducation.
  15. 15. Janet Rawson – Room 141Janet received her BS in Early Childhood Education/Elementary Educationfrom Indiana University and joined the Center for Young Children in 2006.Before coming to CYC, she taught for Head Start in Indianapolis, as wellas preschool and first grade in Washington, Massachusetts and Kentucky.Janet is married and has 3 children and a dog named Kody. Janet wasexcited to welcome her first grandchild, Caden, in 2010.
  16. 16. Danielle Williams – Room 141For the past five years, Danielle has worked with all age groups at the Centerfor Young Children as an Assistant Teacher. She is currently pursuing herdegree at IUPUI and says that the love of children and their development haskept her in the field of childcare for fifteen years!Danielle is a wife and the mother of two wonderful boys. Her hobbies arereading, spending time with her family, shopping, staying healthy andexercising.
  17. 17. Megan Davis – Room 143Megan joined CYC in January 2012 after spending the past two years as a leadteacher in a preschool. Prior to the preschool she spent three years as a Spanishteacher in an elementary school.Megan lives in Indianapolis with her husband Chris and her two children Dominic andRowen. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, bowling, takingpictures, and scrapbooking. She also enjoys foods, especially cheeses, scarymovies, and meeting new people.Megans goals are to be a great parent and to make a difference in the lives of thechildren that she teaches.
  18. 18. Norene Robinson – Room 143Prior to joining the Center in 2011 she worked 4 years as a kindergartenaide and 7 years at Wayne Township Library.Norene is the proud mother of three children, Mikella, Kyle and Jevon.She currently lives on the west side of Indianapolis. In her free time sheenjoys running, rowing, challenge courses, biking, crafts and cooking.Norene believes in living life to the fullest and loves new experiences.One upcoming goal for herself is to finish her degree.
  19. 19. Betty Holmes – Room 143Betty joined in 2011. She and her husband, Robert, moved to Greenwood about fouryears ago from Michigan. While she was in Michigan, Betty operated a licensed childcare center for eleven years and was also was involved in foster care.Betty is the proud mom of five children; Lori, Andy, Cheri, Crystal and Stacy. She alsohas seven grandchildren, and a cat named Princess. Besides spending time with herfamily Betty enjoys sewing, camping, cooking, traveling and four-wheeling in themountains.One of Bettys long term goals is to retire and move to a warmer climate with herhusband.
  20. 20. Jennifer Bohannon – Room 144Jennifer joined CYC in May of 2012. She recently worked at Jeremiah Gray EdisonElementary as an ISTEP Interventionist. She has also taught first grade at a charterschool and preschool at the Goddard School in Avon.Jennifer lives in Fountaintown with her husband Ryan and their two miniatureDachshunds, Shorts and Gretchen. In her free time she enjoys walking herdogs, reading, and having bonfires at their house in the country. She also enjoysvisiting the zoo and going to various restaurants.Jennifers goals include being the best teacher possible and to start a family.
  21. 21. Karen Crawford – Room 144Karen has worked in the Early Childhood field for a number of years. Shehas worked at the CYC since 2004 as an assistant teacher. She recentlycompleted her CDA and likes to attend Indiana Early ChildhoodConferences to learn fresh ideas & activities for the children.She is the mother of three wonderful children and her mission is to helpeducate, love and provide for all the children who are in her care.
  22. 22. Laney Blaine – Room 146Laney joined CYC in December of 2011. She has spent the past 10 years using herElementary Education degree by working in the education field with children in differentcapacities. Some of her experiences have included being a substitute teacher, working inthe education department of the Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo, and working at the YMCA insummer camp and before and after care. She has also worked in preschool for over 5years and has taught twos, preschool, and kindergarten.Laney currently lives on the South East side of Indy, in the Franklin Township area, withher husband Terry and her daughter Mackenzie. She enjoys spending time with herfamily and friends and her beagle named Twinkie and multiple kitties.In her free time she enjoys reading, cooking and baking, decorating cakes, trying newrestaurants, photography, visiting zoos and museums.In the future Laney hopes to continue learning and growing in the field of education, andeventually pursue a master degree. She is also interested in taking classes to becomecertified in SCUBA.
  23. 23. Alexis Ferrell – Room 146Alexis joined CYC in May of 2012. Prior to joining us she worked atMonkey Joes, the Hilltop Child Care Center and La Esqulita. She alsocompleted an internship at Disney World.Alexis lives on the eastside of Indianapolis with her husband Casey. In herfree time she enjoys singing, dancing, and playing the violin. She alsoenjoys family time, watching movies and writing.Alexis has the goal of one day opening a center for teenage mothers.
  24. 24. Marc Williams – Room 151Marc joined CYC in May as a teacher for our school age summer program. He has beenworking in the public school system since 2008 in special education. His long term goal is tobecome a superintendent of a public school district or a superintendent of publicinstruction.He lives in the Lawrence area with his wife Lauren and their cat named Kitty. In Marcs freetime he enjoys writing and playing music, DJing, and reading. He also enjoys golfing andgrilling out with friends and family.Marc believes in encouraging and supporting our youth by providing engagingopportunities for them to learn and grow. He believes they are our number one resourcefor a healthy and positive future.
  25. 25. Linda Orr – Room 153Linda graduated from IUPUI with a BS in Elementary Education andjoined the Center for Young Children in 2006. Prior to joining CYC, Lindaworked with children at Little People Prep #1, MSD Warren Township andNorth Central Childcare.Linda is married and has two daughters and one cat. Her hobbies includespending time with her children, cooking, scrap booking and reading.
  26. 26. Jessa Salvitti – Room 153Jessa joined CYC in 2011 after being a stay at home mom for 14 years. She lives inLebanon with her husband Mike, her two children Leigha and Jake, and their dog Terra.She enjoys knitting, crocheting, reading and bike riding. She is the second of tenchildren, so family is important to her. She prides herself in wanting to raise her childrento be happy and healthy.Jessa enjoys working with children of all ages. She enjoys watching children grow anddiscover who they are and where they belong in the world around them. This fist intoher goal of one day getting a degree in social work so she can continue to help others.
  27. 27. Beth Steward – Room 154Beth graduated from IUPUI with a BS in Elementary Education andConcentration in Special Education. She worked at the Center for YoungChildren for several years as a classroom assistant before becoming aLead Teacher. She has also worked at Little Bear Daycare and Kids CornerDaycare as well.Her hobbies include reading, crafts, scrap booking and music includingsinging and playing the piano.
  28. 28. Resa Underwood – Room 154Resa been working with the Center for Young Chidren since 2003. Shebegan as a Classroom Assistant and is now an Assistant Teacher. She iscurrently enrolled in the CDA course and hopes to receive her Child CareCredential.Some of her hobbies include reading, drawing, painting and doing crafts.
  29. 29. Jennifer Warren – Room 156Jennifer joined the Center in 2011.Jennifer joined the staff of CYC in November of 2011. Prior to joining usshe taught preschool for 6 years and was a paraprofessional with theSpeedway School system for 9 years.In her free time she enjoys cake decorating, baking, scrapbooking, andreading. She currently resides in Speedway with her husband Barry andher two children Adam and Maggie.Jennifer has two simple goals. She wants to be the best parent possibleand be a great teacher to the children she works with daily.
  30. 30. Kim Garnett – Front desk/KitchenKim Garnett has been a valued member of the Center as the KitchenManager since 2001. Since her employment, she has been awarded acertificate by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration forsuccessful completion of the Food Bourne Illness Prevention Program.In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys reading, listening to Gospel music, andspending time with her two children and grandson.
  31. 31. Ann Lekse – Front desk/Business officeAnn was born and raised in Northern Indiana and attended PurdueUniversity. She has been with the Finance and Administration office ofthe University since 2004.A long-time Speedway resident, Ann is divorced and has one growndaughter, Corey and a Siamese cat, Stella. She enjoysmovies, golf, shopping and time with friends and family.
  32. 32. Barb Howe – Business ManagerBarb came to IUPUI after nearly ten years of service in Central Indiana not for profits. Duringthis time she was involved in the administration of childrens programs, budgeting, humanresources and fundraising.Barb was raised in Madison, Indiana, and currently lives with her husband Michael and theirtwin sons Mike and Matt on the Southside of Indianapolis. In her free time she enjoyscamping, hiking, reading, golfing, and gardening. She also enjoys spending time with her dogMax, a Lab-Shepherd mix.Barb graduated from University of Indianapolis with a Bachelor degree in Business and minorsin Health and Safety and Early Childhood Development. She received her Master Degree inManagement and a certificate in Human Resources from Indiana Wesleyan University.
  33. 33. Linda Bohannon – Assistant DirectorLinda has been involved in the Early Childhood Education field for the pastthirty years teaching preschoolers and administering early childhoodprograms. She graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in HomeEconomics and a Nursery School Teaching major. She also received herElementary Education and Early Childhood Education degree from CentralWashington University.Linda has a variety of interests including playing the piano and organ, sewingfor church humanitarian projects, stitchery, traveling, and stock car racing. Herhusband is retired and she has a son and a grandson.
  34. 34. Dave Sandrick – Director"Mr. Dave" began his career in Early Childhood Education in July of 2003 as one of the leadteachers in the infant room at Campus View Child Care Center on the campus of IndianaUniversity in Bloomington. Prior to this initial early childhood experience, Dave spent severalyears in the field of Elementary Education both as a full-time classroom teacher and asubstitute teacher. He has earned both a B.S. in Elementary Education and an M.S. in Historyand Philosophy of Education from IU - Bloomington. His passion for working with youngchildren started as an undergraduate, but after the birth of his first daughter, Kate, that passionskyrocketed, and led him to the lead infant teacher position. After two-and-a-half years atCampus View, Dave became the director of the Hoosier Hills Career Centers Child Care Centerwhere he also served as the teacher in the one-to-three-year-old classroom. He had thewonderful opportunity to work with his second daughter, Claire, at that particular center. Hethen went on to start the infant program at the Salvation Army of Monroe County before takinga position at the University of Southern Indiana as an instructor where he worked prior tocoming to the CYC.
  35. 35. Student Classroom Assistants
  36. 36. Lindsey GonzalesLindsey has been working at the CYC since August 2010. She is a HealthScience Rehabilitation major. She would like to work with an NGOfocused on child care like WorldVision. She grew up in Laporte, Indianawith three older brothers whom she loves dearly.Lindsey likes to travel, hike, camp, and bike. She recently started rockclimbing and likes going to Red River Gorge when she can.
  37. 37. Adria CrawfordAdria started working at the CYC after she finished high school inSeptember of 2010. She enjoys her time working with the children andplans to stay for awhile.Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family (her churchfamily as well), playing basketball, dancing, and writing poetry. Her plansfor the future include opening her own physical therapybusiness/childcare center for both the employees and the patients. Shewants to travel the world as well.
  38. 38. Brittaney HarleyBrittaney has been with the CYC since September of 2008. She ismajoring in Exercise Science – Pre-Occupational Therapy.She enjoys basketball and shopping.
  39. 39. Brooke ScheumannBrooke has been with the CYC since September of 2011. Her major is Nursing, and her minor isSociology. She is from Decatur Indiana. She has received the following honors: ALD/PESHistorian, Historian of Phi Mu, Highest Deans list at IUPUI. She is involved with Phi Mu and ALD/PES. Herinterests are: Scrapbooking, Soccer, Showchoir, Hanging out with friends and family, working withchildren.After college she wants to specialize in pediatrics or OB nursing!She has always loved children! She enjoys entertaining and taking care of them. She has taken classes ontaking care of children. She has babysat for many families in her community and still babysits now whenneeded. Working at the IUPUI Center for Young Children has made her realize how much she wants towork with children in her future professional life. She comes home with stories from the kids all the timeand really enjoys working with them every day.
  40. 40. Christina RatneyChristina has been with the CYC since January of 2010, and is a senior atIUPUI majoring in Elementary Education. She is from Gary, Indiana.When she isn’t at work she loves spending time with family &friends, dancing, playing basketball, going to church, and having a goodtime. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. She loves to laughand being a blessing unto others.
  41. 41. Ena AkoforoEna has been at the CYC since August of 2006. He has a beautifuldaughter, Jada, who attends the center. He is working on his seconddegree, and plans on continuing his education in physical therapy with afocus on children.Besides spending time with his family, Ena enjoys traveling around thecountry and also internationally. He loves sports, and tries to devotesome time playing recreational basketball, soccer, and football. He lovesto read and listen to music, as well as play with his dog, Kobe.
  42. 42. Elise DarlingElise has been at the CYC since August of 2010. She is a Social Workmajor, and is currently a junior.She enjoys basketball and is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
  43. 43. Janine Huff (pictured on the right)Janine has been with the CYC since September of 2010. She is majoringin Pre-Occupational Therapy (Exercise Science).She enjoys country music and her favorite color is orange.
  44. 44. Jessica Montalvo (pictured on the right)Jessica is a sophomore at IUPUI and is majoring in Psychology. She plansto become a child psychologist. She started at the CYC in Spring 2011.She is a proud big sister of a 14-year-old brother and a 4-year-old sister.She is a member of the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority and is also involved inCollege Mentors for Kids.She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and gettinginvolved in activities that can better her as a person.
  45. 45. Kelsey GuthrieKelsey is a Purdue University grad of 2011(Go Boilers!) who graduatedwith a degree in Youth, Adult, and Family Studies. She now is finishingup her first year of law school and hopes to one day focus on familyand adoption law.
  46. 46. Lacey Short (pictured on the right)Lacey has been working at the Center for Young Children as a classroomassistant since 2008. She is majoring in Nursing at IUPUI and will begraduating in May. Some of her hobbies include reading, crafts(particularly making cards), and watching movies. Lacey is fromHillsdale, Indiana. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese.
  47. 47. Rachael PratherRachael has worked at the CYC since August of 2005. She willgraduate in May 2012 with a major in General Studies. Sheloves scrapbooking and traveling. One of her favorite places tovisit is Albania. She hopes to go back soon.Rachael hopes to continue working with children aftergraduation.
  48. 48. Stephanie MurrayStephanie has been with the CYC since August of 2008. She is a seniorat IUPUI majoring in Sociology and plans to go on to graduate schoolto earn her Masters in Social Work. She is originally from Memphis,Tennessee, and has a little brother who is 14. She enjoys singing.Her favorite color is pink.
  49. 49. Shayla Van DuyneShayla has been with the CYC since October of 2010. She is majoring inElementary Education with a concentration in English as a NewLanguage. She is involved with Alpha Sigma Alpha as well as the honorsociety ALD/PES, the Timmy Foundation, and 4H. She is fromLogansport, Indiana. She has a dog and a turtle. Her hobbies includedance, music, and doodling. Shayla has been working with children for6years including babysitting, nannying, and the center.
  50. 50. Tara PynaertBefore starting at the CYC, Tara was a full-time assistant teacher at HoosierCourts, which is an IU-Bloomington child care center. She has worked in childcare for the past 5 years.While in Bloomington, she completed her undergraduate degree inTherapeutic Recreation. She moved to Indianapolis in August 2010 to start herMasters degree in Elementary Education. She currently attends IUPUI full-time and will graduate in December 2012.Her future goals are to move out of Indiana and become a pre-school teacher.Young children are her passion and she cannot wait to be finished with schoolso she can begin a career doing something she loves!
  51. 51. Bill LowryBill Lowry has been working at the CYC since September 2010. Hegraduated from Ben Davis High School in 2009 and is majoring inElectrical Engineering. His hobbies include working on cars, hanging outwith friends, and sports.
  52. 52. Steven KryderSteven is 22 years old and is currently a student at IUPUI pursuing adegree in mechanical engineering. Before coming to IUPUI, he spenttwo years at Ball State University double majoring in education andhistory.He is the youngest of two children, and his sister has a son who helooks after from time to time. He likes to play outside, especially withhis dog, Titan. His hobbies include basketball, baseball, design, andcamping.
  53. 53. Chelsey AxlineChelsea has been with the CYC since October of 2011. She is fromPendleton, Indiana. She is a freshman at IUPUI majoring in BusinessMarketing. She is half Italian and loves her mom’s spaghetti. She hasone sister, Ashley.
  54. 54. Karley Johns (pictured on the right)Karley is a freshman at IUPUI and is majoring in Social Work. She hastaken several education classes and hopes to someday be a school socialworker.When she is not in class or at work, she enjoys spending time withfriends and family, reading, hiking, fishing, and boating in the summer.She is from Princeton, a small town in southern Indiana which is close toEvansville, Indiana. Her family has a farm with three horses, a minipony, a mini donkey, a goat, and several chickens.
  55. 55. Ashley McLainAshley is a freshman at IUPUI. She is majoring in Social Work and plan topursue a career in Child Protective Services. Before working at theCYC, she worked for two years at the Shoe Carnival in Merrillville, Indianaas a sales associate. Surrounded by many cousins and a youngersister, she has grown to love and work with children. She enjoys her timeworking at the CYC and intends to be a positive influence on the childrenhere.
  56. 56. Taylor BrownTaylor has been with the CYC since December of 2011and is majoring in Elementary Education. She is fromSouth Bend, Indiana and loves Notre Dame football!She has 3 brothers, 1 sister and a nephew. She iscurrently a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and lovesservice projects and giving back to the community!
  57. 57. Jasmine SinghJasmine has been working at the CYC since December of 2011. She is a freshmanmajoring in Nursing, and will apply this summer to IUPUI’s Nursing School. It hasbeen her goal for a long time.She enjoys getting involved and working with others on campus. She is currentlyin the National Honor Society and is trying out for the OTEAM at IUPUI.Jasmine enjoys spending time with friends and family. She hopes to use theexperience she is gaining working with children when she fulfills her dream ofbecoming a pediatric nurse practitioner.
  58. 58. Emma RichardsEmma is a sophomore at IUPUI and is studying Exercise Science/Pre PhysicalTherapy. She is hoping that working at the CYC will help her learn more aboutchild development and apply that when she becomes a physical therapist forchildren.Emma is from South Bend, IN, and provided after school care for a young manwith Downs Syndrome for 4 years. In her free time, she enjoys playingbasketball and spending time with her twin. She has a two-year-old poodlenamed Mia. She always enjoys a great Pacers or Colts game, and really likes toget involved with the community.
  59. 59. Mary Therber (pictured on the right)Mary started at the center in December 2011. She is a freshman at IUPUIpursuing a bachelors degree in social work. After she graduates in May2015 she would like to go on to get her MSW. Mary is from Indianapolisand attended Scecina Memorial High School and currently lives inIrvington. Mary has four siblings and a big extended family she lovesspending time with. She also plays tennis in her free time.
  60. 60. Katie Ripperger (pictured in the middle)Katie is a freshman at IUPUI and is majoring inelementary education. She plans to finish school in fouryears and then teach overseas She started at the CYC inFebruary of 2012. She is one of five brothers and sisters.She enjoys traveling, sports, outdoors, friends, andchildren.
  61. 61. Sarah FarmerSarah has been with the CYC since February of 2012. She moved toIndianapolis recently from Anderson, Indiana, and is a pre-nursingstudent. She is an EMT in her hometown. She has one olderbrother, Michael.In her free time, she enjoys working out and playing soccer.
  62. 62. Tori Crosby (pictured on the left)Tori has been with the CYC since February of 2012. She is a freshmanmajoring in Nursing. She has a little sister and is from Anderson, Indiana.She enjoys running, and her favorite color is green.
  63. 63. Tyler WrightTyler has been with the CYC since February of 2012. She is majoring inSecondary Education (Social Studies and English). She is fromWabash, Indiana.She recently spent time in Rome. She enjoys reading and watchingmovies in her spare time.
  64. 64. Jahleia ChievesJahleia is twenty-years-old and a junior at IUPUI. She is a ForensicsScience major, and in her spare time she likes to sing and dance.Originally from Detroit, Michigan, she came to Indiana to pursue acollege education. Her goal is to graduate with a Bachelors degree andeventually a Masters and Doctorate if possible. Her long term goal is towork for an accredited state crime lab and eventually have children ofher own.
  65. 65. Maria HuizarMaria has been with the CYC since February of 2012. She is a freshmanat IUPUI. She is from East Chicago, Indiana. She has been helping takecare of her 5 siblings since she was four-years-old. She has had a payingjob since she was 15-years-old.In her spare time she likes to listen to music and hang out with friends.Her spare time is limited, however, with all of the child watching shedoes.
  66. 66. Amanda RoarkAmanda is a junior studying elementary education. She started working at the CYC inFebruary 2012. Prior to coming to IUPUI, Amanda worked at the Jasper County Youth Centerfor 3 years and attended Saint Joseph’s College.Her favorite part about working at the CYC is being a role model for students and spendingtime in the infant rooms.She enjoys watching movies, spending time with family and friends, exercising, and mostlylaughing! Her goal is to get a degree and be an elementary teacher. Children truly are herpassion, and she wants her future students to be motivated to learn and to enjoy learning.Family is very important to Amanda, and she wouldn’t be who she is today if God did notbless her with her handsome little brother. He has Down Syndrome and she has a soft spotfor children with special needs. They just melt her heart.
  67. 67. Skye LeasureSkye started working in childcare in 2007, babysitting for a few families on her block.Since then, she has worked in her church’s nursery and have cared for many children.Since coming to IUPUI this past year, she has been involved with a tutoring program atGeorge Washington and has also been involved with other community events.Skye plans to have her own classroom someday. Working at the CYC has been a greatexperience for learning the ins and outs of running a classroom.In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and making art. Although she doesn’tget to see her family much, she absolutely loves the time they have together! In thefuture, she plans on always making time for the important things in life, such as herrelationships with loved ones, even when things get stressful.
  68. 68. Lyndsay NusbaumLyndsay is in her senior year as an Exercise Science major at IUPUI. Shestarted at the CYC in August 2011 and spends her time in Room 153.In her spare time she enjoys recreational ballet classes, fashion, workingout, cycling, and running. In May she will run her sixth half-marathon.
  69. 69. Kylie ThomasKylie graduated in December 2011 with a B.S. in Physical Education from IUPUI. She isattending IU’s physical therapy program in the fall to earn her Doctorate of PhysicalTherapy. After pursuing her next degree, she would love to work in a pediatric clinicin the Indianapolis area.She has previously worked with children at Minds-In-Motion in Carmel, Indiana, andat IUPUI’s Motor Activity Clinic. She loves interacting with children and watchingthem learn and grow.In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her nieces and nephew, being outside, andplaying sports.
  70. 70. Raisa Suma AjiRaisa has been with the CYC since February of 2012. Her name is pronounced "rise" asin sunrise. Her expected graduation is August 2012 with a Bachelor ofSciences, Finance degree from IU, Kelley School of Business. After she graduates, shewould like to work as a Financial Analyst.She has taken care of some of her friends’ children while they are at work. She lovesworking with children, because she wishes she had a younger sibling.In her spare time, she likes to sing, cook, watch movies, and just walk aroundbeautiful places near her apartment.
  71. 71. Kiana KleinKiana is in her second semester of Freshman year at IUPUI. Her major is ElementaryEducation and she plans to get a license in Special Needs education. Aftergraduating, I would love to continue to work at a childcare center or become anelementary school teacher around Indianapolis. She has worked previously as a nannyand as a camp counselor at Kamp Kaleidoscope. For fun, she likes to study films, go forlong walks around Indianapolis, and spend time with her little sister.
  72. 72. Kayla RaineyBio to go here
  73. 73. Brittany LowryBio to go here
  74. 74. Nicole AmbrogiBio to go here
  75. 75. Lindsey FordBio to go here
  76. 76. Ben WangBio to go here
  77. 77. Sheila JeevanBio to go here