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Reser 2017


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Coongreso RESER 2017 Bilbao

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Reser 2017

  1. 1. RESER 2017 27Th Annual RESER Conference Bilbao, September 7-9, 2017
  2. 2. 27th Conference BILBAO
  3. 3. MIK – Mondragon Innovation & Knowledge Research center belonging to Mondragon Corporation to develop advanced knowledge in the field of management. We give a transversal answer to the needs of all cooperatives. We are the research and transfer center of the Faculty of Business Administration – University of Mondragon
  4. 4. Global sourcing Forward sourcing Horizonta integration of providers Strategic partners Competitive and Technological Intelligence Internacionalization Benchmarking Identify client’s needs Integral solutions High-performance teams Co-creation Forward sourcing High-performance teams Colaboration Horiontal integration of clients Providers- S&T Agents Public Administration Back Office Front Office Clients Horizontal Integration Accumulated knowledge from practice Horizontal Integration Access to external knowledge We have develop a very promising research area in services, specially in advanced services or kibs
  5. 5. What’s ahead in Service research? Tracks & Topics SERVICE ECOSYSTEMS21 3 • Product Service Systems (PSS) • Service networks • Knowledge infrastructure for services • Sustainability & Financial SERVITIZATION • Servitization in manufacturing context • Service digitalization • New digital capabilities • ICT based experiences CITY SERVICES • Smart cities • Public service policy • Service drivers • KIBS in cities • Citizens well-being
  6. 6. What’s ahead in Service research? Tracks & Topics 54 6 VALUE CREATIONSERVICE INNOVATION • New business models • Value proposition development • Monetization strategies • Entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship • Co-creation • Customer experience • User experience • Open innovation • User driven innovation INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES • Geography of services • Services in emerging countries • Human Resources • Internationalization strategies
  7. 7. Organising team David Sánchez Bote Research and Knowledge Transfer Manager & Professor MIK-MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY - Faculty of Business @dsanchezbote Estibaliz Hernandez Eleno Researcher & Professor MIK-MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY - Faculty of Business @estihe Saioa Arando Lasagabaster Scientific Research Coordinator & Professor MIK-MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY - Faculty of Business @SaioaArando
  8. 8. TICs Financial services Advanced services Art, creativity & design EcoEnergy Health technologies Distribution & Retail PhaseIPhaseII Welcome to Bilbao!
  9. 9. See you soon! Thanks!