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Sub Atomic particles


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simplified version of small particles inside an atom...


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Sub Atomic particles

  1. 1. Topic: Sub Atomic Particles: Overview, Types & Significance Submitted By: Name: D.Sairam ( 1st Sem IBT) Teacher: Dr. Vineet Sharma Course Code: BSBT-102 ( Chemistry for Biologists) Assignment Code: U2P1 Source:
  2. 2. Overview • Introduction • Types of Sub-Atomic Particles • Quarks • Leptons • Bosons • Significance
  3. 3. Introduction • Subatomic particles are particles that are smaller than atoms. They are present within an atom and cannot be seen by our naked eyes. • They have their own distinct characters and are mainly of two types of Elementary Particles and Composite Particles. • Protons and neutrons are Composite Particles while Electron is an Elementary Particle.
  4. 4. Source: Google Images/sub_atomic particles
  5. 5.  Elementary Particles  Colour Confinement Hadrons Types QUARKS Source: Google Images/Quarks
  6. 6. Quarks can be observed in Hadrons such as Baryons i.e. in particles such as Protons and Neutrons. Murray Gell-Mann (Right) and George Zweig Source: a) Google Images b)
  7. 7.  Elementary Types Electron Generations Not subjected to strong Interactions like Quarks Leptons Sources:
  8. 8. This is Positronium ,a system that combines Electron with it’s anti particle Positron. It ( system) is highly unstable as the duo react to give two 2 Gamma particles. It's lifespan is around 125 picoseconds. Source: nium
  9. 9.  Either Elementary or Composite Types of Elementary Bosons a) Scalar or Zero Spin – Higgs Boson b) Gauge or Force- Gluon, Photon and W and Z Boson.  Composite: Meson  Graviton ( Hypothetical so far) Bosons Source:
  10. 10. Source:
  11. 11. Significance of Sub Atomic Particles • They are produced in cosmic rays and during scattering processes in particle accelerators. • Electron, arguably the most important Sub-Atomic Particle helps in studying and identifying Chemical Properties of Elements. • Proton Therapy is a type of treatment that can be used to treat Cancers. • Elimination or Turning off the Higgs Field can result in rapid Communications and Transmission of Signals. • Positron is used in PET scan that treat many ailments and maladies. • Most of the Gauge Bosons are used in Super fluidity.
  12. 12. References  apparently-elementary-particles/tau-leptons/    re/atomic_structurerev2.shtml  m/Sub-Atomic_Particles   bd&p=composite%20bosons&type=999_sca0__alt__ddc_dss_bd_com  