Chocolate And Your Health


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No more fear of not having chocolate because you think it's bad for you. Today's researches pertaining to teeth and chocolate present positive details. Believe it or not, it has been proven that chocolate is actually good for the teeth or for your health and wellness. This idea will definitely ease up some of the guilt you have been feeling each time you have eaten that piece of chocolate. In this presentation, I will go over why chocolate is actually good for your teeth and your health and how much you should be eating.

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Chocolate And Your Health

  1. 1. Chocolate and Your Health
  2. 2. Fear not chocolate lovers The St James Dental Group • Fear not chocolate lovers, good news is now at hand. Today’s studies about teeth and chocolate show a positive note. Believe it or not, chocolate is not bad for the teeth or for your health (mostly)
  3. 3. Take a big chocolate bite The St James Dental Group • This thought will certainly ease up some of the guilty feelings you must have felt each time you take a big chocolate bite.
  4. 4. Chocolate and your dental health The St James Dental Group • To understand this fully, you need to know the basics about tooth decay. Tooth decay is a result of acid causing bacteria in your mouth that work overtime at night.
  5. 5. Acids attack the enamel The St James Dental Group • The acids attack the enamel causing it to demineralize and eventually causing a hole in it. This will soon lead to tooth decay or rotten teeth.
  6. 6. Chocolate and your health The St James Dental Group • Now, the good news here about chocolate is that this sweet, guilty pleasure contains antioxidants, the flavonoids and the polyphenols, that actually prevent the bacteria from making use of its starch and sugar to create their acids.
  7. 7. A protective shield The St James Dental Group • Not only this, the cocoa butter in chocolate can also coat your teeth as though a protective shield to prevent the plaque from your teeth. And the buttery part of cocoa is not the bad fat, as it does nothing to increase your cholesterol.
  8. 8. High concentration of flavonoids The St James Dental Group • Aside from these wonderful developments, a nicer one is mentioned in the studies too. Chocolate, especially the dark ones that has high concentration of flavonoids, can help lessen the chances of stroke and hypertension.
  9. 9. Types of chocolate The St James Dental Group • These types of chocolate beat green tea for its antioxidant power making this a good agent to protect your heart.
  10. 10. Not all good stuff The St James Dental Group • However, chocolate is still not all good stuff. Just like everything in life, anything that is taken too much will do you harm.
  11. 11. Chocolates contain high calories The St James Dental Group • Chocolates contain high calories that will still harm you when taken more than your fair share.
  12. 12. The warning signs The St James Dental Group • Calories are the number #1 agent for bulgy tummy, so if you are watching your weight make sure you watch your calorie intake of chocolate.
  13. 13. Recommended intake The St James Dental Group • Recommended intake of chocolate is 1 ounce, three times a week if you want to reap the benefits mentioned above. Eat what you love and enjoy with good health!
  14. 14. Ask a professional The St James Dental Group Chocolate and Your Health Contact us 323-771-7254 Thank You!