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Six sigma press release4

  1. 1. SME Chapter 248 CONTACT Dan Tabish (509) 922-7663 FAX: 509-922-7626 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Introduction to Six Sigma - Short Course Press release Spokane, WA, October 25, 2013 — Dr. Martin Weiser, the current chairman of SME-Spokane (recently rebranded from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers to indicate its broader appeal and reach) announced that the Spokane chapter will sponsor a seminar or short course on Six Sigma Fundamentals. Weiser mentioned that among the topics to be covered in the seminar will be the fact that Six Sigma is a methodology that can be used to complement LEAN methods. He added “Six Sigma and Lean are two sides of the same process improvement coin. LEAN seeks to minimize waiting, overproduction, rework, excess motion, over processing, excessive inventory and unnecessary transportation. On the other hand, Six Sigma is a discipline that complements Lean by working to minimize or eliminate defects and variation with specific analytical tools.” The course is scheduled to be held at Gonzaga University’s Herak Engineering building, Room 244. These will be evening sessions and will be held on on Tuesday and Thursday, November 12 and 14, 2013 (6:00 – 9:00 PM) The course has been developed for anyone in business or industry interested in improving the efficiency of their business processes. Although Six Sigma became well known as a process used by industrial companies such as Motorola and GE, it is now widely used in other business segments such as healthcare, banking, financial services, insurance and many others. This course is an introduction to the Six Sigma toolbox. It will also help attendees understand the relationship between process variation, defects and customer dissatisfaction. Weiser said "The course will do this by focusing on these subtopics: - Variation is the enemy – and the basic statistics used to describe it - Is your Process in Control? and why is this different from meeting specs? - You can’t fix it if you can’t measure it – gage repeatability and reproducibility - Hunting for the sources of variation with: process mapping, cause and effect and failure modes effects analysis. - Pinning Down the Root Cause – Designed Experiments The instructor is Martin (Marty) Weiser, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering and Technology, Department of Engineering & Design, Eastern Washington University. Before joining EWU he was a Honeywell Certified Six Sigma Plus Blackbelt. For more information see , contact: Dan Tabish at (509) 922-7663, FAX: (509)-922-7626 or email or Marty Weiser at (509) 359-2815 or email SME promotes manufacturing education and advances manufacturing awareness for the Inland Northwest Empire area. SME is the world's leading professional society advancing manufacturing knowledge and influencing more than half a million manufacturing practitioners annually. Through its local chapters, publications, expositions and professional development resources, SME promotes awareness of manufacturing engineering and keeps manufacturing professionals up to date on leading trends and technologies. ### SME Manufacturing Chapter 248 Phone: (509)-922-7663, Fax: (509) 922-7626, Email: 1
  2. 2. SME Chapter 248 Dr. Martin (Marty) Weiser teaches Mechanical Engineering at Eastern Washington University and is a Honeywell Certified Six Sigma Plus Blackbelt. He earned his BS in Ceramic Engineering from Ohio State University and his MS and PhD in Materials Science and Mineral Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. He joined the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of New Mexico where he taught Materials Science, Thermodynamics, Manufacturing Engineering, and Technical Communication. His next stop was with Johnson Matthey Electronics/Honeywell Electronic Materials where he held positions in Technical Service, Product Management, Six Sigma, and Research & Development. Marty joined the Engineering & Design faculty at EWU in 2010 and has taught Thermodynamics, Computer Aided Design and Project Management, Industrial Safety Engineering, Capstone Design, Heat Transfer, MATLAB, and Numerical Methods. He has published over 40 papers and book chapters and is inventor on a dozen patents and patent applications. His hobbies include amateur high power rocketry, woodworking, pottery, bonsai, bicycling, and hiking. SME Manufacturing Chapter 248 Phone: (509)-922-7663, Fax: (509) 922-7626, Email: 2