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If You are joining sme only
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Fill-in-the-form and return


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Fill-in-the-form and return

  1. 1. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION CONTACT INFORMATION ANNUAL DUES Please print: o Mr. o Mrs. If You are joining sme only o One-Year Membership o Two-Year Membership o Three-Year Membership o Ms. o Dr. o PE Name_______________________________________________________________________________ First Middle Initial Last Job Title_____________________________________________________________________________ Number of years employed in manufacturing___________ Date of Birth___________________________ Business Email_______________________________________________________________________ Home Email__________________________________________________________________________ o Please check here if you wish to have your name withheld from organizations other than SME. NOTE: Many member benefits and announcements are distributed electronically. Please include your email and keep it updated at Check a Preferred Address for Receiving Information from SME o Work o Home WORK ADDRESS HOME ADDRESS Company/Organization Name: Street_________________________________________ _____________________________________________ City__________________________________________ Division/Dept___________________________________ State/Province__________________________________ Street_________________________________________ Country_______________________________________ City__________________________________________ Phone ________________________________________ State/Province__________________________________ Cell Phone_____________________________________ SME EDUCATION FOUNDATION DONATION (optional—tax deductible) o $25 o $50 o $100 o Other_________________ RECIPROCAL MEMBERSHIP (Optional) SME has partnered with AME to offer a dues discount when you join both. Simply check the appropriate box below and enjoy the benefits of both! SME and AME (Association for Manufacturing Excellence) $259.00 (for both) $472.00 (for both) $665.00 (for both) o One-Year Membership o Two-Year Membership o Three-Year Membership TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED (U.S.D.) $_________________ SPONSOR INFORMATION Did a colleague encourage you to join? Zip+4/Postal Code_______________________________ Mail Stop/Building_______________________________ $138.00 $248.50 $352.00 Zip+4/Postal Code_______________________________ Country_______________________________________ Business Phone ________________________________ Cell Phone_____________________________________ Fax___________________________________________ Staff size of your company Check one box only o (1) Less than 20 o (5) 250-499 o (3) 50-99 o (7) 1000-2499 o (2) 20-49 o (4) 100-249 o (6) 500-999 o (8) Over 2500 Job Function (check one box only) o 2) wner/Company Management/Corporate Executive O o 3A) Manufacturing Production Management o 3B) anufacturing Production Department M (non-management) o 4A) Manufacturing Engineering Management o 4B) anufacturing EngineeringDepartment M (non-management) o 5) Quality Assurance Control o 6) Product Design RD o 7) Control Engineering/Automation o 9D) Educator/Instructor o 10) Other Your Company’s Primary End Product Manufactured or Service Performed ________________________________ ______________________________________________ Education: Highest Degree Achieved (check one) o Highschool o Technician o Associate o Bachelor o Master o Doctorate INDICATE the SME Technical CommunitY THAT alignS with your EXPERTISE. no extra charge! (See reverse side for descriptions.) o Automated Manufacturing Assembly o Forming Fabricating o Industrial Laser o Machining Material Removal o Manufacturing Education Research o Plastics, Composites Coatings o Product Process Design and Management Dave Davidson, C248 Sponsoring Member’s Name____________________________ 000011808944-0 Sponsoring Member’s Number__________________________ PAYMENT OPTIONS Method of Payment: o Check/Money Order Credit Card: o MC o VISA o DISCOVER o AMEX Card Number_________________________________________ Expiration Date__________________CC #________________ Signature_____________________________________________ o up for auto renewal. At renewal time your credit card Sign will be charged the current membership rate. Please call SME Customer Care to modify or opt out of this program. Convenient Ways to Join: 1. ONLINE: (credit card only) 2. CALL: (Credit Card only) 800.733.4763 (U.S.) or 313.425.3000, Ext. 4500 (Outside U.S.) 3. Fax: 313.425.3401 (Credit Card only) 4. Mail: SME Attn: Customer Care One SME Drive – P.O. Box 930 Dearborn, MI 48121- 0930 USA o Rapid Technologies Additive Manufacturing Yes Indicate the technical specialties most related to your interests. Write up to four category codes here: (See reverse side for list) No Yes AREAS OF INTEREST No (1)__________________ (3)________________ (2)__________________ (4)________________ Local chapter Affiliation Membership in your local SME chapter is a free benefit. We will place you in the chapter nearest your preferred address or you can write in a specific chapter below. This form valid through 12/31/13 headquarters use only CODE PDF2013
  2. 2. Join SME today for access to great member benefits and more SME Connect – The Member Network • onnect directly with members, Chapter, Communities C and more. • Ask questions, start discussions, share interesting blogs. • Login and set up your profile today at! Indicate your selections in the “technical communities” section on the front of this form. TECHNICAL COMMUNITY Network Automated Manufacturing Assembly Focuses on automated processes and technologies - the integration of robotics, machine vision and sensors into complete systems that manufacture and assemble products. Forming Fabricating Supports key manufacturing technologies in metal forming and fabricating, such as stamping, casting, shaping, bending, forging, punching, cutting, welding, and other processes that add value to sheet metal, coil, plate, tube, or pipe stock. Industrial Laser Actively engaged to promote Laser Technology in North America with high intensity by educating the market and advancing the laser technology base across all industry sectors with cutting, welding, drilling, marking, surface treatment, and other advanced laser applications. Machining Material Removal Focuses on machining processes, abrasive cutting processes, cutting tools and tooling, metalworking fluids, machining systems, machining of alternative materials, and much more. Manufacturing Education Research Concentrates on the latest education and research in manufacturing. Promotes manufacturing careers and educational opportunities that enhance the diverse workforce needs of the manufacturing enterprise. Plastics, Composites Coatings Concentrates on engineered materials such as plastics, composites, ceramics, and other advanced materials; decorative finishing and coatings technologies, and metallurgy and materials science. Product Process Design and Management Helps members implement proven models to increase company productivity such as lean manufacturing, supply-chain management, Six Sigma,and other quality-assurance techniques. Rapid Technologies Additive Manufacturing areas of interest Help us meet your technical needs even better by further “customizing” your membership! Choose up to four of the following areas of interest and place their corresponding codes in “Areas of Interest” section on the front of this application. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. Aerospace Industry Assembly Joining Automotive Industry Composites Manufacturing Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Consulting Training Services Contract Manufacturing Services Education Training Services Institutions Electronics Manufacturing Environmental Manufacturing Finishing Coating Food Processing Forming Fabricating Lasers Laser Systems Lean Manufacturing Machining Material Removal Machine Vision Systems Manufacturing Management Materials Medical Device Industry Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Micro Manufacturing Mold, Tool Die Design Nanotechnology NC, CNC DNC Packaging Plant Engineering Maintenance Plastics Molding Manufacturing Process Design Engineering Product Design Automation Product Development Quality Rapid Prototyping Rapid Manufacturing Research Development Robotics Six Sigma Software, CAD/CAM 39. Supply Chain Management 40. Other Focuses on solid freeform fabrication, or layered additive rapid prototyping processes, including fused deposition modeling, stereolithography, selective laser sintering, laminated object manufacturing and 3-D printing. ©SME 2013_8439