Altek Aerospace Mfg Summary


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Altek Aerospace Mfg Summary

  1. 1. Professional Networking for Manu- facturing, Engineering, Production, Business and Lean Leaders... March 22, 2014 SME MANUFACTURING, SPOKANE, WASHINGTON CHAPTER 248 Judging student competitions can be hard work. SME248 senior members shown here include Dan Tabish, Chris Wood, Dave Ross and Tony Wisniewski □ Editorial and pictorial by Dave Davidson SME Chapter 248 and INWAC join forces to sponsor a plant tour of the machining and plastic injection molding operations at AL- TEK, INC., Liberty Lake, WA. SME Chapter 248 is a part of the national SME Manufacturing organization. To become a member download the application at: INWAC (Inland Northwest Aerospace Consortium) is a regional alliance of advanced manufacturers, service providers, educators, affiliates, and public service agencies that work in concert to support the growth and success of the Inland Northwest aerospace cluster. This collaborative forum helps business owners and community stakeholders align their efforts to rapidly engage in aerospace manufacturing programs, grow skilled jobs, prepare a responsive workforce and promote the expanding capabilities of the Inland Northwest region. Companies SME Chapter 248’s 2014 Tours Listen to John A. Dunlop, Pro- gram manager at KeytronicsEMS "Spokane's SME organization is exceptional. The leadership is dedicat- ed to the cause and past leaders re- main involved to ensure that the con- tacts and traditions of the organization continue. Traditions include nearly monthly tours of local manufacturing companies to learn best in class pro- duction and Lean techniques. The group also sponsors a student paper night that offers both contacts and awards. This is certainly the premier manufacturing and engineering organi- zation in Spokane." —- Membership in SME is open to business profes- sionals interested in manufacturing or lean. To apply for membership in SME go here: fillintheform-and-return, SEE ALSO: ALTEK, Inc., in addition to it’s aero- space part manufacturing and product integration has a “minds-I” division that specializes in robotics and other STEM related products for the educational market. The prototype four-rotor drone shown above is an example. ALTEK President Mike Marzetta is a founding member of INWAC and is an advocate of the aero- space cluster and integrated con- tract manufacturing concept. Will be emphasizing Inland Northwest Aerospace Manufacturing. Organized in conjunction with INWAC: SME MANUFACTURING Spokane, WA Chapter 248 Serving the Inland Pacific Northwest 2014 Chair: Fred Pollard (e) EDITOR: SME 248 Treasurer Dave Sorg and Past Chair Martin Weiser register the more than seventy-five attendees for this aerospace manufacturing plant tour. L to R: Mike Marzetta, President, ALTEK Inc., Gaia Borgias Brown, Executive Director: INWAC, Fred Pollard: SME 248 2014 Chair. ALTEK has both extensive machining and plastics injection molding capabilities which they integrate in their aerospace contract manufacturing business. Shown here are two Mitsubishi 950T and one 1450T JSW injection molding press.