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Ots web photos, yachts, ships, places, 2 feb. 2011


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Ots web photos, yachts, ships, places, 2 feb. 2011

  1. 1. Yachts, Historic Vessels, Commercial Craft and Beautiful Places that have been along the way. JOSEPH LOMBARDI, AMS OCEAN TECHNICAL SERVICES, LLC 10 DALTON AVENUE GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 Office 978-526-1894 Fax 866-381-2687
  2. 3. Motor whaleboat from the U.S.S. GREAT SITKIN.
  3. 4. OTS supervised loading of nose cone of Los Angeles Class submarine onboard a barge for shipment to Puget Sound at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, Maine
  4. 5. Harbor tug YTB-779 in Puget Sound.
  5. 6. Redwood forest south of Humboldt, California.
  6. 7. U.S.S. DES MOINES & U.S.S. FORREST SHERMAN at the Inactive Ships Facility at Philadelphia. Both ships surveyed by OTS on behalf of the State of Minnesota & FORREST SHERMAN ASSOCIATION
  7. 9. Eastern rig VINCIE N. hauled at Rocky Neck, 2002.
  8. 10. Yard craft, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, 2001.
  9. 11. Boston Fuel tugs CORNELL & HERCULES, E. Boston. Operated by Joe Lombardi during his time at Boston Fuel.
  10. 12. Portland Head Light, S. Portland, Maine.
  11. 13. OTS performed the hull survey, prepared the Tow Plan and organized the tow of the cruiser U.S.S. SALEM; here under tow arriving at Quincy, Massachusetts in 1994.
  12. 14. Steel trawler ‘CROSS STAFF’ surveyed at Southwest Harbor, Maine, summer 2010.
  13. 15. OTS provided consultant and marine surveying services for Parks Canada aboard destroyer H.M.C.S HAIDA in Hamilton, Ontario.
  14. 16. Laker ‘J. B. FORD’ at Superior, Wisconsin 2006.
  15. 17. R.N.L.B. SUSAN ASHLEY on display at Chatham Dockyard, UK.
  16. 18. A beautiful, character lifeboat on display at Chatham Dockyard, UK.
  17. 19. Westminster & Big Ben, seen on HNSA trip to UK in 2005.
  18. 20. Interior nave of Southwark Cathedral, South Bank, London.
  19. 21. Bowsprit & cutwater of clipper ship ‘CUTTY SARK’.
  20. 22. Clipper ship ‘CUTTY SARK’ seen in 2005 before the restoration and subsequent fire that heavily damaged that icon.
  21. 23. House burgee flying from main truck of clipper ship ‘CUTTY SARK’.
  22. 24. Lake District, near Windemere, . Home of Beatrix Potter & Peter Rabbit.
  23. 25. Pasture scene in the Lake District, across from Windemere.
  24. 26. ‘ LELANTA’, a steel schooner designed by John Alden, surveyed by OTS in 2007.
  25. 27. ‘ LELANTRA’ at Antigua.
  26. 28. Cruiser ‘OLYMPIA’ in Philadelphia.
  27. 29. Famed navigation bridge of Admiral Dewey aboard cruiser U.S.S. OLYMPIA at Philadelphia.
  28. 30. U.S.S. OLYMPIA & U.S.S. BECUNA at Philadelphia, 2010.
  29. 31. Former laker stationed at St. Mary’s Cement landing, Port of Chicago, surveyed by OTS in 2002 and 2007.
  30. 32. U.S.S. SPHINX (ARL-24) & U.S.S. HOIST surveyed by OTS in the James River Reserve Fleet in 2004 and 2006.
  31. 33. Submarine U.S.S. CLAMAGORE, sole surviving GUPPY III Class vessel, surveyed by OTS in 2009 at the Patriots Point Naval Park, Mt. Pleasant, SC.
  32. 34. OTS, working as a sub-contractor to AECOMM, conducted an onboard inspection of battleship U.S.S. IOWA (BB-61) at her berth at Suisan Bay as part of a feasibility study for the Port of Los Angeles for berthing the ship at San Pedro.
  33. 35. A view of the graceful foredeck of the U.S.S. IOWA from the top of the citadel on the 011 level.
  34. 36. Looking forward from fantail, to starboard, of battleship U.S.S. IOWA at Suisan Bay, October 2010.
  35. 37. Tug ‘KING PHILLIP’ surveyed on the Hudson River, 2010.
  36. 38. Barge ‘ISLAND 60’ surveyed in the Hudson River 2009.
  37. 39. Running gear of destroyer ‘U.S.S. MASON’ just prior to launch.
  38. 40. Cradling on launching ways for the destroyer U.S.S. MASON, a Burke-Class DDG; the last stern launched ship at Bath Iron Works.
  39. 41. U.S.S. MASON (DDG-87) ready for launch at Bath Iron Works.
  40. 42. OTS supervised the tow of submarine U.S.S. LIONFISH to/from Boston for a drydocking restoration in 1999.
  41. 43. LCU ‘HATTERAS’ surveyed for LaFarge in Maryland in 2008.
  42. 44. Gloucester schooner ‘L. A . DUNTON’ at Mystic Seaport.
  43. 45. Hans Christian 48 surveyed in 2008.
  44. 46. ‘ GERONIMO’ surveyed in 2008.
  45. 47. Stern gallery of ‘OLD IRONSIDES’.
  46. 48. Steam tug ‘BALTIMORE’ at the Museum of Industry at Baltimore surveyed by OTS, spring 2010.
  47. 49. Stack detail of steam tug ‘BALTIMORE’, Museum of Industry, Baltimore.
  48. 50. Lightship ‘NANTUCKET II’, surveyed by OTS at Rocky Neck Marine Railways, Gloucester, Massachusetts
  49. 51. Fishing vessel ‘WESTWARD’ at Five Pound Island freezer plants, Gloucester.
  50. 52. Guided missile cruiser U.S.S. LITTLE ROCK at her old berth in the Buffalo River. OTS surveyed this vessel in 1999.
  51. 53. Capt. Lombardi, as tug/docking master, supervises tugs and line-handlers in the move of the cruiser U.S.S. LITTLE ROCK into her new moorings on the Buffalo River, May 2003.
  52. 54. Shore-side view of tow of cruiser U.S.S. LITTLE ROCK into her new berth under direction of Capt. Joe Lombardi
  53. 55. Teaming with Economic Research Associates (ERA), OTS per-formed a feasibility study on the idea to create a Mare Island Shipyard Naval Museum for the City of Vallejo, California.
  54. 56. OTS inspected the Mare Island Naval Shipyard graving docks, portal cranes, existing pumps & electrical plant.
  55. 57. Waterfront layout, dockside mooring appurtenances, pierhead structural condition and capital costs were reviewed as part of the assessment of Mare Island Naval Shipyard as a museum.
  56. 58. OTS performed a structural survey of the submarine U.S.S. ALBACORE at Portsmouth, NH, fall of 2008.
  57. 59. U.S.S. ALBACORE in drydock at Kittery during her operational career.
  58. 60. Joe Lombardi, Project Manager, at stem of U.S.S. LAFFEY at completion of vessel restoration at Detyens Shipyard, Fall 2009.
  59. 61. U.S.S. LAFFEY, restoration completed, waits for tide before launching at Detyens Shipyard, November 2009.
  60. 62. Battleship U.S.S. NORTH CAROLINA at Wilmington, NC. Structural surveys conducted on this vessel in 1999 and 2009.
  61. 63. U.S.S. NORTH CAROLINA, looking to fordeck from citadel. Photo taken during OTS survey of 2009.
  62. 64. Whaleboat ‘IOWA’ restored by Joe Lombardi for personal use.
  63. 65. ‘ AUNT EMMA’, a Crocker designed and built ketch, on her mooring in Manchester in 2005, then owned by Joe Lombardi.
  64. 66. Capt. Nick Lombardi gives some needed elbow grease to the sanding chores for spring commissioning on AUNT EMMA.
  65. 67. Pierside, ready for sea, spring 2005.
  66. 68. ‘ AUNT EMMA’ under sail.
  67. 69. AFDL-47, a medium tonnage floating drydock, here herself being drydocked at Detyens Shipyard, was surveyed by OTS in 2007.
  68. 70. U.S.S. BARNEY, structural survey performed by OTS at Philadelphia
  69. 71. Structural surveys performed on the U.S.S. CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2) in 2005 and 2009.
  70. 72. Diamond Head Light, Oahu, August 2008.
  71. 73. Pearl Harbor from the Na Pali, August 2008.
  72. 74. Sunset, looking west toward the hills of Waianae, Oahu.
  73. 75. M/V PILGRIM IV, built by Blount Marine and a former island ferry for Thompson Island Education Center.
  74. 76. YP-674, surveyed by OTS in Stuart, Florida.
  75. 77. Freight train on the port quarter, Marblehead, Summer 2010.
  76. 78. ‘ FALLS OF CLYDE’, a sailing oil tanker, previously under the Matson Line Flag, before her down rig, now languishing on the Honolulu waterfront. Surveyed by OTS in 2007, Project Manager for the proposed disposal of this vessel in 2008.
  77. 79. ‘ FALLS OF CLYDE’ after the down rig of unsafe upper masts, yards and standing rigging. Vessel cleared of debris, repaired and prepared for ocean disposal with tow rig installed. Bishop Museum turned over ownership to non-profit at 11 th hour for preservation. See other presentation in the ‘GALLERY’.
  78. 80. Destroyer U.S.S. CASSIN YOUNG at Boston National Historic Park, Charlestown Navy Yard, just prior to her drydocking and partial repair. She remains in drydock due to ‘growth’ work required to make her a suitable and safe historic landmark vessel.
  79. 81. LCU-1668, surveyed at Baltimore for LaFarge, 2008.
  80. 82. Surrender deck aboard battleship U.S.S. MISSOURI, 01 Level, starboard side for-ward. This vessel surveyed by OTS in 2006 & 2007.
  81. 83. Port quarter of battleship U.S.S. MISSOURI during OTS survey of topside spaces and appendages in 2006.
  82. 84. U.S.S. MISSOURI at her berth at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor.
  83. 85. Na Pali coast, Kuwaui
  84. 86. Na Pali coast.
  85. 87. North Shore, Oahu.
  86. 88. Southeast coast of Oahu.
  87. 89. Marine railway, long out of use, at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, 2010.
  88. 90. Looking down the centerline of the marine railway at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard; a disused piece of American material culture.
  89. 91. Buchanan tug/barge fleet surveyed for underwriters.
  90. 92. McAllister tug assisting bulk carrier in the Cooper River, Charleston, SC.
  91. 93. Sunset, Isle of Palms, SC, 2009.
  92. 94. Submarine U.S.S. DOLPHIN, holder of record of deepest dive by a submarine.
  93. 95. U.S.S. WISCONSIN (BB-64), surveyed by OTS in 2006. OTS prepared Historic Fabric Assessment for Section 106 submittal on behalf of the City of Norfolk, Virginia.
  94. 96. Shaft #3, Aft Engineroom on battleship U.S.S. WISCONSIN.
  95. 97. Detachable link within the mooring chain of battleship U.S.S. WISCONSIN.
  96. 98. Destroyer U.S.S. FORREST SHERMAN, underway in the Med., surveyed by OTS in 2006.
  97. 99. U.S.S. FORREST SHERMAN (DD-951), a Landmark Vessel seeking a home for restoration.
  98. 100. Sardine carrier ‘JACOB PIKE’, hauled at Hinckley’s Yachtyard, Southwest Harbor, Maine 2010.
  99. 101. Timeless design, timeless Maine, starboard quarter of ‘JACOB PIKE’.
  100. 102. Purposeful bow of ‘JACOB PIKE’.
  101. 103. Lincolnville Beach, looking toward Owl’s Head.
  102. 104. Beacon from lightship ‘AMBROSE’ in foreground of rigging of bark ‘PEKING’. Vessel valuation surveys were conducted by OTS of South Street Seaport Museum inspected winter 2010.
  103. 105. S/V WAVERTREE, berth at South Street Seaport Museum, Manhattan. Vessel inspected by OTS in 2010.
  104. 106. S/V PEKING at South Street Seaport Museum. Vessel inspected by OTS in 2010.
  105. 107. Tug ‘HELEN McALLISTER’ at South Street Seaport Museum.
  106. 108. Looking forward on maindeck of ‘WAVERTREE’, South Street Seaport Museum.
  107. 109. High speed ferry ‘ZEPHYR’ surveyed by OTS, New York Harbor.
  108. 110. One of the fleet of New York Water Taxi vessels surveyed by OTS in 2010 in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
  109. 111. Tug ‘CROW’ surveyed by OTS in New York Harbor.
  110. 112. Tug ‘CROW’ towing a scrap barge, East River, New York Harbor.
  111. 113. Coastal Tanker ‘CORAL GREEN’ with a harbor load of bunker oil, leaving the Kill Van Kull off St. George, Staten Island.
  112. 114. Tanker ‘KRISTIN POLING’ heading up East River under the Williamsburg Bridge, early 2010.
  113. 115. Bow wave of an International One Design, Marblehead, 2010.
  114. 116. ‘ TICONDEROGA’ at rest, Marblehead Morning. Photo shot by my son, Peter.