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Testimonials to case studies


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Boost Your Business Credibility.

Everyone knows that a good testimonial can work wonders for your business reputation and encourage prospects to buy from you.

But customers rarely know how to write a testimonial that does a great job for you - and a badly worded testimonial can actually be damaging.

Carol Bentley of Promote your Business shares 5 questions you can ask to help your customers give you a powerful testimonial. See how to turn those answers into descriptive case-studies that enhance your business image.

(This presentation was given to business members of THE Hub)

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Testimonials to case studies

  1. 1. ©Carol A E BentleyPresented by Carol Bentley
  2. 2. ©Carol A E Bentley2• Customer TestimonialsCan Help or. . . Hinder!• A Great Testimonialmakes us feel like a Hero!• And it‟s an EffectiveMarketing Tool
  3. 3. ©Carol A E Bentley3Help your customersgive you a glowingtestimonial. . .ask these questions:
  4. 4. ©Carol A E Bentley4What were youlooking for?Why did youchoose us?What was yourexperience?What was thegreatest benefit?What advantages haveyou noticed since?
  5. 5. ©Carol A E Bentley5Q1 “I wanted help with a special report I needed for marketing mybusiness.Q2: I found Carol Bentley‟s website and was impressed by what I readso I decided to call her.Q3: To be honest, I was struggling for ideas at the time. But, during myconsultation with Carol my brain LIT UP like a Christmas tree. She blewme away with her knowledge, and was incredibly generous with hertime.Q4: Carol also sent me LOTS of valuable information that I could useIMMEDIATELY!Q5: Since the consultation with Carol I have successfully written myspecial report. And so far it‟s working amazingly well.”Marcus DSilva,Author of ‘How to Change Your Life with the Amazing Secrets of Hypnosis’ and‘Weight Loss, the Forgotten Secret‟
  6. 6. ©Carol A E Bentley6Devised by Sean D‟Souza from Reverse Testimonial. . .Starts with scepticism. . .Describes customer‟s actualexperience & result. . .Is far more powerful. . .
  7. 7. ©Carol A E Bentley7Six Questions…1. What was the biggest concern you had aboutbuying this product /service?2. What did you find as a result of buying thisproduct/service?3. What specific feature did you like most aboutthis product / service?4. What are 3 other benefits you discoveredabout this product / service?5. Would you recommend this product / service?If so, why?6. What else would you like to add?
  8. 8. ©Carol A E Bentley8You Were Right on The Edge ofWhat Our MD Would Pay!"Price. A false economy not investing in expertise and knowledge Iknow, but like buying anything – price can be a barrier. I think you wereprobably right on the edge of what our MD was OK to pay.From the feedback I‟ve received, they all found your style of presentingvery comfortable and entertaining. It wasn‟t just presenting by numberswhich we‟ve experienced on many occasions.[3 Benefits?] Local expertise/experience, writing structure and hopefullyincreased response.[Recommend?] Yes – we got exactly what we wanted from the day.External training from someone with a proven track record. The daybacked up what they‟ve learnt internally and provided a set of easilyused „tools‟ to improve."[Add?] Just to say thanks again for the day. As the team grows andothers have responsibility for writing marketing material, we‟d definitelyrepeat the session.”Matt Tindell, 288 Group, Poole
  9. 9. ©Carol A E Bentley9Turn Your BestTestimonialsIntoDescriptiveClient CaseStudies
  10. 10. ©Carol A E Bentley10Systemise Your TestimonialsGet Written Permission To UseNever EditNever Write It For Them
  11. 11. ©Carol A E Bentley11Summarisethe challenge,experience& results
  12. 12. ©Carol A E Bentley12Remember!Great TestimonialsAnd DescriptiveCase StudiesCan Mean....Lots more. . . !!