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PC PNDT act is the must know law for everyone practising sonology.

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  1. 1. -Dr.Vikram Patil JSS Medical College & Hospital Mysuru,INDIA -Please visit for more radiology education.
  2. 2.  “ An act to provide for the prohibition of sex selection, before or after conception, and for regulation of pre-natal diagnostic techniques for the purposes of detecting abnormalities or metabolic disorders or chromosomal abnormalities or certain congenital malformations or sex-linked disorders and for the prevention of their misuse for sex determination leading to female feticide”. Please visit
  3. 3.  An institute  Hospital  Nursing home  Vehicle  Any place Please visit
  4. 4.  Ultrasonography  Foetoscopy  Taking or removing samples of  Amniotic fluid  Chorionic villi  Blood  Any tissue or fluid of a man or a woman before or after conception Please visit
  5. 5.  For being sent to a genetic laboratory or genetic clinic to detect ▪ Genetic disorders ▪ Metabolic disorders ▪ Chromosomal abnormalities ▪ Congenital anomalies ▪ Haemoglobinopathies ▪ Sex-linked diseases Please visit
  6. 6. Procedure Technique Test Administration Prescription Provision of anything for the purpose of ensuring or increasing the probability that an embryo will be of a particular sex Please visit
  7. 7. Radiologist Sonologist /Imaging Specialist Gynecologist Pediatrician Registered medical practitioner: Any Recognized Medical Qualification recognized by MCI & whose name is entered in a State Medical Register having Six Months ultrasound Training. Medical Geneticist-Degree or Diploma in Genetic Science in the field of Sex selection and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Please visit
  8. 8.  What is to be registered? ▪ Centre/USG machine/ Sonologist/Place etc.?  The answer is that it is the place (clinic or centre or nursing home or mobile van where U/S is performed  No separate registration for number of machines in the same clinic/centre Please visit
  9. 9.  Submission of Form “ A” in duplicate to Appropriate Authority  Affidavit: an undertaking that the clinic/Center shall not conduct any test or procedure for sex determination.  Another affidavit undertaking that the center/clinic prominently display a signage board of no sex determination  Particulars of U/S Machine/s, (including Mobile U/S), name qualification and experience certificates of Radiologist /Sonologist to be attached  Fee: DD Rs.25,000/- for U/S clinic and Rs.35,000 for Hospital/genetic lab.  Machines lying packed or not in use also requires mandatory registration Please visit
  10. 10.  Scrutinizatin of Application by AA  Enquiry of AA including visiting the center with prior notice to the Applicant  After the AA satisfied the application will be placed before the Advisory Committee, where it is scrutinized and advises to AA to issue the Reg. certificate  AA after considering the advise will grant reg. certificate in duplicate within 90 days from the date of submission of application Please visit
  11. 11.  Contains the name of the owner/institute/ clinic and number of U/S machines (including Port. U/S)  Reg. Certificate is non transferable  In the event of change of Ownership the two copies of Certificate to be surrendered to AA.  New owner/management should apply for fresh certificate.  Validity of reg. cert. is 5 yrs from the date of issuePlease visit
  12. 12.  Application form A in duplicate to AA 30 days before the expiry of reg. certificate  A DD of Rs. 25000/ for clinic and Rs.35000/-for Hospital/Clinic in combination  AA will issue another certificate in duplicate within 90 days validity for 5 yrs from the date of expiry of old certificate  Two copies of earlier certificates to be surrendered  IF AA fails to renew the certificate within 90 days , it will amount to automatic renewal or deemed renewal Please visit
  13. 13.  Signage Board in English and in the local language must be displayed prominently, indicating the fetal sex is not disclosed in the clinic  A copy of Registration Certificate Shall be displayed in the U/S Room  A copy of PC-PNDT ACT Book shall be available in the U/S Department.  Form ‘F’ shall be filled before every OBS examination and for any invasive procedure Form ‘G ‘ shall be filled and to be signed by the Patient and the Doctor.  A Register containing the name of the patient and spouse, address, ref. Doctor name and date of the scanning etc. to be maintained. Please visit
  14. 14.  Form ‘F ‘and Ref. Doctor Requisition to be preserved.  Case Records and U/S Report to be preserved  Sonographic plates/Films/slides to be preserved  A complete statement of report of all the OBS scans/procedures to be sent by 5th day of following month to AA  Intimation about every change of employee, place, address and equipment installed shall be sent to the appropriate authority within a period of 30 days. Please visit
  15. 15.  Preservation of Records: 2 Yrs .  In case of legal disputes: till the final disposal of legal proceedings Please visit
  16. 16.  A. A. can inspect any time and can seize the Machine and Records in case of any omission of rules.  Offences by persons:  First offence- 3 yrs imprisonment and fine Rs.10000/-  Subsequent offences- 5 yrs imprisonment & fine up to 50,000/-  Suspension by S M Council and removal of name from the register of MCI  First offence – for 5yrs  Subsequent offence– Permanently  Patient or attendant– 3 months imprisonment & Rs.1000/-or both. Please visit
  17. 17.  Registration of the clinic is mandatory. Only one registration per clinic is required even if there is more than one machine.  Details of all machines and all Radiologists with their copies of certificates to be submitted.  In case portable machines, if the USG is to be done in a vehicle, registration of the vehicle is required.  Copy of the registration must be displayed one in the machine room and another in the waiting room.  Signage board in English and in the local language must be displayed, indicating the fetal sex is not disclosed in the clinic. Please visit
  18. 18.  Ensure that the number of machines and the Radiologists attached to the clinic have been mentioned in the registration certificate or on a separate sheet by the appropriate authorities.  Form ‘F’ must b filled in completely and without any delay as soon as the patients USG is done. The signed consent of the patient as well as the Radiologists signature are a must. Form ‘G’ in only for invasive procedures.  A monthly report should b submitted to the AA regularly on or before the 5th of every month and the acknowledge receipt from the AA must be preserved. Please visit
  19. 19.  All copies of Form F and monthly reports and referral requisition form the doctors must be preserved for 2 years.  PC-PNDT Act Book must be available in the department.  The AA must be informed, in writing about the changes in any machine or Radiologist. A copy of the same with the signature of AA must be preserved.  If a locum Radiologist is appointed, the AA must be informed in advance.  Be co operative if and when the AA visits your clinic to examine the records. Please visit
  20. 20.  Do not disclose the sex of the fetus to anyone under any pressure or in any circumstances.  Don not start a USG clinic without PC-PNDT registration.  Do note visit any clinic or hospital for USG unless it is registered for PC- PPNDT, even if it is for non obstetric reasons. Exception can be made when it is for a very urgent/life threatening case, but this has to be proved by documentation.  Do not give an experience certificate to anyone.  Do not get scared by any one if you are following all the rules as per the PC- PNDT law.  Don not allow anyone to check your records unless the person is accompanied by the AA. Please visit
  21. 21. Please visit
  22. 22. THANK YOU  Please visit for more radiology education. Please visit