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AMP Gold Ownership Certificate

A very practical way for clients wishing to preserve and grow their wealth in a cost-effective and confidential way.

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AMP Gold Ownership Certificate

  2. 2. Former French president Charles De Gaullehad said of gold, ‘it has no nationality andis eternally and universally accepted asthe unalterable fiduciary value parexcellence.
  4. 4. What doesa gold certificatemean to you?
  5. 5. A breakthrough in how clients buy, store and sell gold.Ideal for clients wishing to preserve and grow their wealthin a cost-effective and confidential way.Clients who want to avoid the inconvenience and risk ofstoring their precious metals can take advantage of theGold Certificate Program that AMP Gold BullionMerchants has developed.The Program allows clients to buy gold via its Certificateand international storage, delivery/ collection options.
  6. 6. You can now enjoy all the advantages of investing in Gold,at competitive prices, without any of the hassles of buyingand storing it safely.Each Gold Certificate is backed by physical (999.9 fine)gold.Investing in gold bullion certificates you get a lower premiumthan buying bullion bars or coins for delivery. We allocategold certificates with a 100% customer ownership. Ourmethod of doing business is unmatched by pool accounts,ETFs and other forms of storage accounts.
  7. 7. AMP Certificates may come in the form of paper, buttheyre every bit as valuable as the precious metalsthey represent - fully convertible to physical bullion -with a number of added advantages, including:•No fabrication, storage or insurance costs•No transaction fees•No sales tax•No assay fees when you decide to sell•Fully transferable
  8. 8. • Safety: Enjoy the comfort of AMP providing a custody service to keep yourgold safe so that you don’t have to worry about its storage or security.AMP Certificates are backed 100% by our physical holdings of (999.9 fine)gold, and stored within our own International distributor network of bullioninventory merchants that act as conversion agents for our warehouse receipts.• Convenience and easy access: Gold Certificates are available indenominations of 1, 10 and 100 grams (999.9 fine).• Unparalleled Flexibility: The certificate can be redeemed against physical goldor the equivalent amount in cash at any time during the 20 years period ofvalidity. You can lock in a selling rate at any time, and we will settle thetransaction within 5 business days of the date of sale. Alternatively, you cantake delivery of physical gold bullion at any time in Europe.• No minimum hold requirement before selling. And If you never want to takedelivery / collection, you may sell back to us at anytime.• Minimum participation: 1 gram minimum.
  9. 9. Buy .999 bullion at 2% over spot and sell at0.5% below spot when ready to sell.A welcome Gift: AMP Gold Certificates canalso be used as a gift option for specialoccasions and festive seasons.
  11. 11. … a safe, smart and profitable way of securingyour savings and plan together for your future
  12. 12. AMP Gold certificatesoffer clients a privilegedaccess for the purchaseof physical gold.AMP Gold certificatesare one of the mostaffordable ways ofowning gold withouthaving to take actualdelivery of it.Gold certificates allowclients to avoid payingstorage and insurancefees on their goldholdings, while offeringhigh liquidity.
  13. 13. Clients who participate inthe AMP Gold CertificateProgram and store preciousmetals in AMP-approvedwarehouse are issued aGold Certificate against thebullion quantity.
  15. 15. The unique diversifiedgold storing structure ofthe AMP CertificateProgram means that itsgeographical footprint canextend beyond yourcountry of residence.
  16. 16. The Certificate is your Warehouse Receipt of physical gold ownership. Surrender and exchange the Certificate for Physical Gold at designated precious metals dealers of the AMP international network. You can collect your gold without any restrictions or charges at anytime, or store it free of charge for the best protection of your wealth.AMP Certificates are valued as rare Convert the certificate intocollectibles, as well as for the precious cash at the prevailing goldmetal that are backed with. price.
  17. 17. Our bullion bars areof the highest quality(.9999 purity)and stamped byaccredited refiners.
  18. 18. Our diversified warehousingguarantees to our clients theirproperty rights in their bullionbars, backing thecertificates, being available forcollection in a number ofcountries.We constantly update ourInternational Network of PreciousMetals Dealers acting as paying /delivery agents for AMP GoldOwnership Certificates.
  19. 19.  You can count on consistently getting the mostcompetitive pricing for your purchases and sales. Your gold – as specified in the face value of theGold Ownership Certificate - is in the vault thesame day your trade is settled. It is available forcollection from anyone of the precious metalsdealer locations we provide. Special armoredsecurity arrangements may be made for high-valuephysical gold pick ups. In the event of a sale, the proceeds from thesale of your metals, can be in cash or wired to thedestination of your choice. There is no lending, leverage, margin, or otherrisk attached to your physical metal holdingsbacking an AMP Gold Ownership Certificate. You can always get a loan for your stored gold -AMP Value Added services.
  20. 20. We created the AMP Gold Certificates Program to provide you with:A cost efficient method toowning precious metals.tied to a flexibly-sizedrange of approved bars andingots. Our supplied bullion An alternative, offering you Geographical footprintbars are of the highest the ability to buy or sell that extends beyond yourquality (.9999 purity) and precious metals quickly and country of residencestamped by accredited easilyrefiners COST CONFIDENTIAL DIVERSIFIEDFLEXIBLE TRUSTWORTHY EFFECTIVE & SECUREREDEMPTION 100% GOLD-BACKED & TAX EFFICIENT LIQUID STORAGE Competitive pricing Flexible liquidity Conversion to metal or through an extensive 1 gram cash at any time without dealer network - 10 grams restrictions or limitations Premiums on buying and selling are minimal for 100 grams bars which are considered single certificates to have the best liquidity internationally
  21. 21. We created the AMP Gold Certificates Program to provide you with:Worldwide Redemption,Delivery and Collectionthrough our International Our certificates are auditedDistribution Network of internally on a monthly basisBullion Inventory / against the gold holdings AMP records utilize serialConversion Merchants backing them, and audited numbering to ensure externally on an annual basis client confidentiality and security NO ANNUAL NO IMPORT OR COLLATERALIZEDNO STORAGE NO CERTIFICATE FEES OR BAR EXPORT DUTIES ON OBLIGATION FORFEES FEES FABRICATION THE CERTIFICATE LOAN ADVANCE COSTS Certificates are mailed registered to client Piece of Mind Clients also gain liquidity in terms of being able to Lost or stolen certificates The client saves on sell portions of the can be replaced storage and personal holdings by simply security issues surrendering one of the certificates
  22. 22. What does a gold certificate mean to you?100% gold-backed100% physically yours100% investment grade bullion bars100% allocated in flexible-sized bars100% transferable100% insured100% audited100% deliverable at any time, anywhere100% tax-free100% non-bank
  23. 23. AMP CERTIFICATE PROGRAM Value Added servicesAdditionally clients could take advantage of AMP ValueAdded services, by pledging their gold holdings as collateralagainst a loan at low interest rates, payable in gold grams. Low interest rates, (approx 0.66% per month - 8% per annum) payable in gold grams on a quarterly basis. This solution offers the client an immediate cash advance up to 80% of current value of gold holding.
  24. 24. AMP hereby provides no investment advice or offer any opinion on thesuitability of precious metals investments. This electronic brochure does notconstitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy. Precious metals markets arevolatile. An investment in precious metals provides no interest or yield. Aswith any investment, clients should check with their financial professionalregarding suitability, tax consequences and other matters involving their ownparticular financial circumstances. >>

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A very practical way for clients wishing to preserve and grow their wealth in a cost-effective and confidential way.


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