How to chill


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How to chill

  1. 1. What is Meet Doc Vegas $8.00 Dr. Van Whaley has “THERAPEUTIC ICE”? many degrees and certifications. He earned an Associate and Bachelors degree What YOU can do to in Psychology in his home state of Georgia. Sleep better, Move better, and After a life-changing Feel Better. car crash, he spent four years earning his Doctorate degree in Chiropractic. He continues to study the most up-to-date techniques to help others feel better. He has been married for 13 years, Written by pictured is his daughter, Ivy. Dr. Van F. Whaley “By combining techniques, I help where others fail. 25,000 patient visits have taught me what really works.” Dr. Van Whaley, DC, BA (Doctor of Chiropractic) All material is protected by copyright laws (and (Bachelors Degree in Psychology) karma), not to be reproduced in any form without express written permission. 2011©Therapeutic Ice© 1 of 16 Therapeutic Ice© 2 of 16
  2. 2. What is “THERAPEUTIC ICE”? Another benefit of Therapeutic Ice is reducing Inflammation. When an area isTherapeutic Ice, called Cryotherapy by injured, the body often responds by causingprofessional therapists and healthcare an “Inflammatory Response.” Usually, theexperts, has many benefits. area is swollen and maybe sore and / or discolored. “Be cool. Heeeeeeeeeeey…..” “Have you ever twisted or ‘rolled’ your ankle?” -The Fonz- Then you know what Arthur Fonzarelli inflammation feels like. (a.k.a. Henry Winkler)The Benefits of Therapeutic Ice.Pain relief is the most common reason to useTherapeutic Ice. Within minutes of using These injuries are notoriously painful, andice, sore and painful areas become “numb”, often cause swelling and bruising. Even ifreducing the sensation of pain! there is not a broken bone or torn ligaments, an injured ankle often causes a person toTemporary pain relief is good, but using walk with a “limp” for a couple of days.Therapeutic Ice can have an important effect These symptoms are related toon your nerves as well. Proper use of 1 “Inflammation”.Therapeutic Ice can help to “calm down”nerves, which eases Nerve Irritation.Therapeutic Ice© 3 of 16 Therapeutic Ice© 4 of 16
  3. 3. Some of the most celebrated Have you ever seen one of these“breakthroughs” in modern medicine are in professional athletes after a game? Theythe field of Anti-Inflammatory medications. often have a large ice pack taped to theirUnfortunately, some of these medications pitching shoulder and arm.have been shown to damage the liver orkidneys, along with a list of other dangerousside effects. I heard a baseball coach tell the pitcher,Therapeutic Ice has anti-inflammatorybenefits without the DANGEROUS sideeffects. “Put a $20 icepack on that million-dollar arm.” Many medications damage the liver or kidneys. Therapeutic Ice has the benefits of chasing away inflammation without the dangerous side-effects of All professional sports teams use powerful prescriptions! Therapeutic Ice to help their players. Even teams with millions of dollars in their budget and armies of Athletic Trainers and Medical Doctors use Therapeutic Ice to calmAs a sports fan, I love watching a baseball down painful areas and relieve injuries.pitcher make a ball “dance” as he throws itpast the other teams best batter. Some of thebest pitchers can throw a baseball over 100miles per hour!Therapeutic Ice© 5 of 16 Therapeutic Ice© 6 of 16
  4. 4. For best results,What is Therapeutic Ice? use therapeutic ice 20 minutes,In an emergency, a plastic bag filled with ice remove it for 20 minutes,cubes will suffice, but I suggest purchasing a and then reapply to the same areaprofessional-quality Therapeutic Ice Pack. another 20 minutes.Available in various sizes, they are usuallyplastic and have a gel/liquid inside. Makesure it is non-toxic. These ice packs often The Moral of the Story is…look like plastic bags sealed on all sides.The best models have double seals, or a bag- John* substituted a bag of frozen peas for ainside-a-bag. professional Therapeutic Icepack. It worked to ease his pain, but he soon learned aAfter being in a freezer, the gel/liquid traps valuable lesson.and holds the cold temperature longer thanregular ice and water. The “gel” inside theicepack will remain cold for up to two One patient tried ahours! Unlike water, the gel does not “substitute icepack:’become hard or solidify, so the pack is able You will not believe theto bend to comfortably match the shape ofyour body. lesson he learned, or who taught it to him. Contact Dr. Van Whaley Email www.drvanwhaley.comTherapeutic Ice© 7 of 16 Therapeutic Ice© 8 of 16
  5. 5. How to Ice Right.Everything was great until after the thirdtime he used it, when he forgot to return it to No matter what type of icepack you use,the freezer. NEVER place it directly against the skin. Always wrap an icepack with a towel or pad, keeping several layers of cloth betweenLater that night, his two cats had a blast the icepack and your skin.when they tore open the bag. Smellingfood, the cats attacked the plastic bag. The Place the wrapped icepack onto an area,good news is that the cats only ate two or keep it there for 20 minutes, and thenthree of the peas. Obviously they were remove it. Never leave it in the same areapicky-eaters. for longer than twenty minutes at a time. You can get the benefits of Therapeutic IceThe other thousand peas became toys! The several times each balls were cold and soggy, yet theymust have been fun to play with. The catsmanaged to hide 1,000 green peas A creative patient loved to watch athroughout the house! one-hour game show on TV. She would apply an icepack at theWhen John went into the living room the start of the show, remove it duringnext morning, there were defrosted peas the middle, and reapply it for thescattered everywhere. What a mess, and the final 20 minutes.cleanup was never-ending! For severalweeks, the owner would find a lone pea She benefits from two ice-sessionshiding under the bed, inside his shoe, and while watching TV.many other places.Therapeutic Ice© 9 of 16 Therapeutic Ice© 10 of 16
  6. 6. For best results, use therapeutic ice 20 minutes, Even though most people say it is a funny remove it for 20 minutes, bone, now you can explain that it should really be called a “Funny Nerve”. This is a reapply to the same area perfect example of how pressure in one area, 1-4 treatments per day with at bumping your elbow, causes symptoms to least 20 minutes in between. show up someone else along the path of the Nerve.NervesThe Body’s Communication System. Just like traffic on a busy street, nerves carry important information in both directions toWhen was the last time you hit your “funny connect your brain and your body. Let’sbone?” Remember feeling tingling or look at this interesting phenomenon closer.electricity running down the forearm intoyour hand? Did you know that the funny Nerves carry vital information from thebone is not a bone at all; it is a nerve! brain out to each part of your body. For example, your brain tells your leg muscles toNerves that travel to your fingertips are well work harder because it suddenly starts toprotected as they exit your neck and upper rain while you look for your car in theback. There is not as much padding in the parking lot.arm, and the nerves are closer to the surfaceas they cross the elbow joint. Nerves also send messages from the body to the brain, carrying information needed toBumping your elbow can irritate the nerve, make decisions and take action (i.e., pullingcausing pain and weird sensations. That away from the heat of a fire, grabbing theweird feeling that shoots into the hand is bottom of your foot after stepping on anfollowing the nerve as it goes down the unseen toy or rock.)forearm and into your hand.Therapeutic Ice© 11 of 16 Therapeutic Ice© 12 of 16
  7. 7. Your body has billions of nerves and An area with lots of Nerves, called a Nerveconnections where the nerves communicate Plexus, can be sensitive to stress or injury,with each other.2 and usually responds well to Therapeutic Ice. The neck, upper back, shoulders, andA lot of people suffer from symptoms in low back all have high concentrations oftheir arms, hands, legs or feet due to Nerves, and are common places to applypressure on a nerve. Remember, pain and Therapeutic Ice.symptoms in one area can be caused bypressure or problems in another area. Many people have a tendency to “carry stress with them” causing the muscles inNerves, arteries, and veins in your neck and their neck and upper back to become tightupper back travel through your shoulder, and sore. A Therapeutic Icepack is perfectdown your arm, and continue to your hand. to drape around the neck like a scarf.Additionally, nerves and blood supply that Another option is to hang the icepack overstart in your low back travel through your the top of one shoulder, and cover thelegs and reach your toes. muscles connecting the neck to the shoulder blade, or scapula. Where should I stick it? You can get the benefits of Therapeutic Ice (Be careful whom you ask!) several times each day. The short answer is use therapeutic For more results, use therapeutic ice 20 ice anywhere you have pain! minutes, remove it for 20 minutes, and then reapply to the same area another 20 minutes. It is also helpful to use ice on areas with lots of nerves to reduce nerve interference and irritation.Therapeutic Ice© 13 of 16 Therapeutic Ice© 14 of 16
  8. 8. For best results, Bibliography use therapeutic ice 20 minutes, remove it for 20 minutes, reapply to the same area1-4 treatments per day with at least 20 minutes in between 1. “Signs of Inflammation.” 2. “Billions of nerves.” Contact Dr. Van Whaley Email Contact Dr. Van Whaley Email All Content copyright 2008-2011. Dr. Van Whaley All rights reserved.Therapeutic Ice© 15 of 16 Therapeutic Ice© 16 of 16