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Content management system


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Wordpress and Drupal, both CMSs have their special features. Both are unique in one or the other way. The selection completely depends on the nature and the need of your website or your organization.

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  • I have used both cms... wordpress and drupal but I found drupal is the best open source cms at present.
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Content management system

  1. 1. 5 Steps to Evaluate Content Management SystemContent Management System, the name itselfdiscloses the meaning and function of the term.CMS is a system that takes care of the entire contentposted on the website. Right from publishing toediting, Content Management System works well ondifferent stages.There are many ContentManagement Systems in the digital world and all ofthem are equipped with certain unique features.However, when you check out CMS for yourwebsite, there are certain points that can help you inevaluating the worth of the system.Beware of the Monthly CostsMany content management systems, especially thosewho have a tight grip on the market, ask for monthly(or at times yearly) fee. This fee is considered as apart of the licensing agreement to use the softwarefor your site. In the initial stage, you might find itlight on your pocket, and you will be happily readyto pay the subscription cost. However, you wouldfinally end up by paying the addition and hiddenfees of the subscription. There are many open source
  2. 2. CMSs in the respective domain. You can take theadvantage of Drupal CMS or Wordpress CMS.API integrationThe term Application Programming Interface (API)is basically a specification intended to be used as aninterface by software components to communicatewith each other. With the big package of software,API integration has become necessary. Therefore,figure out what kind of third party support or APIintegration your CMS provides to aid your business.Make sure that the list of third party support isrelevant to your business requirements.VisibilityIf you have even tasted a bit of the internet world,then you must be aware about the visibility game.Once your website is all set to enter into the virtualworld, you need to market it. For the same SEO(Search Engine Optimization) plays a vital role.Search Engine Optimization is a strong onlinemarketing tool, if used in the right way. Many CMSsmake sure that your website if search enginefriendly; however, for few others SEO is not animportant deal to crack. But a website without SEO
  3. 3. is almost close to nothing. Therefore, in addition tothe basic search engine tools, your CMS should beable to make your presence worth considering thetop search engines like, Google, Yahoo and Bing.Smartphone and iPad FriendlyThis is mobile generation; they want everything ontheir fingertips. Operating social networking profilesor browsing to a website, they like to do it on theirSmartphone or iPads, rather than on a PC or laptop.Facts and figures tell that most of the traffic comesfrom mobiles. I hope the point is quite clear now.Make sure that the CMS you are opting is mobilefriendly; is Smartphone, Android and iPad friendly.In addition to this, ensure that your customers don’tpay extra cost for operating your website on theirmobile.Open to CustomizationWe all are well aware of the fact that everyindividual is different and so his list of requirements.Same goes with the online business; every website isdifferent and has different areas of interest andneeds. Your CMS should be able to fulfill your eachrequirement. It should have the capability to mold its
  4. 4. tools, modules or themes as per the specificrequirements of your business. In the customerdriven market, customization is an important feature.A CMS that could turn over a new leaf for yourwebsite is the solution you were looking for. Drupal or Wordpress as your CMSWhen you wish to create your web presence, insimple words when you wish to create your websiteyou look for a perfect platform. At the present time,there are two most popular and feature richplatforms, it’s Wordpress on one hand and Drupalon the other. Both the platforms have their ownunique features and making a choice is quite hard. Inaddition to this, both the platforms offer easy andproper management of content and site. Herein are afew points that might elaborate the features of boththe platforms.ThemesWordpress never runs short of new themes. It has astrong online community; therefore, the themes are
  5. 5. updated constantly for meeting the dynamics of thecyberspace. Drupal, on the other hand does not offermuch themes in comparison with Wordpress.However, in Wordpress every time you require anew theme, you need to search it through theinternet. On the other hand, Drupal facilitates youwith the option to customize your own theme as peryour requirement.DesignsIf you are looking for a simple designed and lightfeatured website, then Wordpress is the platform togo with. But in case you want extensive features andheavy design for your website, then Drupal willserve your needs. Drupal supports complex designsand facilitates your website with ample features.Customization
  6. 6. Drupal is an open source content managementsystem that offers maximum customization. UnlikeWordpress, Drupal allows its user to explore andutilize CMS as per their specific requirements.Designs and themes are open to customization; thisfeature is not completely available in Wordpress.Nature of the siteWordpress is one of the best options if you arelooking for a blog type website. However, if you areplanning an eCommerce website, then Drupalmodules and other related solutions can render ahelping hand. Basically Wordpress is considered asuser friendly, it’s easy to use, easy to start with.Light features and simple designs attract many users.However, if we consider it from a programmer’spoint of view, then Drupal might appear as one ofthe best solutions. Heavy features, customization andcomplex design; programmer can’t afford to miss allthese attributes in a single platform.
  7. 7. Further, if you are a start up, then Wordpress couldbe the platform to learn. Many a times users startwith Wordpress and after understanding the basicsof the web space, they gradually shift to Drupal. Asmentioned earlier, Wordpress is easy to start as it’seasy to understand. But there are instances, whereinusers don’t shift to any other platform. Thesimplicity of Wordpress maintains a grip on the user.Still, if one if one is asked that which one out of thetwo platforms is better? The answer depends on therequirement of the user. For understanding orselecting the platform or solution for your website,you need to understand the nature of your business.The nature and requirements of your organizationhelp you in selecting the perfect platform.Wordpress and Drupal, both CMSs have theirspecial features. Both are unique in one or the otherway. The selection completely depends on the natureand the need of your website or your organization.
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