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  • This was sort of a large group for February, 2005. This gathering was in Antwerp, which I believe is counted as the first Drupal conference. Lesson: starting small can lead to big things!
  • Promote within NGO community Promote in Drupal community – need someone to build the site!
  • Like most camps – organise venue, rooms, power points, flip carts, projectors Good estimate on numbers attending Pick team leaders Have Drupal pre-installed with common modules Use drush! Provide access to server
  • Pick websites that are simple Limited features Use an existing theme and modify Be realistic If more than one site, choose similar groups, with easy to understand motivations
  • 2 is good More get underfoot Get them to add content Good way to learn Initial introduction session Limit contact – everything must go through team leader
  • Building Community

    1. 1. Hosting Meetups, Camps, Conferences, and Online Projects Building the Community that Builds Drupal
    2. 2. The Presenters <ul><li>Amye Scavarda,
    3. 3. Stella Power,
    4. 4. Susan MacPhee
    5. 5. Benjamin Melancon,
    6. 6. You! </li></ul>
    7. 7. About this Drupal Community <ul><li>We like to gather in large groups. </li></ul>
    8. 9. DrupalCon Barcelona, 2007
    9. 10. DrupalCamp Victoria British Columbia, Canada 2008 September Drupalcon Boston 2008
    10. 12. Gather in groups ...and take pictures of ourselves.
    11. 14. Drupal Design Camp Boston, 2009 key point-place of the Design4Drupal movement
    12. 18. Oh, yes <ul><li>And we work on code. </li></ul>
    13. 19. Drupalcon Boston Code Sprint, MIT, 2008 March
    14. 20. But, none of this happens completely by accident. What makes our gatherings successful?
    15. 22. Meetups <ul><li>The basics of hosting small meetups also form the essentials of hosting larger events. </li></ul>
    16. 23. A Place.
    17. 24. How to find a Place <ul><li>Room at a Drupal-using institution.
    18. 25. A Drupal shop or major Drupal user's office.
    19. 26. A university's classroom or lecture hall.
    20. 27. A set of rooms donated by the likes of Sun.
    21. 28. A restaurant or café with wifi found on </li></ul>
    22. 29. Time <ul><li>Finding time for yourself to organize anything. Can't help with that.
    23. 30. Finding a good time for everyone else to attend: </li><ul><li>After 6:30 p.m. weekdays.
    24. 31. Weekends.
    25. 32. Whole week for a conference.
    26. 33. Has anyone surveyed potential attendees, or have any other experience or thoughts? </li></ul></ul>
    27. 34. Telling People about the Place and Time <ul><li>Also known as: getting people there. </li></ul>
    28. 35. Communication Channels <ul><li>
    29. 36. Regional Drupal groups.
    30. 37., there is a global group and some kind souls pay for accounts locally. Get yourself added with the ability to list events.
    31. 38. E-mail lists.
    32. 39. Private e-mail.
    33. 40. Running into people in the street. </li></ul>
    34. 41. On beyond meetups! <ul><li>Actually, on beyond small meetups.
    35. 42. Meetups and camps come in all sizes.
    36. 43. Large meetups (over 50) can be the size of small camps, and large camps (200) can be the size of smaller conference-size events. </li></ul>
    37. 44. Organizing a Drupal N'Go Event
    38. 45. Team work
    39. 46. Beg, borrow or steal
    40. 47. <ul>Promote, promote , promote </ul>
    41. 48. Good planning is crucial
    42. 49. <ul>Cho ose simple , achievable sites to implement </ul>
    43. 50. Avoid scope creep!
    44. 51. <ul>Involve NGO members in the event </ul>
    45. 54. Blog post: Zikomo Ireland: Rural Science Association:
    46. 55. Conferences Conferences Conferences are what happen when your gathering gets too big for any space you can conceivably beg, borrow or steal. If we consider that camps are an order of magnitude more work than meetups (on different timelines), conferences are the next stage above this. (You already know this, you're at one.)
    47. 56. You run into various new problems: Space rental. You will no longer be able to get 'in-kind sponsorships' for a space that can hold 500 people. - Contracts with the space that lock you into vendor contracts. - Regulations requiring paying certain staff people: janitors, medical staff (events over 1000) Insurance requirements for said space. Wireless access (always an issue. You'll now have more people telling you it's not working.) Planning of afterparties, and attempting to figure out what percentage of your audience is likely to attend. (All of those amazing photos are an extra in community building.) Even more effective signage. Printed programs that go through a design and revision process. Printing the programs. Getting them to the event. Projectors. Lots of them. And screens!
    48. 57. All of these things take money on a large scale. (Use your imagination for the visual.)
    49. 58. Yeah, it's kindof like that.
    50. 59. The same principles for effective code sprinting apply: Break the components down into bite-size chunks for small teams. Designate mentors-leads-captains for various teams. Check in regularly with your teams. Plan in the beginning (like for calendar dates). Then, coordinate more than you plan. Keeping it real.
    51. 60. Virtual Communities and the assorted #drupal IRC channels. Drupal's Open Learning Initiative Drupal Kata – Learning how to make good projects. Drupal Dojo – Arising again, with a new fall/winter lineup * New Dojo Website * New Kata website, building off Open Atrium * Open Media Project - Integrating and extending the Open Media platform. Programs and Events * Drupal Master Class - Building a website from start to finish * Community Building - An ongoing roundtable discussion about community building
    52. 62. <ul><ul><li>dedicated developers
    53. 63. invite great speakers (stalk and talk!)
    54. 64. University venue (cheap and built for crowd learning
    55. 65. promote at local events 
    56. 66. bring duct tape! </li></ul></ul>=
    57. 67. we won't make you use your imagination for money
    58. 68. We hope you all had as much of a good time here as we did putting it on. We leave you with, how to know you are have put on a successful Drupal event. If it ends with something like this...
    59. 69. Thanks @Wajiii!