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Welcome to Drupalcamp Estonia 2012


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Welcome to Drupalcamp Estonia 2012

  2. 2. AGENDA10:00 Welcome Janne Kalliola10:15 Designing and developing Drupalcamp sites for Toomas Pippar, Estonian and Finnish camps Hansraj Govind11:00 Case study: migrating the public website of René Lasseron University of Tartu to Drupal 711:45 Lunch (3rd floor)12:45 Advanced theming Kaido Toomingas13:30 Developing realtime apps with Drupal and NodeJS Ivo Nellis14:30 Drupal vs. the Others Janne Kalliola15:15 Drupal 8 Kristjan Jansen16:00 Closing Janne Kalliola
  3. 3. LUNCH AND COFFEE  Lunch will be served on 3rd floor   And it is free  Coffee will be served outside of the auditorium   It’s free, too
  4. 4. DRUPAL ESTONIA MTÜ  After the camp, there is discussions and actions related to establishing Drupal Estonia MTÜ  Starts around 16:15-16:30  Same space  Managed by Jaak Ungro & Kristjan Jansen
  5. 5. UNCONFERENCE  Dinner at Vapiano Foorum   Hobujaama 10   Around 18.00   Everyone pays for herself   Take the badge with you, so we can recognise each others
  6. 6. SPONSORS
  7. 7. WIRELESS LAN  To connect to Internet, use access point “TLU”
  8. 8. THANKS TO  Henri Laupmaa for co-organising  Toomas Pippar for the visuals  Hansra j Govind for the site  Tallinn University for all practical arrangements
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA  Twitter account @drupalcampest  Facebook page  When tweeting, use hashtag #dcee
  10. 10. THANKS FOR COMING!Let the show begin!