Environment Delivery Management Services


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  • Environment Delivery Management Services

    1. 1. Environment Delivery Management Services
    2. 2. Contents and ScopeContents• Environment Delivery Management team and Services• A view of where Environment delivery fits from a Product life cycle perspective• Environment Delivery Management team’s Structure and their levels of service facing out to programmes/ projects and BAU work-streams• Environment Delivery Management workflows and entry/exit Criteria• Environment Delivery Management’s Key StakeholdersScopeIn - Environment Delivery Services for:• Provisioning of new environments• Incident Lifecycle Management on new and existing environments.Slide 2 © British Gas 06/22/12
    3. 3. Environments End to end Flow withinthe life cycle
    4. 4. Key Functions and Services Service Engagement - In this phase a set of tasks are performed for Requirements gathering, Gap Analysis, Building an Environment requirements document and working comprehensibly with the projects to understand the environment requirements. Design & Delivery – This phase will be to work with the Project Team to validate the design and source the Environments that need to be built or shared. This stage will also be used to get the processes set in place for running the Environment and how they are going to be used, the number of hours support that is required, build with the Infrastructure teams the Environments using the requirements obtained in the Analysis phase, Smoke Test the Environments, make sure the configuration of the Environment is carried as per agreed requirements. Environment Management & Planning – This phase will consist of environment delivery managers who will be the single point of contact for all deliverables of test environments and will face off with PM’s and Test managers for delivery dashboards and planning. Support and Incident Lifecycle Management - This phase will be to work with the Project to support the test environments once delivered. This will include Incident Management, Problem Management, daily reporting of availability, reporting on support status and Root causes.Note: Refer to Service Catalogue in Appendix for the full list of service
    5. 5. Environment Delivery Team’s level of involvement within Programmes/projects Resource Accountabilities ResponsibilitiesProgramme EDM Programme level Environment Delivery Engagement, Resource Planning, Milestone Planning, Stakeholder ManagementEDM Project Environment Deliveries Manage Delivery of Apps, Data, Batch, Users, end 2 end for individual projectsIncident Managers Enviroment Incident Lifecycle Management Post Delivery Environments Support, Metrics Production, RCA and Recovery Actions, Post Incident Review 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Concept Shape Deliver Operate Feasibility High level Detailed Build Test Implement Production Problem Study Design Design DefinitionProgramme Programme EDMProjects Project 1 EDM1 Project 4 EDM4 Project 3 EDM3 Project 2 EDM2Support Phase Incident Management Team
    6. 6. Environments Services Entry And Exit Criteria Exit Point Documentation • Env Booking in Moose • Booking DB updated with System Details • Env Delivery Plan updated • Env Delivery RAID logs updated • Env Handover documentEntry Point updated• Project/ Programme Time Environment Deliverables lines • Environment Delivery Plan• Delivery Approach running through phases of• Infrastructure Design • Role Ready state of Env• Test Strategy and • Build Ready state of Env Timelines • Config Ready state of Env• Test Enviornment and Requirements • Test Ready state of Env• Master Test Plan Exit Point Deliverables • Built and configured Application Instance • Fully connected E2E Env pipe cleaned • Build Deployed as per requirement specification • Installed and Configured Batch • Deployment facility from Moose enabled • Daily Checks and Monitoring enabled through TESA • Incident Management Process enabled to support the Env’s
    7. 7. Environment Delivery Management Key Stakeholdersand Responsibility Key Stakeholder Prime ResponsibilityHead of Environment Delivery Responsible for the Test Environment Delivery Services across British Gas business. Business Team Responsible for defining the project requirements and accepting the end delivery Responsible for coordinating various activities between different project streams such as development team, QA team and business team and acts as a liaison between the business teams and various technical delivery Project Management teams. Responsible for managing project costs and budget. Responsible for project stakeholder management, continuous guidance and reviews of key deliverables in Subject Matter Experts their area. Responsible for defect resolution by coordinating the work between the development team and the testing Defect Management Team team. Responsible for causal analysis of defects identified in UAT and Post Implementation Responsible for overall Test Strategy and Test Plan across multiple projects within a Business Unit. Will be Programme Test manager responsible to managing Test Budgets across multiple projects. Engage Projects and Programmes act a central point of contact for escalations, engage communication,Environment Management Lead initialize Environment teams, act as a Senior Escalation point, carry out estimation and cost analysis for the projects. Engagement, Resource Planning, Milestone Planning, Stakeholder Management Programme EDM Engage with required parties – such as support groups, vendors – to facilitate resolutions. Escalate to senior ITEnvironment Delivery Manager & Business management where required, carry out dashboard reporting, daily status meetings, resource Environments and components for projects, act a point of escalation when there is an escalation Engage with different component teams and 3rd party support groups to facilitate resolutions for environmentEnvironment Support Manager related incidents. Will be responsible for doing the Level 1 TRIAGE on incidents before it is passed onto other Resolver Groups.
    8. 8. RACI Matrix-Infrastructure / HardwareTo be Reviewed in line with new provisioning + IM / PM Processes Deliverable External Environment Technical Implementati TESA Project Solution Test Supplier Infra Delivery Componen on (Sanity Manager Architect Manager (eg TSL, Architect Manager t Teams Manager Check) HP)Solution Design I I R/A/C I I IInfrastructure I I/C I I I I I R/A/CDesignRFW I C C C I R/A R CSOW - Detailed I I I I I A R IProposalSOW C/I R/A I C I I Csign-offOverall Project R/A C I C C C C C CPlanInfrastructure I I C C/I A/C RDelivery PlanInfrastructure I R/A C I I Csign-off R= Responsible for Delivery A= Accountable for the deliverable C=Contributes or may contribute for the deliverable I=Receives a copy of the deliverables for Information purposes only
    9. 9. RACI Matrix-Application To be Reviewed in line with new provisioning + IM / PM Processes Deliverable Project Environment Technical TESA (Pipe Test Lead Build Dev Lead Manager Delivery Manager Component Clean) Management TeamsRequirements R C C C A/C I CMaster Test Plan I I I I R/A I CEnvironment I R/A C C I C CDelivery PlanEnvironment I R/A C C C I Csign-off R= Responsible for Delivery A= Accountable for the deliverable C=Contributes or may contribute for the deliverable I=Receives a copy of the deliverables for Information purposes only
    10. 10. AppendixService Catalogue Microsoft Word Document