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Senior project 2012 Presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Senior project 2012 Presentation

  1. 1. MechanicalEngineering
  2. 2. Engineering
  3. 3. Introduction I am Daniel Barcus Always loved to build and create Plan on attending North Georgia College & State University
  4. 4. Research Paper History of engines Vital to my project Learned information about steam, diesel, and gasoline engines Learned information about why we use gasoline engines over others Learned information about all the parts in a gasoline/internal combustion engine
  5. 5. My project facilitator Melanie Salas Works at Creekview High School Trained in using Autodesk software (such as Inventor) Taught me how to use Autodesk Inventor
  6. 6. Product My product is a basic model of an internal combustion engineI chose it because I love building things
  7. 7. Process The first objects I started with are the piston tops and arms
  8. 8. Process The next part I designed was the crankshaft
  9. 9. Process I worked on the engine casing next
  10. 10. Process Next, I worked on the valves/camshafts for the left and right pistons Took 14 hours 29 mins
  11. 11. Process Valve/camshaft parts
  12. 12. Process The last part I worked on was the flywheel
  13. 13. Process Added the timing belt
  14. 14. Product Total of 84 parts
  15. 15. Challenges Trying to use expert functions in the software Wrong measurements Accommodating change in parts for other parts
  16. 16. What I’ve learned Learned a lot about Autodesk Inventor and how to use it There are unlimited possibilities with Inventor Not to give up Problem solving Your original design is not what you will end with
  17. 17. Conclusion This is a likely career or hobby choice The engine that runs your vehicle is a very complex and precise piece of machinery Thank you for your time