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  1. 1. AllaboutMolly!! By Georgia. W
  2. 2. What are you interested in?? I am interested in creativity and fashion designing. I love fashion designing I’m really passionate about it I also like making clothes out of paper and stuff like that.
  3. 3. What do you like aboutfashion designing??I like that you get those mahicans to dress up andthat you can make what ever crazy design thatyou want.
  4. 4. What are your favoritethings??My favorite celebrity: Taylor Swift.Favorite animal: BunnyFavorite movie: Mean girlsFavorite song: 2012Favorite saying: OMG!
  5. 5. What do you want to dowhen you are older?I would like to be a fashion designer I just likecreating new stuff.I want to go to a uni in wellington and takeTyping, art, textiles and fashion.
  6. 6. How did you get intodesigning things??I just started seeing people wearing wacky stuffand thought I want to do that and I have beendoing it ever since.
  7. 7. Do you play ainstrument??I use to play guitar with Cody but I didn’t like itso I stopped.
  8. 8. Do you have any hiddentalents?? Well no one knows that I can sing. I have been singing since I was 3 years old.
  9. 9. What is your favoritesubject at school?? I really like doing drama.
  10. 10. Who is your favoriteteacher?? I like Miss Pearse and Miss Stevens :)
  11. 11. Do you have a job??I use to work for Alana Estate but I quit
  12. 12. Well that is Mollyand her world!!