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  1. 1. Cyber-bullying is whenthe use of internet,cell phones, or anytechnological device isused with the intent ofsending text messagesor images in whichembarrass, harass, orhurt anotherindividual.
  2. 2.  The most common place cyber- bullying occurs is outside of school.Usually in the homes of the bullies. Over computer and text messaging With this mind, parents are usually unaware of the actions of their children (bully) as this happens.
  3. 3.  Bullies target the child that seems is the most vulnerable These are the children that are weak, passive, and do not defend themselvesBullies also look to degrade and discriminate those are not like them according to: Race Religion Disabilities (physically and mentally) Capabilities (academic performance, athletics, etc.)
  4. 4. Computers Cell PhonesOnline/ Group Chats Cameras Peers
  5. 5. • 74% of adolescent girls ages 12 to 18 spend the majority of their time online in chat rooms or sending instant messages and email• More than 1 in every 3 children have repeatedly bullied• 42% of kids have been bullied while online
  6. 6. DO NOT respond to the bully  This increases your chance of escalating the problem and causing more trouble for yourself INSTEAD…NEVER delete the messages a bully sends to you, they are PROOF that they are guilty!  Save them, take a picture of them, or email them to the principal or an officialTell a friend or family member you can trust and confide in
  7. 7. If you see your child dreading to go to school, decline in academic performance, and in a depressed mood, a red flag should go up, signifying something is bothering your child.Without intervening too much at first, you should see if a child can handle the situation alone. If NOT…Contact guidance counselors of the school if the bully is in the same school, if that does not work, parents must contact the parents of the bully.  Usually, this is a very effective method to solve this incident, therefore ending this act of bullying peacefully.Lastly… But, if the Cyber Bully is sending threats, intimidation messages or obscene material, then police authorities need to be notified immediately. Usually at this level, professional help for the victim seems the next step to helping the victim
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