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Flipped Classroom Tools


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Flipped Classroom Tools

  1. 1. My FavoriteTools to Flip the Classroom By Dru Macasieb
  2. 2. VIDEO How it works record upload share analyze and discuss in class
  3. 3. AUDIO How it works lecture record share analyze and discuss in class
  4. 4. CELLY How it works sign up login engage through mobile think mobile messaging but with students
  5. 5. BLOGS & SOCIAL MEDIA blogs and social media can create learning environments outside of class that are dynamic and interactive
  6. 6. ONLINE POLLS How it works make polls online embed in LearningStudio students respond analyze and discuss in class
  7. 7. CLOUD COMPUTING How it works upload share collaborate Google Drive Dropbox share and edit files with students
  8. 8. SLIDESHARE How it works sign up embed in LearningStudio embed your PowerPoint Presentations into LearningStudio upload
  9. 9. find video copy embed code paste to LearningStudio EMBEDDINGVIDEO place videos in LearningStudio How it works
  10. 10. IFRAME copy entire iframe code to LearningStudio place entire websites in LearningStudio so that students stay within LearningStudio get iframe code copy and past url into iframe code How it works