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Social Media Marketing Guide For Home Businesses


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A step-by-step guide to social media marketing for home businesses.

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Social Media Marketing Guide For Home Businesses

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Guide for Home Businesses © DrumUp -
  2. 2. Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Home Businesses • Promote yourself and your services. • Increase conversion rates. • Undertake brand building. • Reach a wide range of audience. © DrumUp -
  3. 3. © DrumUp - Let’s Get Started!
  4. 4. • Use age, gender, hobbies, professionetc. as criteriato categorize the target audience. • Identify socialnetworks thatare most frequently visitedby them. • Buildthe profileof your company on those socialnetworks so as to reach out to your target audience. © DrumUp - Step 1: Identifying Target Audience
  5. 5. • Try and createcontentthatwillbeofinteresttoyour audienceand postregularly. • Makeuse ofcontentschedulingand discovery tools. This willguaranteethatpostsare relevanttoyour core business. • Thetimeofpostingthe contentis very important. Your postsmustgoout atthe righttimetomakean impact. © DrumUp - Step 2: Create Customized Content
  6. 6. • Post a variety of contentincludingmemes, infographics, images and videos. • It willhelpin buildingthe brand’s message. • Creative contenthas a greater impact and higher recallvalue amongfollowers. © DrumUp - Step 3: Embrace Creativity
  7. 7. • Share theposts of othersand respond tosomeposts. This way others willalsoshare/comment/likeyour posts. • Keepa trackofdifferentconversations which might berelevanttoyour business. • When you contribute,consumers feelvalued. © DrumUp - Step 4: Be Proactive
  8. 8. • Promotespecialdeals,sales andofferson your company’ssocial mediaprofiles. • Post links ofsuch offerson your website.Itwillhelp boost visitortraffic. • Your consumers willalso stay updatedaboutall promotionsthrough various social mediapages. © DrumUp - Step 5: Share Incentives
  9. 9. Step 6: Track & Evaluate • Establishgoalsthatpromisequantifiableresults. • Track and assesstheoutcomeofall thetimeinvested in social media. • Makeuse oftheanalytical dataforimprovingthe existingsocial mediastrategy. © DrumUp -
  10. 10. © DrumUp - Want to learn more about social media marketing for your home business? Check out our Blog! Work with our Web App or Get the Android app. Also try our Plug-in for Chrome!