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The secret recipe for social media marketing


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Here is a mix of innovative ideas to help boost social media marketing for your business/

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The secret recipe for social media marketing

  1. 1. The Secret Recipe for Social Media Marketing © DrumUp -
  2. 2. Tip#1: Publish Content post Business Hours  Your target audience will have time to browse through social media pages.  Browsing and sharing of content increases after office hours © DrumUp -
  3. 3. © DrumUp - Tip#2: Post Meaningful Content  Good content will place the brand in a good light.  Regular fresh content will keep social media accounts active.  Try content discovery tools to come up with new content.
  4. 4. © DrumUp - Tip#3: Avoid Selling in Every Post  Keep changing content from one post to the other.  Do not attempt to market in every post.  Share informative & fun/interactive posts.  Publish videos, audio clips, info-graphics, or relevant memes to capture the audience interest.
  5. 5. © DrumUp - Tip#4: Appreciate Customer Loyalty, Host Contests  Reward customers who consistently interact with the brand.  Contests and giveaways offer an opportunity for interacting with the target audience.  Show that you value your customers’ opinions and suggestions.
  6. 6. © DrumUp - Tip#5: Use of Promotional Language  Use words such as ‘offers’, ‘free’ and ‘Sale’ for attracting instant attention.  Add Images to Posts to make them more noticeable.
  7. 7. © DrumUp - Want to learn more about social media marketing? Check out our Blog! Work with our Web App or Get the Android app.