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Detoxification from drugs


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Rapid and easy drug detox is an effective method for beating drug addiction.
In our drug detox center, you can find everything that you wanted to know about detoxification from drugs and quick drug detoxification from all type of opiates (heroin, cocaine, methadone, benzodiazepine... ) and all information that you need to know about European clinics and hospitals that offers this kind of treatment.

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Detoxification from drugs

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  2. 2. Contact us! Easy drug detox is a successful method of drug detoxification. Quick drug detoxification allows us to clean the receptors completely. Opioids cause psychological dependence too. Cravings, obsessive thoughts about drugs, anxiety and insomnia should be corrected after the detoxification.
  3. 3. Contact us! Drug detox clinic Dr Vorobiev, has a great experience in treating different types of addiction. Our rehabilitation programs include:  The quick and painless detoxification from all types of psychoactive substances - heroin, methadone, oxycontin, cocaine, crack, ecstasy  Treatment for psychological addiction from narcotics  Neuro Jet therapy, Naltrexone treatment
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