The Many Faces of Falstaff


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The Many Faces of Falstaff

  1. 1. THE MANY FACES OF FALSTAFF ByThomas Canfield
  2. 2. This PowerPoint is intended foreducational use involving classroom projection only. Because many images may havecopyright protection, this PowerPointis not to be downloaded onto any hard drive or made available for access through Blackboard or other devices that might permit duplication.
  3. 3. Falstaff -1921- by Eduard von Grützner(1864-1925)
  4. 4. Falstaff withGloves, Tin Jugand Wine Glass (Falstaff mitHandschuhen,Zinnkanne und Weinglas) -1919-by Eduard von Grützner
  5. 5. Falstaff withBig Wine Pot and Jug(Falstaff mit großer, Weinkanneund Becher) -1896- by Eduard von Grützner
  6. 6. Falstaff withPewter Tankardby Eduard von Grützner
  7. 7. TheDrunkenSilenus byPeter Paul Rubens(1617-18)
  8. 8. Below: Artist‟s conception of Falstaff
  9. 9. Falstaff as depicted by June Crisfield Chapman The Seven Deadly Sins Pride Envy Gluttony Lust Anger Greed Sloth
  10. 10. Left: Il Capitano stock character from Commedia dell‟ arte Right: Illustration of Falstaff (ca. 1858) by George Cruikshank
  11. 11. Honest Jack Falstaff (1915) by W.J. Wainwright, (1855-1931)
  12. 12. FALSTAFF FIGURES IN THESE PLAYS BY SHAKESPEARE:Henry IV, Part 1Henry IV, Part 2Henry VThe Merry Wives of Windsor
  13. 13. Playbill for a performance of Sir John Oldcastle, an apocryphal work attributed to Shakespeare, on 3January 1848, to raisemoney for the purchase and preservation of Shakespeares house
  14. 14. William Blake, Falstaff and Prince Hal (c. 1780)
  15. 15. The Prince and his companion, Poins, discoverFalstaff sleepingbehind the arras at the Garter Inn
  16. 16. Anonymous, Falstaff and Bardolph(early 19th century)
  17. 17. Falstaff and Bardolph by Henry Liverseege(1803-1832)
  18. 18. Falstaff Mocking Bardolph’s Nose (ca. 1820s) by John Cawse (1779-1862)
  19. 19. Falstaff,Prince Haland Poins Illustration from an1830 editionof the play byH.C. Selous
  20. 20. Illustration from an 1830edition by H.C. Selous
  21. 21. Portrayal of the fight at Gadshill, from the firstillustrated edition of Shakespeare (1709)
  22. 22. Anonymous, Falstaff at the Boar’s Head Tavern (ca. 1840)
  23. 23. Falstaff Relating his Valiant Exploits (ca. mid-1830s) by George Clint (1770-1854)
  24. 24. Falstaff Describingthe Fight at Gadshill (1827)by Thomas Stothard (1755-1834)
  25. 25. From an 1830 editionby H.C. Selous
  26. 26. Falstaff Impersonating the King (ca. 1840s),illustrating Henry IV, Part 1, Act 2, scene 4
  27. 27. Falstaff ’s Ragged Regiment by George Cruikshank. From The Life of Sir John Falstaff (1858) by Robert B. Brough (1828-1860)
  28. 28. Prince Hal, Hotspur and Falstaffon the Plain Near Shrewsbury, byJohn Francis Rigaud (1742-1810) (Below: Inset Image of Falstaff )
  29. 29. Painting byRobert Smirke (1752-1845) depictingFalstaff falsely claiming to have slainHotspur, fromHenry IV, Part1, Act 5 scene 4
  30. 30. FALSTAFF: 637 lines KING HENRY IV: 296 linesPRINCE HENRY (Hal): 292 lines
  31. 31. Falstaff and his Page(Falstaff und sein Page) -1867- by Adolf Shrödter(1805-1875)
  32. 32. Henry IV , Part 2 , (Act 1, scene 2)From Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb (1807)
  33. 33. Sir John Falstaff Arrested at the Suit of Mistress Quickly by George Cruikshank
  34. 34. Sir John Falstaff and Mistress Quickly (ca. 1870) by Alfred Dever (fl. 1859-1876)
  35. 35. Falstaff and Doll Tearsheet by English illustrator ThomasRowlandson(1756-1827)
  36. 36. From the firstillustrated edition of Shakespeare‟sworks, by Nicholas Rowe (1709)
  37. 37. Falstaff and Doll Tearsheet (ca. 1791) by JohannHeinrich Füssli (1741-1825)
  38. 38. Falstaff and Doll Tearsheet (ca. 1827)by Thomas Stothard (1755-1834)
  39. 39. Falstaff and Doll Tearsheet, aspainted by JohanHeinrich Füssli The Prince andPoins eavesdrop in the background
  40. 40. Falstaff Examining His Troops (1728) by William Hogarth (1697-1764)
  41. 41. Oil painting by Francis Hayman (1708-1776) depicting Falstaff choosing his recruits
  42. 42. Bardolph and Falstaff Putting Wart Through the Drill (ca. 1827) by John Cawse (1779-1862)
  43. 43. Falstaff Choosing His Recruits (1818) by John Cawse (1779-1862)
  44. 44. Pistol Announcing to Falstaff the Death of the King (ca. 1820s), by John Cawse (1779-1862)
  45. 45. Pistol Announcing to Falstaff the Death of the King (ca. 1820s) by John Cawse (1779-1862)
  46. 46. Falstaff Rebuked byRobert Smirke (1752-1845)
  47. 47. Sketch by George Cruikshank depicting Falstaff ‟s death
  48. 48. Title page from the 1619 quarto of A Most Pleasant and ExcellentConceited Comedy, of Sir JohnFalstaffe, and the Merry Wives of Windsor
  49. 49. Queen Elizabeth Viewing the Performance of The Merry Wives ofWindsor at the Globe Theatre” (1840) by David Scott (1806-1849)
  50. 50. Falstaff dispatcheshis billets-doux inThe Merry Wives of Windsor Illustration by Hugh Thomson, (1910)
  51. 51. Falstaff and his page,from a 20th century production of The Merry Wives of Windsor
  52. 52. Mistress Page and Mistress Ford
  53. 53. Falstaff and Mistress Quickly from The Merry Wives of Windsor by Francis Philip Stephanoff, (c. 1840)
  54. 54. Illustration of Mistress Quickly andFalstaff by E.A. Alley
  55. 55. Illustrationby E.A. Alley (1888)
  56. 56. Artist‟s portrayalof Master Ford indisguise as Master Brook
  57. 57. Two depictions ofFalstaff and Mistress Ford
  58. 58. Mistress Ford and Falstaff (ca. 1810s) by John Massey Wright (1777-1866)
  59. 59. Mistress Ford hiding Falstaff behind the arras (Act 3, scene 3). Watercolor after Charles Robert Leslie, R. A. (1794-1859)
  60. 60. Falstaff hiding behind the arras at Mistress Ford‟s house. Below:Watercolor by Frederick William Davis (1907)
  61. 61. Falstaff Hiding in the Buckbasket (ca. 1790s) by Rev. Matthew William Peters (1741/2-1814)
  62. 62. Falstaff in the Laundry Basket(Fallstaff imWäschekor) -1792- by Johann Heinrich Füssli(1741-1825)
  63. 63. Falstaff and Mistress QuicklyJoseph Kinny Meadows (1869)
  64. 64. Falstaff ’s Escape, by Henry William Bunbury (1750-1811)
  65. 65. Late 19th century illustration of Falstaff disguised as the witch of Brainford (Act 4, scene 2)
  66. 66. Falstaff andSimple (ca. 1835) by Sir Augustus Wall Callcott (1779-1844)
  67. 67. Herne‟s Oak
  68. 68. Falstaff, with chainand horns, flanked byMistresses Ford andPage, under Herne‟s Oak (Act 5, scene 5) Oil painting byRobert Smirke, R.A. (1752-1845)
  69. 69. Falstaff tormented by the“supernatural” creatures in Windsor Forest
  70. 70. “And now for a brief word from our sponsors”: The Commercialization of Falstaff: Advertising, Merchandise and Popular Culture
  71. 71. Falstaff statue located inStratford-Upon- Avon, Shakespeare‟s birthplace
  72. 72. Caricature of Civil War General Benjamin Franklin “Spoons” Butler,known for his corrupt practices (and forstealing silverware) as “The Later Falstaff ”
  73. 73. Falstaff- inspired photograph created by ParisphotographerEllen Eusdin
  74. 74. H
  75. 75. Antique German Trading Cards for Leibig‟s Fleisch-Extract featuring Falstaff from Henry IV and The Merry Wives of Windsor
  76. 76. Postcard designed inEngland by Marjorie C. Boles, which features a 1934 postmark
  77. 77. Falstaff postcard designed by Sydney Carter
  78. 78. Falstaff andmodern technology:“Sir John Falstaffneed not have beenknown as „The Fat Knight‟ if he hadmade regular use of an Electric Slimming Machine” Print by H M Brock (c. 1920s) illustrating “Histro-Electric”
  79. 79. Royal DoultonFalstaff figurine (mid-20th Century)
  80. 80. Figurine ofFalstaff onhorseback
  81. 81. Molded Parian ware designed by James Hadley (1837–c.1903)
  82. 82. Falstaff draws his rapier on Pistol in the Boars Head Tavern in Eastcheap, while DollTearsheet tries to prevent him.From Henry IV, Part 2
  83. 83. Tapestry created in 1877 by T. W. Hay Depicts the bank of theThames at Datchet Mead(described in Act 3, scene 3)
  84. 84. Falstaffbookend
  85. 85. Advertisement for Defiance Cigars using Falstaff ‟s likeness
  86. 86. 1915 Falstaff Beer sign
  87. 87. Some Famous (and Not-So-Famous) Stage Falstaffs
  88. 88. Will Kempe
  89. 89. John Lowin(1576-1659)
  90. 90. Thomas Betterton (ca. 1635-1710)
  91. 91. Left: Portrait ofJames Quin (1693- 1766) by William HogarthBelow: Engraving of Quin
  92. 92. Left: James Quin asFalstaff (ca. 1750), by James McArdell (ca. 1729-1765)
  93. 93. Three porcelain figurines of Quin as Falstaff, dating from c. 1795- 1797 to c. 1830 and sometime later in the 1800s. The large number of 18th and 19th century china statuettes representingFalstaff with the features of Quin show how completely the actor was identified with the role.
  94. 94. Playbill for a December 1, 1755 performance of the first part of King Henry the Fourth, With the Humours of Sir John Falstaff(played by Ned Shuter, 1728-1776) at theTheatre Royal, Covent GardenNote that Falstaff gets top billing in the production
  95. 95. Ned Shuter as Falstaff and Peg Woffington as Mistress Ford (right)in The Merry Wives of Windsor
  96. 96. Left: Peg Woffington as Mistress FordBelow: Portrait of Woffington out of character
  97. 97. John Henderson (1747-1785)
  98. 98. Engravings of Hendersonas Falstaff (left) and out of costume (below)
  99. 99. Henderson as Falstaff
  100. 100. Thomas Ryder (1735-1790) as Falstaff
  101. 101. Mary Bulkley (néeWilford, 1748-1792) as Mistress Ford in TheMerry Wives of Windsor
  102. 102. Mrs. Mary StephensWells (née Davies) (1762-1829) as Mistress Page byWilliam Hamilton
  103. 103. Playbill for an October 19, 1807 performance ofThe Merry Wives of Windsor Or, Falstaff in the Buck-Basket (venue unknown), featuring Charles Kemble (1775-1854) in the role of Falstaff and his wife, MariaTheresa De Camp (1774-1838) as Mistress Ford
  104. 104. Right: Lithograph by Richard James Lane (published May 1840) ofCharles Kemble as Falstaff in Henry IV
  105. 105. Two portraits of Kemble in the role of Romeo
  106. 106. Kemble as Othello(left) and Macbeth (above)
  107. 107. Stephen Kemble (1758-1822)
  108. 108. George Frederick Cooke(1756-1812) as Falstaff in Henry IV, Part 2
  109. 109. Samuel Phelps (1804-1878)
  110. 110. Another depiction of Phelps as Falstaff
  111. 111. William Evans Burton (1804-1860) as Falstaff,opposite Mrs. Burton in The Merry Wives of Windsor
  112. 112. Benedict “Ben” De Bar(1812-1877) as Falstaffin The Merry Wives of Windsor
  113. 113. James Henry Hackett (1800-1871)
  114. 114. Hackett as Falstaff
  115. 115. Hackett asFalstaff inHenry IV
  116. 116. Staffordshire figurines of Hackett as Falstaff
  117. 117. Mark Lemon (1809- 1870) played Falstaff in selectedscenes from Henry IV in 1869
  118. 118. Lemon was a playwright, amateur actor, and the editor of Punch
  119. 119. Charles Fisher (1816-1891) as Falstaff in The Merry Wives of Windsor
  120. 120. Mistress Quickly and Falstaff
  121. 121. Ada Rehan (1857-1916) as Mistress Ford (left) and Virginia Dreher(right) as Mistress Page
  122. 122. William Henry Crane(1845-1928) as Falstaffin The Merry Wives of Windsor (1895)
  123. 123. Another image of Crane asFalstaff in TheMerry Wives ofWindsor, dated 1899
  124. 124. Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree (1852-1917)
  125. 125. Tree as Falstaff inHenry IV, Part I at His Majesty‟s Theatre (1914)
  126. 126. Engraving of
  127. 127. Dame Ellen Terry (left) as Mistress Page andDame Madge Kendal (right) as Mistress Ford
  128. 128. Terry and Kendal as Mistresses Page and Ford
  129. 129. Madge Kendal in The Merry Wives of Windsor (1902)
  130. 130. .
  131. 131. Bernhard Baumeister (1828- 1917) as Falstaff in Henry IV,Part 1 at the Vienna Burgtheater (1906)
  132. 132. Louis James (1842-1910) as Falstaff (1906)
  133. 133. 25 February 1911: Oscar Asche and Lily Brayton opened their London season at the Garrick Theatre with The Merry Wives of Windsor
  134. 134. From left to right below: Lily Brayton as Mistress Ford, OscarAsche as Falstaff, and Constance Robertson as Mistress Page.
  135. 135. Brayton, Asche, and Constance Robertson (right)
  136. 136. Bessie Major asMistress Quickly andOscar Asche as Falstaff
  137. 137. --1916-- Production of The Merry Wives of Windsor in New York at the Criterion Theatre. Thomas A. Wise played Falstaff. Viola Allen (1867-1948) played Mistress Ford in her last New York appearance. Henrietta Crosman (1865-1944) played Mistress Page.
  138. 138. From left to right: Allen, Wise, Reggie Sheffield (as Robin) and Crosman
  139. 139. Postcard images of Allen and Crosman
  140. 140. --DECEMBER 1928-JANUARY 1929-- Charles D. Coburn played in the three-act comedy Falstaff (written by William Plasted Webber) Ran for 15 performances at the Coburn Theatre. Directed by Richard Boleslavsky and Henry Stillman.
  141. 141. Illustration of Charles Coburn in the role of Falstaff (left) by Alexander Hess
  142. 142. Left: Germanstage and filmactor Werner Krauss(1884-1959) as Falstaff with amonocle, from a 1929production atthe Deutches Theatre, Berlin
  143. 143. Actor playing Falstaff in a 1934 production of Henry IV, Part 1 in 1934
  144. 144. Known as the “Prime Minister of Mirth,” English music hall comedian and star Sir GeorgeRobey (1869-1954) played Falstaffin Henry IV, Part 1 in the 1930s. He reprised the role in the 1944film version of Henry V, directedby and starring Laurence Olivier.
  145. 145. English actor Maurice HerbertEvans (1901-1989), noted for hisinterpretations of Shakespearean characters. This is a promotional photo fromthe 1939 Broadway production of Henry IV, Part 1.
  146. 146. --1940-- SHAKESPEARE MEMORIAL THEATRE The Merry Wives of Windsor, directed by Ben Iden Payne, designed by Don Finley. Falstaff played by Jay Laurier. Mistress Ford played by Thea Holme. Mistress Page played by Clare Harris.
  147. 147. Act 3, scene 3: Mistresses Ford (Holme) and Page(Harris) attempting to hide Falstaff (Laurier) in the laundry basket
  148. 148. --1943-- Baliol Holloway as FalstaffPatricia Jessel as Mistress Ford and Alison Pickard as Mistress Page at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre
  149. 149. --1945-- “THE GREATEST FALSTAFF IN LIVING MEMORY” Ralph Richardson (1902-1983) played Falstaff in the Old Vic‟s production of Henry IV, Part 1 at the New Theatre, London
  150. 150. Below: photo of Richardson in 1947
  151. 151. Richardson asFalstaff andMichael Warre(1922 -1987)as Prince Hal
  152. 152. Richardson as Falstaff
  153. 153. --1951-- SHAKESPEARE MEMORIAL THEATRE Anthony Quayle (1913-1989) as Falstaff in both parts of Henry IV. Henry IV, Part 1 directed by Quayle and John Kidd. Henry IV, Part 2 directed by Michael Redgrave. Henry V, directed by Quayle. Richard Burton as Prince Hal (Henry V) in all three productions. All three productions designed by Tanya Moiseiwitsch.
  154. 154. Quayle was only 38 years old when hefirst performed the role of Falstaff
  155. 155. Caricature by Ronald Searle, theatricalillustrator for Punch, of Quayle as Falstaff in Henry IV, Part 1. (Published 18 April 1951)
  156. 156. Prince Hal (Richard Burton, left) and Falstaff (Anthony Quayle), Act 1, scene 2
  157. 157. RichardBurton as Prince Hal inHenry IV, Part 1
  158. 158. Hal (Burton), Poins (Alan Badel) and Falstaff (Quayle) plotting their highway robbery, Act 1, scene 2
  159. 159. Henry IV, Part 1: Bardolf (Michael Bates) and Falstaff (Quayle), Act 4, scene 2
  160. 160. Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff, Silence, Robin and Shallowat Master Shallowshouse, Act 5, scene 1.The cast, from left to right, is Silence (William Squire), Davy (Alexander Gauge), Falstaff (Anthony Quayle), Robin (RobertSandford), Shallow (Alan Badel), Bardolf (Michael Bates).
  161. 161. Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff, Justice Shallow and Justice Silence choose new recruits from the villagers, Act 3, scene 2
  162. 162. Henry IV, Part 2: Falstaff and Pistol at Henry Vs coronation procession, Act 5 scene 5
  163. 163. RichardBurton as Henry V (1951),directed by Quayle
  164. 164. Henry V: The Page tells Pistol, Hostess, Nym and Bardolf of Falstaff ‟s illness, Act 2, scene 1.
  165. 165. --1955-- THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR Royal Shakespeare Company production at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. Anthony Quayle as Falstaff. Joyce Redman as Mistress Ford. Angela Baddeley as Mistress Page. Directed by Glen Byam Shaw. Designed by Motley. Quayle had already played Falstaff in the Henry IV plays in 1951. This time round his wiry, cunning knight suffered tremendous blows to his dignity at every turn as he was outmaneuvered by Mistress Page and Mistress Ford.
  166. 166. Mistress Ford(Joyce Redman, left) and Mistress Page (AngelaBaddeley, right) compare their identical love letters. Act 2, scene 1
  167. 167. Master Ford(Keith Mitchell), disguised as Master Brooke,appoints Falstaff (Quayle) to seduce his wife. Act 2, scene 2
  168. 168. Falstaff (Quayle)sneaks up behind Mistress Ford (Redman). Act 3, scene 3
  169. 169. Falstaff attempts to seduce Mistress Ford. Act 3 scene 3
  170. 170. Mistress Ford andMistress Page hiding Falstaff in the laundry basket. Act 3, scene 3
  171. 171. Left to right: The Host (Patrick Wymark), Simple (Geoffrey Sassé), and Falstaff. Act 4, scene 5
  172. 172. Falstaff attacked by fairies at Herne‟s Oak. Act 5, scene 5
  173. 173. Searle caricatureof Quayle in TheMerry Wives of Windsor from Punch(20 July 1955)
  174. 174. Searle illustration of The Merry Wives of Windsor at the Old Vic, with Richard Wordsworth as Ford and Paul Rogers as Falstaff (Published 5 October 1955)
  175. 175. Left:Wordsworth Right andBelow: Rogers
  176. 176. Al Hirshfeld illustration of Eric Berry as Falstaff in Henry IV, Part 1 (1960)
  177. 177. --1964-- Clive Swift played Falstaff (for the second time in his career) in The Merry Wives of Windsor Directed by John Blatchley. Performed at the Aldwych Theatre. Designed by Andre Francois.
  178. 178. Falstaff explains his plan to seduce Mistress Page and MistressFord, Act 1, scene 3. From left to right, Robin (Stephen Barrett), Nym (Henry Woolf ), Falstaff (Swift), Pistol (Freddie Jones)
  179. 179. Falstaff (Swift)dressed as Herne the Hunter. Act 5, scene 5
  180. 180. Brewster Mason as Falstaff in a RoyalShakespeare production of The Merry Wives of Windsor, directed by Terry Hands.
  181. 181. 1979:The Merry Wives of Windsor,directed by TrevorNunn withJohn Caird,designed by John Napier. Falstaff (JohnWoodvine,left) and Bardolf(Norman Tyrrell)
  182. 182. MistressQuickly (Lila Kaye) informingFalstaff (John Woodvine) that both wives are inlove with him.Act 2, scene 2.
  183. 183. Ford (Ben Kingsley)talking with Falstaff (John Woodvine) whiledisguised as Master Brook.Act 2, scene 2
  184. 184. Falstaff (John Woodvine) attempting to seduceMistress Ford(Susan Tracy).Act 3, scene 3
  185. 185. Act 5,scene 5
  186. 186. Playbill for The Merry Wives of Windsor, (1985, revived in1987), directed by Bill Alexander and designed by William Dudley, at the RoyalShakespeare Theatre.
  187. 187. Mistress Page (Janet Dale, left) and Mistress Ford (Lindsay Duncan)discovering that Falstaff has sent them identical love letters. Act 2, scene 1
  188. 188. Mistress Quickly (Sheila Steafel) telling Falstaff (Peter Jeffrey) that both wives are in love with him. Act 2, scene 2. (Performed at the Barbican Theatre)
  189. 189. Ford (Nicky Henson), disguised as Master Brook, employing Falstaff (Peter Jeffrey) to seduce his wife. Act 2, scene 2
  190. 190. 1987 revival at the Barbicon Theatre. Falstaff (Peter Jeffrey) attempting to seduce Mistress Ford (Lindsay Duncan). Act 3, scene 3
  191. 191. Mistress Page (Janet Dale, left) and Mistress Ford (Lindsay Duncan,right) look on in horror as Falstaff (Peter Jeffrey) emerges from the laundry basket. Act 3, scene 3
  192. 192. Falstaff (Peter Jeffrey, center), dressed as Herne the Hunter and preparing toenjoy Mistress Ford (Lindsay Duncan, left) and Mistress Page (Janet Dale, right). Act 5, scene 5
  193. 193. Falstaff (Peter Jeffrey, center) attacked by fairies. Act 5, scene 5
  194. 194. --1992--Henry IV, Part 1, (RoyalShakespeare Company),directed by Adrian Noble,designed by Bob Crowley,with costumes by Deirdre Clancy. Robert Stephens as Falstaff. Barbican Theatre
  195. 195. Falstaff gives his unlikely account of the robbery to Hal and the assembled taverners. Act 2, scene 5
  196. 196. Hal exposes Falstaff s lies about the robbery and ambush. Act 2, scene 5
  197. 197. Timothy West asFalstaff in Henry IV, Part 1. West played Falstaff in bothparts of Henry IV with the EnglishTouring Theatre in 1996-97. His real-life sonplayed Prince Halin the production.
  198. 198. 2000: Henry IV, Part 2. Falstaff (Desmond Barrit) and Doll Tearsheet (Danielle Tilley). Act 2, scene 4
  199. 199. .
  200. 200. 2003: Henry IV, Part 1Kevin Kline as Falstaff and Michael Hayden as Prince Hal
  201. 201. 2005:Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2 atthe Old Globe, directed by Jack OBrien.John Goodman as Falstaff
  202. 202. 2005: Michael Gambon asFalstaff in Henry IV, Part 1Directed by Nicholas Hytner
  203. 203. Falstaff (Paul Kiernan) steals a kissfrom Mistress Page (Lynn Allison) as Master Page (George Roth) tends tothe barbecue in Great Lakes Theater Festival‟s 2005 season openingsummer repertory production of The Merry Wives of Windsor.
  204. 204. Left and Right:Andrew May (MasterFord) shares the stage with actor Paul Kiernan (Falstaff ) Center: Mistress Ford (Kathryn Cherasaro) and Falstaff (Paul Kiernan)
  205. 205. The Host of the Garter Resort (Scott Plate, left) watches on asSimple (Tom Weaver, center) shares a laugh with Falstaff (Paul Kiernan, right)
  206. 206. Royal Shakespeare Companyproduction (2007- 08 season), with David Warner as Falstaff. Directed by Michael Boyd.
  207. 207. David Warner as Falstaff, with Geoffrey Streatfeild as Prince Hal, in Henry IV, Part 1
  208. 208. Warner also played Falstaff in Henry IV, Part 2(2007-08 season), with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Directed byRichard Twyman
  209. 209. 2008 Sarah Woodward, Serena Evans and ChristopherBenjamin as Falstaffin The Merry Wives of Windsor atShakespeare‟s Globe, London
  210. 210. 2008production of the play byShakespeare Sedona (Arizona)
  211. 211. Delaney Williams in a 2008 production ofHenry IV, Part 1, at the Folger Theatre in Washington, D.C.
  212. 212. Anne Stone as Mistress Quickly and Delaney Williams as Falstaff
  213. 213. 2008 production at the Old Globe in San Diego,which was set in the old West
  214. 214. Falstaff on Film Falstaff, a.k.a.Chimes at Midnight (1965)
  215. 215. The 1991 independent film My Own Private Idaho, loosely based on Henry IV, Part 1, features Keanu Reeves as the Prince Halfigure and William Richart as the Falstaff figure. Called “Bob Pigeon,” he is a middle- aged derelict, petty thief andmentor to a gang of street kids and hustlers who live in an abandoned apartment building.
  216. 216. Musical Falstaffs
  217. 217. Antonio Salieri (1750–1825) Below: From a 2004 production of Salieri‟s opera at the Wolf Trap opera in Virginia
  218. 218. Left: Karl Johann Formes (1815-89), flanked by Inez Fabbri and Anna Elzer in Die lustigen Wieber von Windsor by Otto Nicolai (1810-49) Below: Karl Formes
  219. 219. Bataille as Falstaff in TheDream of a Summer Night(Le Songe dune nuit dété),1850, by French composer Ambroise Thomas (below)
  220. 220. Posters for Verdi‟s opera Falstaff (1893)
  221. 221. Right: Austriantenor Leo Slezak (1873-1946) as Falstaff in Verdi‟s opera
  222. 222. Baritone LeonardWarren (1911-1960) as Falstaff
  223. 223. Italian baritone TitoGobbi (1913-1984) as Falstaff
  224. 224. Anselmo Colzani (1918-2006) in Verdis Falstaff at the Metropolitan Opera House (1964)
  225. 225. Welsh baritoneGeraint Evans (1922-92)
  226. 226. German baritoneDietrich-FischerDieskau (1925- )
  227. 227. Baritone Mark Delavan (1959- )
  228. 228. English bass baritoneStephen Richardson
  229. 229. Yvonne Kenny(Mrs. Alice Ford) and Richardson
  230. 230. Baritone BrynTerfel (1965- ) as Falstaff
  231. 231. The End