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Why use technology for 21st-century learning


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Why use technology for 21st-century learning

  1. 1. Why use technologyfor 21st-century learning? Thomas I. M. Ho, Ph.D.
  2. 2. 5 C’s of 21st-century learning• Communication• Collaboration• Creativity• Critical thinking• Character
  3. 3. 3 D’s of Digital Citizenship• Digital literacy• Digital collaboration• Digital identity
  4. 4. Digital literacy• Safety• Critical thinking
  5. 5. Digital collaboration• Content creation• Curation
  6. 6. Digital identity• LearnStream (lifestream)• (Electronic) portfolio
  7. 7. 3 A’s of learning• Assessment• Accountability• Advocacy
  8. 8. Next step?• Teachers – Create Personal Learning Network (PLN) – ENGAGE your PLN• Students – Cultivate your digital identity – Generate your LearnStream