Physical dimension of stress


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Physical dimension of stress

  1. 1. CopyrightADVANCED HEALTH and WELLNESS TRAINING 30 MINUTES TO A BETTER LIFESTRESS in the PHYSICAL DIMENSIONCopyrightPresented by:Dr. Thomas GregsonGregson Health:A Creating Wellness Center(207)
  2. 2. CopyrightWhat is Stress??? A force that causes change inyour life.
  3. 3. CopyrightRemember… Stress comes in 3 dimensionsandcan be positive or negative.
  4. 4. CopyrightThe 3 Dimensions of StressPhysical Bio-Chemical Psychological
  5. 5. CopyrightPositive Physical Stress examples Proper strengthening exercises. Proper cardio exercises. Healthy forms of stretching. Good posture.
  6. 6. CopyrightNegative Physical Stress examples Sitting most of the day. Car accidents. Slip and falls. Improper movement. Lack of movement. Bad posture.
  7. 7. CopyrightTo Increase Positive Physical Stress… Get your spine checked and adjustedregularly. Have a regular exercise routine. This shouldinclude: Cardio exercise. Strengthening exercise. Stretching. These routines can be done at home or in thegym. If you are not sure what to do or how to getstarted, let us help you or recommend a personaltrainer.
  8. 8. CopyrightDemonstration Workshop How to stretch. How to sit properly. How to check posture.
  9. 9. CopyrightConsistency is Key Your habits, not what you do occasionally,determine your outcomes. Starting is the hardest part. Morning is the best time to exercise. It helpsyou burn calories for the rest of the day and givesyou better energy all day.
  10. 10. CopyrightBenefits of Exercise Creates a better mental attitude and happierstate of mind. Translates into more restful and deeper sleep. Leads to a better self image.
  11. 11. CopyrightBenefits of Exercise Fights memory loss. (Columbia University Study) Lowers Risk of Parkinson’s Disease (Harvard Schoolof Public Health) Reduces Blood Pressure (Tulane University study) Women walking one hour each week reduced theirrisk of heart disease in half! Heart disease is the #1cause of death among US women. (JAMA)
  12. 12. CopyrightDepression and Exercise Researchers assigned 156 patients over the age of 50who suffered from a major depressive disorder to one ofthree treatments: Exercise three times per week for a total of 45  minutes Medication Both exercise and the medication. After 4 months, the investigators found that all patientshad experienced a significant drop in symptoms ofdepression, with very little difference in the therapeuticeffect between the three groups [meaning the exercisegroup did as well as the drug group!]. Between 60% and70% of the patients in all groups no longer met criteria formajor depressive disorder at the studys conclusion.
  13. 13. CopyrightDepression and Exercise In addition, researchers found that the patients in theexercise group were more likely to continue to be partially orfully recovered than those in the medication group. At 6 months, fewer than 10% of the exercise patients hadrelapsed, compared with almost 40% of the medicationpatients, and just over 30% of the medication and exercisepatients. [exercise alone had a better relapse rate than exerciseand drugs!] Researchers conclude that exercise is a viable, and at leastequally effective, alternative to traditional medical treatmentinvolving drugs. Psychosomatic Medicine September/October 2000;62:633-638.
  14. 14. CopyrightAntidepressant Drugs 1 in 10 American women take anantidepressant drug. 1 in 3 doctor’s office visits by women involveda prescription for an antidepressant. Antidepressants can have serious adverseeffects.
  15. 15. CopyrightTo Reduce Negative Physical Stress Don’t sit all day. Get up every hour briefly andwalk around and stretch. When you are sitting, make sure you maintain ahealthy posture. Purchase good pillows, mattresses, and chairs thatyou spend a lot of time on (we can makerecommendations). Make sure your shoes have good support and/oruse spinal pelvic stabilizers.
  16. 16. CopyrightChiropractic Chiropractic adjustments help to dissipate thenegative effects of physical stress in the body. Itis important to get your spine checked andadjusted while making these life-saving lifestylechanges.
  17. 17. CopyrightCommit! Focus on starting or improving your lifestyle inthe physical dimension. Set specific goals for: What you will do. When you will do it. What outcomes you are looking for and thespecific timelines for them. Let us help you make your move to a betterlife!
  18. 18. CopyrightThanks for attending our class. Wehave a special offer for you!
  19. 19. CopyrightADVANCED HEALTH and WELLNESS TRAINING 30 MINUTES TO A BETTER LIFESTRESS in the PHYSICAL DIMENSIONCopyrightPresented by:Dr. Thomas GregsonGregson Health:A Creating Wellness Center(207)