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Health & healing secrets


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Health & healing secrets

  1. 1. CopyrightCopyrightThe 7 Secrets to Health and Better HealingPresented by:Dr. Thomas GregsonGregson Health:A Creating Wellness Center(207)
  2. 2. CopyrightCopyrightSecret #1Sick Care versus Health Care When you feel great, full of energy, and haveno symptoms, do you wake up thinking,“I should call my medical doctor”? Typically, you call your medical doctor when… Sick care and crisis care are very importantservices to our culture, however, they are nothealth care.
  3. 3. CopyrightCopyrightIn the United States We have what is called a “health care crisis”. The number one killer in the country is cardiovasculardisease – nearly 1 million deaths annually (National VitalStatistic Report) – a very preventable LIFESTYLE disease. Many times, the intervention kills us rather than helpsus. (i.e. Vioxx caused as many as 60,000 deaths - DavidGraham, M.D. of the FDA) Over 100,000 people per year die as a result ofprescription drugs that are “properly” prescribed. (JAMA)
  4. 4. CopyrightCopyrightThe Economics of Illness The crisis is not just the fact that we are sicker as aculture; there is also a serious economic crisis. The US spends over $2 trillion per year on sick care –that’s over $6,500 for every man, woman, and child. Over 50% of all personal bankruptcies are a result ofhealth related problems. Despite this soaring investment, the US ranks 37thinthe world in its health system performance according to theW.H.O.
  5. 5. CopyrightCopyrightSeeds of a RevolutionEconomist – Professor Paul Zane PilzerThe sickness business is reactive. Despite itsenormous size, people become customers only whenthey are stricken by and react to a specific conditionor complaint…the wellness business is proactive.People voluntarily become customers – to feelhealthier, to reduce the effects of aging, and to avoidbecoming customers of the sickness business.Everyone wants to become a customer of this earlier-stage approach to health.”Pilzer PZ: “The Wellness Revolution.” John Wiley and Sons New York. 2002.
  6. 6. CopyrightCopyright What if… I had a pill that would guaranty thatyou would never feel pain again, and it had noside-effects. Would you take it? Imagine… you did, but when you left here youtripped off the curb and broke your ankle… andthen stepped on a rusty nail. You continued togo about your day, with no knowledge of abroken ankle of nail in your foot. Still want thepill?Secret #2The Truth About Pain
  7. 7. CopyrightCopyrightThe Truth About Pain A common, and sometimes deadlymisperception is that the absence of pain meansone is healthy. If I dropped a brick on my foot, I would be inpain, but not necessarily unhealthy. However,there are people right now walking around ourcommunity with cancer and heart disease that haveno pain, but are very sick!
  8. 8. CopyrightThe Purpose of Pain Although pain is no fun to experience, it does havea purpose. Pain alerts us that something has changed andrequires attention. Trying to “kill” pain, without addressing the causeof pain is like taking the battery out of a smokedetector because the noise it makes bothers you.You may have relief from the noise, but the house willburn down.
  9. 9. Copyright The nervous system is the master system and controllerof all the functions of your body. We live our lives through our nervous systems. What you see, hear, touch, smell, taste and think, allhappens through the nervous system. Your heart beat, muscle control, stomach acids, bloodpressure, moods, athletic performance, immune function…every function of your body is controlled and processed byyour nervous system.Secret #3The Role of the Nervous System
  10. 10. CopyrightThe Nervous SystemFact 1 A living body is self-healing and self-regulating.Fact 2 The nervous system is the master system andcontroller of that body.Conclusion If you interfere with nervous system function,you necessarily interfere with the ability for thebody to heal and regulate!
  11. 11. Copyright The spine and skull protect the central nervoussystem (brain and spinal cord). Nerves exiting between spinal bones communicateto other parts of the body. Misalignment of these spinal bones indicatesstress that interferes with nerve function. Interference with nerve function disturbs the abilityfor the body to heal and regulate.Secret #4Understanding Subluxation
  12. 12. CopyrightVertebral Subluxation Vertebral Subluxation is when you havemisalignment of spinal segments associated withdisturbed function of the nervous system. Vertebral Subluxations may have devastatingeffects on ones health and well-being. Vertebral Subluxations often initially occur withoutpain and other symptoms.Lifestyle stress causes subluxation…
  13. 13. Copyright When most people hear the word stress, they thinkof it in only psychological terms. i.e. “I am sostressed out!” Lifestyle stress has 3 dimensions, is ever present, and can be positive or negative.Zero stress means you are deadSecret #5The role of Stress
  14. 14. CopyrightThe 3 Dimensions of Stress Physical Stress Positive Examples include; Stretching andHealthy Exercise Negative Examples include; Car accident andsitting all day.Physical … Bio-Chemical … Psychological
  15. 15. CopyrightThe 3 Dimensions of Stress Bio-Chemical Stress Positive examples include; Nutritious meals andgood supplementation Negative examples include; Preservatives,pesticides, and unhealthy fatsPhysical … Bio-Chemical … Psychological
  16. 16. CopyrightThe 3 Dimensions of Stress Psychological Stress Positive examples include; Loving relationshipsand doing something good for yourself. Negative examples include; Financial problemsand relationship conflicts.Physical … Bio-Chemical … Psychological
  17. 17. Copyright To identify subluxations through specialized,scientific chiropractic analysis. To provide a program of chiropractic careappropriate for each individual. To educate our community on how to livehealthier so they subluxate less.Secret #6The Chiropractic Vision
  18. 18. CopyrightOur Analysis Because we understand the importance of thenervous system and the negative effects ofsubluxation, we have invested in, and trained on,cutting edge, Space Certified, technology thatmeasures the function of your spine and nervoussystem. Let me introduce you to…
  19. 19. CopyrightThe Insight Subluxation Station
  20. 20. Copyright
  21. 21. Copyright
  22. 22. CopyrightCase Study Kevin came in with lack of energy, headaches, high blood pressure andaches and pain in his neck and low back. His initial NSFi score was53.79. After 3 month of care his NSFi improved to 81.48. Kevin’sheadaches are gone. His blood pressure was lower. His energy was “asif he were 20 again” and he had much less discomfort in his neck and lowback. He continues regular adjustments now on a wellness schedule.
  23. 23. CopyrightSample Case Study 40 year old Debbie’s first diagnosis-indigestion Second diagnosis- Asthma Condition worsened, admitted to ER 3 times Daily doses of 9 medications MDs gave her 6 months to live
  24. 24. CopyrightCase Study: DebbieThermalsEMGFebruaryMarchAprilPatient wasasymptomatic andoff mostmedication by the1stre-exam –results of coursewill vary. Debbiefeels thatchiropractic savedher life.
  25. 25. CopyrightCase Study This is a pre and post of a functional MRI of a female’s brain. She isperforming the action of wiggling her left ankle. On the left was theamount of brain activity prior to a chiropractic adjustment. On the right,was after an adjustment. Notice how much less brain energy it took forher to do the same thing after an adjustment! Chiropractic affects theefficiency of how your nervous system works and body functions.
  26. 26. Copyright
  27. 27. Copyright Do you think it is a good idea to trust yourhealth and well-being, or that of your family’s toan HMO or the federal government? Your health is whose responsibility? Our mission is to partner with you and yourfamily to help you achieve the highest state ofhealth possible and help you stay out of the sickcare system.Secret #7Taking Responsibility!
  28. 28. CopyrightSo to review…. Secret #1- Sick care is not health care. You mustknow the difference. Secret #2 – Pain, although unpleasant toexperience is a necessary biological process forsurvival and alerts us to the fact that something haschanged. Secret #3 – The nervous system is the mastersystem of our body controlling all perceptions andfunctions. We live our lives through our nervoussystems.
  29. 29. CopyrightSo to review…. Secret #4 - Vertebral subluxations are a sign ofinterference to the nervous system and are a primaryfocus of chiropractors. They can disturb the functionof various systems of the body, reduce health status,and uncorrected can lead to a serious decline inhealth. Secret #5 – Lifestyle stress in 3 dimensions,physical, biochemical and psychological, causesnegative effects on our nervous systems.
  30. 30. CopyrightSo to review…. Secret #6 – The chiropractic vision is to monitorthe nervous system with our Space Certified Insighttechnology, adjust the spine to release patterns ofsubluxation when we find them, and makerecommendations for better lifestyle choices so thatyou can reduce subluxation and nervous systemstress. In addition, we have a passion to educate ourpatients and community to the unique benefits ofchiropractic care so they may lead healthier, morefulfilling lives.
  31. 31. CopyrightSo to review…. Secret #7 – The key to success in regaining yourhealth and/or living a healthy, age defying life is foryou to take responsibility for you health and well-being and not leave it in the hands of 3rdparties likeinsurance companies who don’t have your best andindividual interests at heart.
  32. 32. CopyrightAn Important Policy Because we understand the damaging effects ofvertebral subluxation to human health anddevelopment, it is the policy of our office that allchildren of patients get checked for subluxation. Wewill screen them with our cutting edge Insighttechnology. If they look fine we will report the goodnews. If they have disturbance to their nervoussystem, we will make recommendations. Kids,because they are developing, especially benefit fromchiropractic care.
  33. 33. CopyrightCopyrightThe 7 Secrets to Health and Better HealingPresented by:Dr. Thomas GregsonGregson Health:A Creating Wellness Center(207)