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The Bonfire Program


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The Bonfire Program makes it easy for you to adopt 39 good habits in 90 days for free.

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The Bonfire Program

  1. 1. IGNITE YOUR HEALTHHealth Crisis People have never been sicker. “For the first time in the history of man, children born after the year 2000 are not expected to live as long as their parents.” Centers for Disease Control 2009
  2. 2. IGNITE YOUR HEALTH“The United States is experiencing an unsustainabledisease burden – 130 million people today suffer fromchronic illnesses. We spend over $2 trillion a year – about16 percent of our gross domestic product – on healthcare. The vast majority of our health care dollars are spenttreating chronic disease.” Dr. Richard H. Carmona, MD 17th Surgeon General of the United States Almanac of Chronic Disease, 2008 Edition
  3. 3. IGNITE YOUR HEALTH“Overwhelming evidence from a variety of sources, includingepidemiological, prospective cohort, and intervention studies,links most chronic diseases seen in the world today tophysical inactivity and inappropriate diet consumption.” Roberts CK, et al. Effects of exercise & diet on chronic disease. Journal Applied Physiology 2005; 98: 3-30 “You don’t GET sick… You DO sick.”
  4. 4. IGNITE YOUR HEALTH Chronic disease is NOT caused by: Bad Genes Bad Germs Bad Luck James ChestnutBad Info Bad Choices Bad Habits It is Caused by Lifestyle.
  5. 5. IGNITE YOUR HEALTHToo much Information Too little Transformation
  6. 6. The Problem is Confusion People don’t know… What to change or How to change We solve this. IGNITE YOUR HEALTH
  7. 7. IGNITE YOUR HEALTHThe SolutionA web-based lifestyle solution that changesthe course of health by changing behavior:how people eat, move and think.• “WHAT” to change: The best tested information• “HOW” to change: Social Influence Technology “People don’t just need the right information - they need transformation.”
  8. 8. Your HEALTH is your BONFIRE.It is the source of your heat, your light, your energy… The way that you EAT is your FUEL The way that you MOVE is your AIR The way that you THINK is your SPARK… When these 3 elements come together….FIRE!
  9. 9. IGNITE YOUR HEALTHThe Bonfire Program • 20 thousand patient experience: WHAT to do / HOW to get them to do it •A FREE web-based delivery system based onthese specific recommendations (equation for health)
  10. 10. IGNITE YOUR HEALTH The Bonfire Program • Hundreds of Paleo-Correct / Primal Recipes • Hundreds of Functional Movements and Workouts •Daily Journaling Exercises and Resources •Social Health and Supportive Community of like-minded, goal-oriented individuals: The Tribe
  11. 11. IGNITE YOUR HEALTHThe Leaders of the Tribe Dr. Stephen Dr. Bruce Dr. Paul
  12. 12. IGNITE YOUR HEALTH Start Today for