The NewMan Group - No-cost life insurance program


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  • The NewMan Group - No-cost life insurance program

    1. 1. “Gift of Hope”No-Cost Life Insurance Plans
    2. 2. “Gift of Hope” Life is a Gift. Life is an Asset.
    3. 3. The difference is …
    4. 4. If we told you … … that your sincere desire to financially support your family and your church or favorite organization was enough,what would you think? Hold that thought …
    5. 5. “Gift of Hope”No-cost life insurance plansIn this presentation you will learn how to …  Financially bless your family  Financially bless your church or favorite charity that has meant so much to you  All of this with no out-of-pocket cost to you or your church or organization
    6. 6. “Gift of Hope”No-cost life insurance plans Sound too good to be true? Here are the facts …
    7. 7. Nonprofit foundation-sponsoredlife insurance concept  Written on behalf of the insured’s family  Financially benefits the nonprofit organization or church of the insured’s choice  No expense to the insured  Nonprofit foundational trust covers all premium payments
    8. 8. How the no-cost plans work Foundational TrustThe foundation covers your premium costunder a special provision of a non-profitfoundation trust account.You apply for the Our foundation You are issued a policypolicy pays
    9. 9. How the no-cost plans work Policy Benefits & Endowments Example: $500,000 Life insurance policy $250,000 $125,000 $125,000Insured’s family Insured’s church Foundation policy benefits or organization policy benefits policy benefits Cost of insured’s premium investment
    10. 10. How the no-cost program works Charitable Donations Create a legacy benefit to the church or nonprofit organization of your choice Build an endowment for the future of your beneficiaries
    11. 11. Who qualifies?  Members 40 to 75 years of age  With or without medical challenges Some medical and other restrictions apply  With insurable interest (dependent*) *Someone who depends on your income
    12. 12. Who qualifies? Challenges & RestrictionsAny of the following will automaticallydisqualify you for these plans:Alzheimer’sType I diabetesHIV Cancer, stroke or heart attack (within last 5 years) Recorded history of drug  Have been arrested for abuse drunk driving (last 3 years) (within last 5 years) Are on State DisabilityAre on parole Insurance (SID) or generalChapter 7 bankruptcy relief (must have been discharged more than 12 months)
    13. 13. The application process Here’s the process …
    14. 14. The application process What Happens First … Complete the YES! Card The “YES!” Card is simply the way all applicants are required to submit their contact information. It’s general information needed for our underwriters to send you the Preliminary Inquiry Form (PIF) to the e-mail address of your choice. All required fields must be filled out to complete the YES! Card. Make sure your e-mail address is correct or you will not reach Step 2 of the application process. (A link to the YES! Card is available at the end of this presentation.)
    15. 15. The application process What Happens Next… Complete the Preliminary Inquiry Form (PIF) Within a week of submitting your completed YES! Card, you will receive a welcome e-mail fro Carl McNeil, the president of C & D Corp Services. This e-mail contains a link to the PIF. Simply click on the link and complete the form. This is a secure link connected to the insurance carriers, and your information will be used only for under- writing purposes. Be sure to have your physician’s contact information and a list of current medication handy. It will help you in completing the form. Once completed, click the “Submit” button. Your no-cost insurance application has been sent to underwriting for approval.
    16. 16. The application process What Happens Next… Set appointment & complete the medical exam Within 2 weeks, you will receive a call from a medical company to set an appointment for a nurse to meet with you. He or she will need to take a mouth swab and a urine sample. This is required with 100% of all applicants to qualify for this coverage and is standard underwriting procedure. It is extremely important to get the exam completed as soon as possible. Everything is on hold until this has been completed and the results documented.
    17. 17. The application process What Happens Next… Receive a call from a licensed agent to review your policy Once you have qualified for coverage and have been issued a policy, a licensed insurance agent will contact you at the time you have requested. During this call, the agent will review the policy for which you have qualified and answer any questions you may have at that time. Also, he or she will provide information on the delivery of your policy.
    18. 18. The application process The Final Steps Approved policy is delivered to the insured Insured signs & returns policy receipt & trust Policy is now in force! Entire application process typically takes 3-6 weeks
    19. 19. Ask yourself … Is this program right for me?
    20. 20. Ask yourself … Would I like to leave my family a larger inheritance? Would I like to be able to give a cash legacy to my church or favorite organization that has meant so much to me over the years? Would I like to accomplish both of these with no out-of-pocket cost to me? Click YES! to get started