Stress and the fantasy the tonic of soul dr. shriniwas kashalikar


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Let everyone be happy, healthy and well meaning and let there be no grief in anyone’s life. SUKHINAH means happy. Happiness here; is pure, which revitalizes the environment. NIRAMAYAH means clean, unprejudiced and selfless. BHADRANI means individual and universal blossoming. DUKKHA is tribulation or suffering; of separation from the true self and trapped in petty self.

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Stress and the fantasy the tonic of soul dr. shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. One of the best aspects of Total Stress Management; is toexplore and nurture the child within us and thus; livebuoyantly, bubblingly and ecstatically!Why is this so? Isn’t it true that during childhood also thereare pleasures and pains? Isn’t it true that there is STRESSduring childhood also? What is the big advantage of exploringthe child within us; and nurturing it? Even if the childhoodappears charming and pleasant because of nostalgia; aren’tthere problems also?The answer to this brilliant question; is; we do not explore thechild within us; for satisfying the nostalgia!It is because the child is full of vigor, agility and flexibility andmost importantly because of openness, imaginativeness,compliance and receptivity. It is because of the ability of thechild to listen, think and believe in itself; that we explore thechild as a part of Total Stress Management. It is because of thequality of the child to instantly outgrow the physicalrestrictions and limitations; and envision several possibilities;without cynicism and skepticism; and enjoy; the fantasies!Fantasy is possibly the greatest tonic of soul! From timeimmemorial; literature and art has been vitalized by fantasyand this ability of the child is a great source of strength thatdirectly springs from its soul; not yet thwarted by so called
  3. 3. logic, reasoning and rationality (self imposed restriction ofego).Fantasies are tonic to soul in more than one way! Fantasiesmake us humble about our frail physical and mundanecapacities; and simultaneously imbibe us with power and hope;through accepting the possibilities (which go beyond thesubjective rationality, reasoning and logic); and thusconquering the otherwise “impossible” difficulties or STRESS;and accomplishing the otherwise “impossible” tasks!The soul of an individual (referred to as the child within) isindeed trapped in the restrictive limitations of the so calledlogical, reasonable and rational (subjective) thinking; andhence; the child within us; i.e. soul gets freed and breathesfree; through fantasies and we begin to live vigorously andvictoriously!This is why; besides typical fantasies; the biographies of saints;full of miracles are read with utmost love, devotion andreverence; all over the world!This is also why; billions of people belonging to differentreligions, cultures and faiths; accept NAMASMARAN withoutasking for any laboratory proofs and practice it; in one formor another; just because it is advocated by most of the saintsand prophets!
  4. 4. This is also why; those who are shackled by the subjectiveframework of so called logic, reasoning and rationality;trapped in cynicism and skepticism; and are imprisoned in thejails of their restrictive intelligence; cannot; and do not; enjoyfantasies, biographies of saints and also; the freedom ofpracticing NAMASMARAN!