Stress and selfishness dr shriniwas kashalikar


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But those; working towards the welfare of mankind; seem to lack this force, fervor, frenzy, courage of conviction, unity and dedication. They hesitate to spend even pittance and take even minor most risk! Can NAMASMARAN consolidate, boost, and empower us; to work with force, courage, conviction, unity and dedication; towards; blossoming of one and all; so that we can conquer the STRESS of sectarian bigotry and fanaticism? We have to verify by practice!

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Stress and selfishness dr shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. If we study the Total Stress Management and variousphilosophical and spiritual issues related to it; such asselfishness; then we face following questions!1. Do we understand the difference between “self” and“Self”?2. Do we practice; Self exploration, Self introspection?3. Do we understand the signals of Self; constituting theagony or the satisfaction; generated from deep within?4. Do we spend time to understand the propulsive, inspiringor motivating impulses or signals; coming from the Self i.e.from within?5. Do we practice; Self expression, Self assertion; and Selfsatisfaction?6. Don’t we suffer from Self pity, Self abnegation, Selfridicule, Self deride and Self guilt?The answers to these questions are:1. We do not understand the nature of Self.One of the most important and logical proof of this is that;most of the times; we are merely elated or depressed; butnever happy. We never experience fulfillment. Our life maybe apparently beneficial or troublesome to others. But it
  3. 3. lacks the element of simultaneous blossoming of one and all,which is possible only through “True Selfishness (not pettyselfishness)”2. We do not practice Self exploration and Self introspectionadequately.3. We do not understand the signals from within; as we donot introspect Self; adequately.4. We do not express or assert our Self adequately and arenot satisfied adequately.5. We suffer from Self pity, Self abnegation, Self ridicule,Self deride and Self guilt.This is because;Our education system is heavily influenced and governed bythe Self ignorance, fragmented, superficial and pettyperspective, reductionist and sectarian thinking, misguidedmotives, and inappropriate aims, objectives, ideals andprotocols! This leads to individualistic but anti Self pursuits.Our whole life is drained in the anti Self petty pursuitsinstead of Self exploration, Self knowledge, Self realizationand Self expression.Besides education system and the curriculums, all the fieldsof life such as laws, health care, agriculture, industry, trade,entertainment and even our belief systems, which constitute
  4. 4. informal and extracurricular education; are also; heavilyvitiated by the ignorance of Self. Hence our curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular education is unable to trainand inspire us for Self exploration and Self realization.Hence we do not know and are not on the way to explore,understand and realize the true Self. We are guided bydarkness and grope in the wilderness of degradation,degeneration and destruction of ourselves and the others;and hence in true sense; we are Self less or Self traitors orsuicidal!We can be Selfish; involving simultaneous blossoming of oneand all; through NAMASMARAN; the vital heritage andcrucial legacy; that has come from the seers; throughmillennia. This valuable treasure has come to us in a nobleand sublime manner; through supertransactions; beyondcommercial, professional and charitable perspectives!Total Stress Management (the core of which isNAMASMARAN); is being truly Selfish; through Selfintrospection, Self exploration, Self knowledge, Selfrealization, Self assertion and Self expression by conqueringthe petty self within us and within the society we live in!