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Stress and freedom_dr._shriniwas_kashalikar


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Stress and freedom_dr._shriniwas_kashalikar

  2. 2. We experience STRESS; when our freedom is jeopardized. In cellular jails the freedom is throttled in terms of even making movements and meeting people apart from all other things and hence the life is extremely STRESSEFUL! Lack of freedom of availability; of security, food, water, clothes, shelter, health care, education etc.; creates enormous STRESS. Conversely, compulsion or imposition (lack of freedom) to live only in certain in certain conditions, eat only certain type of food, drink only certain quantity and unsafe water, wear only certain type of clothes, live in certain type of shelters, get only certain kind of health care, get only certain type of education; cause STRESS. Freedom of building shelters, using medicinal herbs, cultivating land, running businesses etc; without oppressive, coercive and harrowing license system; or throttling restrictions on all these by various laws; is denial of freedom and hence extremely STRESSFUL.
  3. 3. Moving to other countries, doing business in other countries, expressing ourselves in paintings, music, literature, movies, dramas and so on; are subsequent aspects of freedom. When we define and hail political freedom; we have to consider these different aspects of freedom and see; whether majority of us in the world are FREE! We often differentiate between those who participate in political freedom movements and those who don’t. But it would be clear now, that an individual or an organization that does not participate in political freedom movement is not necessarily antinational or against freedom! Thus artists, scientists, hermits, health workers, government servants, social reformers, atheists, internationalists, different religious leaders; might not have participated in political freedom struggles; in different countries. But they are not antinational or against freedom. If majority of us are not free; then why do we; who can not control our behavior; try to impose ourselves and suffocate the freedom of the weaker sections? Conversely; why do we; even as the selfless
  4. 4. guidance comes to us free of cost; for getting freed; turn blind eye and deaf ear to it? Are we really interested to get freed from weak, wrong and criminal elements inside and outside; without vindictiveness? Are we striving for such freedom of individual and global blossoming i.e. Total Stress Management (the core of which is NAMASMARAN)?