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Spiritual infrastructure dr shriniwas kashalikar


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Spiritual infrastructure is essential foundation of socioeconomic infrastructure.

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Spiritual infrastructure dr shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. Roads, bridges, railway, electricity, telecommunication; etc. constitute economic infrastructure; and play an important role in progress. But if there are no; at least reasonably; healthy individuals, then this economic infrastructure becomes meaningless and useless. Hence; the health care facilities, housing, drinking water, schools; etc, which constitute social infrastructure; have to go hand in hand; with the development of economic infrastructure. But if the members of a social group harbor; a perspective, ideology, thinking, feeling, motivation and behavior; of fanatic sectarian development; then it can be counterproductive and destructive to that social group; as well as to the others. Hence along with the economic and social infrastructure; it is essential to work; on the spiritual infrastructure; simultaneously. We can appreciate this point; if we carefully observe; the quality of individual and social life; in any part of the world; including the developed countries. The spiritual infrastructure can be developed if there is a simple and inexpensive program that can be acceptable to different ideologies and religions. One such program is; remembering and reorienting to one’s true self; called JAP, JAAP, JIKRA, SUMIRAN, SIMARAN i.e. NAMASMARAN; and can be
  3. 3. introduced in every nook and corner of the world and to everyone irrespective of age, sex, occupation, religion, race, nationality etc.